Funny CNN Don Lemon

CNN Don Lemon
Incredibly biased
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Thanks. YEAH HE IS A PRETTY BITTER MAN ON SOME ISSUES. Ooops caps stuck. Dang sausages for fingers

Funny Snail Presidential Press Conference on CNN

Snail Presidential Press Conference on CNN
If Snails ruled the World..
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If this chop was the only thing an alien race knew of us... hahahhahaha Funny work for sure
Quality work, but I would use different sources for the snail faces

Funny CNN Magic Show

CNN Magic Show
is it only me . wuts goin on .
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Just the same old.. Look through history, it goes in cycles...
true true but now its so much show is showbuisness which is wired....

Funny End of The World by CNN

End of The World by CNN
UPDATED LINK*****Internal Website links now work....... CLICK HERE FOR WEB PAGE
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Full view of this entry is a MUST. I love all the extra news articles. Brilliant entry.
Tried to view the webpage link you gave, but no images are showing there, plus the format seems different. Clicked FN full view link instead and saw a wonderful entry - many small details/words in links, and a wonderful story too.
Full view is definitly needed for this entry. Great job.
Who knew that Reuters used FN for their photos.
Freaking good. nice work i love the side stories.
um...well...mmmmmkay...nice....gotta pay attention to the full pic or you miss a lot.
Is that a muppet face I see on the smoke cloud. Brilliant work
I can't believe somebody gave this wonderful entry a 4.

Funny US Warplanes Over Beirut CNN News

US Warplanes Over Beirut CNN News
CNN News Report
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Check your spelling of 'photographer' and 'involvement'. (Trying to be helpful. I'll wait to vote so that you'll have time to edit if you want to.)

Funny CNN

All Cindy, All the time.
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I sympathize with Cindy,But she must realize it is not easy to make decisions to go to war. Liberty and Freedom DONOT come without Sacrifices. Her son chose to make that Sacrifice so that she be Free and Do what she is doing. I wonder if her son would appreciate the disgrace to him Heroic memory.

Funny CNN Football

CNN Football
Lou Dobbs, Wolf Blitzer, and Larry King host Monday Night Football from the sidelines. View full if you can spare a second.

Funny CNN Contestants

CNN Contestants

Funny CNN


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