Clones. Member reactions:
Soft, elegant, integrated so well. Super job.

Funny Mr Bean Clones in Renoir Painting

Mr Bean Clones in Renoir Painting
As they say in good ol' France, "Je m'ennui de Monsieur Haricot".
Member reactions:
Lot of work in searching and positioning alla these Beans. Exc

Funny Chinese Cloning People

Chinese Cloning People
Member reactions:
A well deserved chop..... Awesome entry and good choice to include bean as children... Nice policy one child china and clone provide by FN this is really amazing chop
Woody Congrats HoHouse, love the color fusion, it's a classic.
Congrats on the wood Ho.Thumbs up from Dora.I thought this might be yours,anyways i just think it is excellent work
Thanks peeps and dora too, 2 in a week thanks, I try, and dora ur work has been great lately.
Congratulations again . You're on a roll HoHouse.

Funny Bieber Clone

Bieber Clone
Member reactions:
God lets hope not, one Beiber is one too many
Strong comment after one voter, it's 35 out of 33 with a D rating, How about this: I have never heard a Bieber song.
Looks Cute and clean and crisp image good merging of the face over the child

Funny Barack Obama in a Cloning Machine

Barack Obama in a Cloning Machine
Should we be concerned.
Member reactions:

Funny George Clooney Clone Dolls

George Clooney Clone Dolls
George tries to sell leftover George dolls from his "ER" television series days...but he apparently didn't have very much luck. Since I couldn't find a suitable cart to use, I had to construct it using wood backgrounds.
Member reactions:
Nasty. The dog needs to drink more water. Like the homebuilt cart.
macwithfries...They're on the way.
Oh boy... Reminds me "Being John Malkovich poster" I would call this one "Selling George Cloonevich" Great job.
Thanks, Newsy. Great title. For that, you get a bonus of your choice of George dolls.
If it hadn't been for the contrast of his clothes, you would have probably won. Congrats on the Silver though. By the way, your tailgate needs alignment. (haha).
WTG Congrats love that dog peeing on the Clooney doll
Cool work pcrdds .. very nice details .. big congrats on the silver cup and keep going
I see we almost choose the same title ( great minds think alike ) congrats mr. P
Thanks, MsgtBob. Yeah, there could have been a little more contrast. If you view it full, you'll see the tailgate is lined just has a lighter color wood on top.
Thanks, musicalnote. Couldn't resist using the doggie.
Congratz on the silver mate

Funny Ms Thomas and Clone

Ms Thomas and Clone
Member reactions:
nice work hoh. Only thing missing - she always wears a brooch, but then again, these are jacket jackets, no suit jackets.
I thought this was the winner and withheld comment I was so convinced

Funny Clone Evolution

Clone Evolution

Funny Clone Girls on Road

Clone Girls on Road
Member reactions:
Looks as though you've been busy on this one.

Funny Barack Obama Clones

Barack Obama Clones

Funny Celebrity Clones

Celebrity Clones
It's cloning time. Photoshop clones of celebrities or normal humans - two or more of the "same individuals" per entry.

Funny Cloning

It's cloning time. Photoshop clones of politicians, celebrities, or normal humans - two or more of the "same individuals" per entry.

Funny Cloning

In your submissions show to FDA that animal cloning may not be as safe as they think.

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