Rocket Clock
Rocket Clock
Rocket Clock. FULL VIEW
Member reactions:
Excellent, though the background is kinda shouting, stealing attention from the bomb
good idea of putting all the armors in the clock to show the time freaky one
Eyes have difficulties in concentrating on the main object, but let me clap my hand to one of the few that correctly design shadows in presence of wall at 90 degrees.

Funny Einstein Clock

Einstein Clock
This image I started all
Member reactions:
I like the composition but not too sure about the choice of colors here. For Einstein and sience it's be better to have less vivid colors. I would decrease the saturation and make the color pattern closer to black and white. Just because Einstein and his work dates back to the "vintage times"
Great composition. In my opinion his hat should be lowered a bit and with less gradient

Funny Periodic Table Clock

Periodic Table Clock
Member reactions:
Chemistry was my high-school interest, so I can't help liking this chop.
Beautiful Chemistry clock watch ,This image is reminder my chemistry class....
A good, clean chop with intelligent concept

Funny God's Evolution Clock

God's Evolution Clock
Member reactions:
Hard to beat this one and what a good imagination.
Nice idea and execution. You might consider replacing the wall paper with something more appropriate to an office setting ... a subtler design with a softer hue, or wood paneling. And, adding more evolutionary figures to the clock, 1 thru 12, each pointing in a clockwise direction starting with the earliest life form and then progressing through time.
Best work... possibly made by God like the Buddhist monks covering their mouth and ears and eyes to forbid all sins of the world the Evolution made by God is really heart touching well done
Thanks Vlad, Paul, Tim, geriatric, Elegary.

Funny Tony Blair The Queen's New Clock Winder

Tony Blair The Queen's New Clock Winder
The Queen of England needs someone to wind up her clocks. I don't think Tony Blair has anything else to do.
Member reactions:
Wind her clocks. Is that what they call it these days.
So, I see the Queen wears red underwear, Very funny. Excellent Job.
Winding thousand clocks every day is really a He-Man Job and the attractive pay package of $50000.00 per year awesome money for this odd job
Thanks, everyone. Sorry to disappoint you, Newsy, but I found all these clocks as is.
Congrats on the win, Paul. It's great job anyways. Look at the Queen's undies, .
CONGRATS...funny and looks like it took a lot of TIME
Thanks, Newsy...couldn't resist the undies. Thanks, DDB.
Congratulations on the 3fer Paul. Your the King of Freaky News
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Splat. I'm more like the "Court Jester," Splat.

Funny The Clock Entrepreneur

The Clock Entrepreneur
All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy...
Member reactions:
good collection well done in putting the currency and the shadows Money cant buy happiness and Time
Thank you rajeshstar for your kind words...
You have now entered a world of not only sight and sound, but of the mind... I see Rod Serling off to one side . Cool job, Auburn
Great Job. Really one of the best concepts in this contest. Higher quality source images and I feel this would have scored top 5 at least.
Thank you,Armatien,Hitspinner and SplatShot for comments and words of encouragement...

Funny Space Time Satellite Clock

Space Time Satellite Clock
Member reactions:
I liked this idea and the work used to make it

Funny Poop Timer Toilet Clock

Poop Timer Toilet Clock
You got two minutes before getting your head smashed...
Member reactions:
Only time limit machine.. You need to leave your stuff within the given time

Funny Droste Effect Clock

Droste Effect Clock
Finally cracked this after many attempts.
Member reactions:
Yes... the effects was good.... lIke the clock concept
Change is the Only constant in here this is the real time machine

Funny Dali's Clocks are Stolen From Painting

Dali's Clocks are Stolen From Painting
Member reactions:
Hey. What time is it. Time to say great Job.

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