Space Time Satellite Clock
Space Time Satellite Clock
Space Time Satellite Clock. Member reactions:
I liked this idea and the work used to make it

Funny Poop Timer Toilet Clock

Poop Timer Toilet Clock
You got two minutes before getting your head smashed...
Member reactions:
Only time limit machine.. You need to leave your stuff within the given time

Funny Droste Effect Clock

Droste Effect Clock
Finally cracked this after many attempts.
Member reactions:
Yes... the effects was good.... lIke the clock concept
Change is the Only constant in here this is the real time machine

Funny Dali's Clocks are Stolen From Painting

Dali's Clocks are Stolen From Painting
Member reactions:
Hey. What time is it. Time to say great Job.

Funny Presidential Violin Clock

Presidential Violin Clock
Member reactions:
Yes, but does the clock play music. Nice work.

Funny Presidential Term-Time Clock

Presidential Term-Time Clock
2012 election is coming up and Obama is struggling to hold onto his presidency with Mitt Romney trying to pull it away from him...who will be the next president.
Member reactions:
Thanks, glad you like it...I lost count on how many images I used...I know it was somewhere above twenty.
Yea... the clock is great. Concept is great too.
Your idea in this chop is excellent..., great to see all the past presidents in the clock, I do remember some of them, but Anxious to see the next... good job done
Nice Collection in place of the numbers in the watch
Lovely and really useful work for learning.. It may be used as an example for some history topic.
Clever political satire. I like how you used the previous image source. Silver congrats, kenny.
Way to go Kennyb , Silver congrats ... this should of came in 1st

Funny Ms.Hour the Clock Woman

Ms.Hour the Clock Woman
Member reactions:
HOT Contest-competition is fierce. Another HIT.
Geriatric, Pcr, Robin, Suni and Diamonds thank you so much.
, thank you so much to everybody...appreciate a lot.

Funny Politician Cuckoo Clock

Politician Cuckoo Clock
They're all cuckoo, don't you think.
Member reactions:
If only they were SWISS, and not Americans, .

Funny Jellyfish Clock

Jellyfish Clock

Funny Kid Clock

Kid Clock

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