Harry the Clown!
Harry the Clown!
Harry the Clown!.

Funny Putin the Gay Clown

Putin the Gay Clown

Funny Clown America

Clown America

Funny Step Clown Brothers

Step Clown Brothers
Step Clown Brothers
Member reactions:
Head correct in dimension and position. Maybe less saturation to match the base image.

Funny Clowns and Aliens

Clowns and Aliens
Member reactions:
Maybe., gummy and crafty he is quite sinister,yet loveable
Freaky.... Love the sphynx cat. He's sort of the straight man to this flakey caper.
Make it perfect adding a shadow under the hat.
Great Image, Debbie. Trophy Material in my book.
Thanks Splat,that means a lot to me.Thanks Luciano,UC and Gummy

Funny Clown Taking A Break

Clown Taking A Break
Member reactions:
great work and a top five place. brilliant andwhat
Great atmosphere, pleasing chop andwhat.
Sweeeeet...Deserves a cup but there are just so many to go around. I got to save this one to favs

Funny Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Hybrid Clown

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Hybrid Clown
Member reactions:
One of the best in show. I appreciate the guts it takes to tackle a partial side profile over the simple face on

Funny Clown with an Elephant The Nut Cracker

Clown with an Elephant The Nut Cracker
Rosie the elephant is sick of the circus and she's not working for peanuts anymore.
Member reactions:
I like Rosie's eyes. The clown looks like one mean guy.

Funny Clown Pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat

Clown Pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat
Member reactions:
A magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. What is distressing you, Lu. An explanation of your comment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Great as always splat,congrats on the silver
This is probably the most disappointing contest I've ever participated in, here at FreakingNews. I work hard to make my image good and keep the masking edges clean. All I can do right now is shake my frick'n head.
Thanks Debbie, your comments are very much appreciated. ☺
Congrats on the Silver (don't be disappointed, you got an eight from me).
Your work is always flawless Splat.I get what you mean about the edges,yours were immaculate.Try not to be disappointed,at least your not me.Mine was at 4th all day,and I ended up at 5th again.I try really hard,but I just don't seem to get there.Its frustrating cause I'm happy with a wood.Its upsetting and depressing,but it is what it is.I noticed no one votes anymore.There is 30 entries,but only 10 voters.Some with. 1 karma,so basically 8 voters.Cheer up Splat,you are a chop hero to me
Wonderful Job.. You know how these things go, at best a crap-shoot when there are others close in quality. I would have voted but did the hospital thing yesterday and fighting pneumonia. I managed to make a simple chop and passed out from the codeine . Glad I didn't enter this one, don't think I could have beaten yours or K9 . Congrats
I hope you get better soon Hits,I'm sorry your sick.I had double pneumonia and it was a b#tch.I noticed you didn't enter,I was worried about you.Glad you are ok.Get well soon,I miss your freakish mastery
Thank you Debbie, it's good to hear someone understands what I'm saying. The forum is probably a more proper place to address this issue though. So I'll just let it drop for now. Keep up the hard work, it's paying off. I've noticed a huge improvement in skill. And your style is also catching on in favor. They kinda go hand in hand like that. So stick with it and always shoot for the Gold. I kinda like being a hero. Thanks, Debbie.
Thank you Bob, Andrew, and Paul.
Thanks, Tim. I hope your feeling better and continue to improve. I have few friends here battling severe colds and bronchitis. It's a bad one, and just keeps holding on. Thanks again and hang tough, mate.
Congrats on the silver, Splat. It's like Alice in Winderland turned freaky. You know how to make a show.
Hugs, Andwhat. TY Yep SS, 'tis the season. I hope you feel better too. This thing came out of nowhere and dropped me. I'd never go to the hospital otherwise. By the way, you captured "Freakshow" and the spirit of it with sublime perfection in this chop. I meant to mention that last night but was a bit ding-batty.
Thanks Tim. Super Compliment. and tanks for the fave Thanks, Vlad. Thanks Martijn.
Thanks, Karar (K9). Double Gold, Great Idea. Double the voters and comments too, and we'd be in high cotton then. Not sure what the high cotton will do for us, but it sounds cool I hope you realize my disgruntlement is in no-way directed at you. You have a wonderfully creative and inspiring image. I immediately did research on 'how to create a cyborg' the moment I saw it. I just love it. Keep up the great work my friend.

Funny Hillary Clinton ad Bernie Sanders Clowns on a Tightrope

Hillary Clinton ad Bernie Sanders Clowns on a Tightrope
Member reactions:
I really like this one UncleChamp,should have scored higher in my opinion
Thank you Debbie. I appreciate your kindness.

Funny Celebrity Clowns

Celebrity Clowns
Somebody said: "Politicians are clowns in business suits." Does the 2016 election campaign looks like a circus to you? Take any celebrities or politicians and turn them into clowns. (Mimes are acceptable too in this contest.) Many thanks to hygglobert for the themepost

Funny Charlie Chaplin Clown Impersonator

Charlie Chaplin Clown Impersonator
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Charlie Chaplin was one of the world's most famous comedians, for his brilliant acting as much as for the unforgettable comic character he created - The Tramp. Chaplin said he came up with the Tramp spontaneously: "I wanted everything to be a contradiction: the coat tight, the pants baggy, the hat small, the shoes large, the caine fragile". Today's picture comes from Guatemala where a local clown tried to impersonate Charlie Chaplin. Yet, to be perfectly correct, Chaplin was never a clown but a comedian. Photoshop this photo of Charlie Chaplin clown impersonator any way you wish.

Funny Clown Fish

Clown Fish
Photoshop the photo of this clown fish any way you wish. Some examples are: merge the clown fish with other fish, give it some paint jobs, use this clown fish image in posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Nhobgood for providing the source photo.

Funny Navy Clown

Navy Clown
Comedians are frequent guests at the US Navy to cheer up sailors. Sometimes, the sailors are also cheering themselves by dressing up in clown costumes. Photoshop this photo of a navy clown - a sailor wearing a clown suit while launching an E-2C Hawkeye (image credit: MC2 Benjamin Stevens/U.S. Navy) - any way you wish.

Funny Clown Crossing

Clown Crossing
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of clown crossing any way you wish (image credit aprilzosia). Some examples are - re-dressing this clown, making his perform some stunts, making the clown cross new places, designing a poster with this clown crossing image, putting the clown into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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