Hillary Clinton Is Definitely Running
Hillary Clinton Is Definitely Running
Hillary Clinton Is Definitely Running. I wish it wasn't true, but I think Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016 unless the world magically ends before it. Once again the Clintons forge left and right, out of right and wrong. Hillary Leading Dems in 2016 Race
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Maybe. She must not be afraid of right wing nut-cases with rifles. I don't see the right tolerating any more years of a socialist agenda. That is my fear. The liberals should probably give it a rest and avoid the storm. Nice chop by the way
Thanks Hit Man. I would agree that Obama's biggest achievement might be to convince 53% of the electorate to move to the right. Politics is getting to be like a train wreck - you can't watch, and you can't avoid watching.
She's in very fragile health, yet is under big pressure to run. Will she be able to handle the campaign. Gonna be tough
Thanks. This came out more objective than I actually intended. I'm not a Clinton fan. But, I'd like to think, although outdated, I'm a a gentleman.

Funny Presidents Clinton,Obama and Bush at War

Presidents Clinton,Obama and Bush at War
Three Presidents, fighting in WWII
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Nice idea and compo with a little more details could have been far better

Funny Boris Yeltsin is visiting Bill Clinton

Boris Yeltsin is visiting Bill Clinton
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i thought mr bean and mona lisa are chopped a lot, but the propane container takes the trophy.
Get used to it, a couple of years gas and oil will be on the front pages of newspapers
Good thinking of slippery through bottle.
Mmmm. Hard to say but Eltsin shadows look missing or not .
Hilarious composition. Some technical issues might need fixing - add some necks and shadows and it would rock even more.

Funny Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton
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Drat, I had ya up until the end. Somebody gave you a little extra boost but deservedly so. Great job, Dan. Congrats on the gold cup
Stunning work, and very fitting the Bill's character. He is a known sax addict. I remember those famous photos of him playing sax when he was first elected president... been 24 years ago.
Congratulations. Beautiful work. Love all the details.
Thanks everyone. Votes and comments much appreciated.


Member reactions:
Boy, they could all join the band - looks like the 80s rockers hairdo. Nice play with the faces
Congrats on the woody, William. Great mullets hahahahahaa
Tnx all

Funny Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton
Hey, Check out my new grills.
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all retouches seems from different techniques.


Member reactions:
, just about leaps off the page... This is great hahahahah
Add some shadows from her hat and you have a killer chop. Great political satire.

Funny Clinton

Bill Clinton once made $1.3 million in TWO DAYS from speaking gigs and has made $105m in twelve years
Member reactions:
The briefcase needs a shadow. Looks like it's hovering over the ground.
Decent chop, especially after the edit (added shadows). I am not sure why you chose the grass field as the setting though. Would make more sense to show bill with this money case speaking somewhere before the audience.
Although I think the shadow on the briefcase should be little smaller. Idk. I'm not very good at the shadows myself but am trying to learn
You could say that he's outstanding in his field ... but actually, he appears to be standing into his field ... Are his legs underground.
QTR. (outstanding in his field)
In terms of money is a big match between him and Tony Blair.
Maybe Bill gets money from nowhere... Great job Crafty 1

Funny Hillary Clinton the Crossing Guard

Hillary Clinton the Crossing Guard
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Interesting work. The main elements are missing shadows though
Nice Idea....Not sure about the direction of Hilary's motion effect.
Thanks Newsie and 420,not my best effort, but I'm appreciative of the wood

Funny Hillary Clinton Stalked By A Giant Squirrel

Hillary Clinton Stalked By A Giant Squirrel
A Republican intern in a giant squirrel costume has been following Hillary Clinton on her book tour
Member reactions:
Caricature is ultra smooth and background work is genius, simply lovely and crisp
Awesome political satire. An intern dressed as a giant squirrel was following Hillary.... you better thank that intern he did not dress up as a giant beaver, this would give plenty of room for interpretations
Well done Doc. Pretty goofy news Congrats

Funny Clinton Baby

Clinton Baby
America's former first daughter Chelsea Clinton left a New York hospital with her newborn baby daughter, Charlotte. The baby girl came as a surprise to Chelsea and her husband Marc, who chose not to find out the baby gender before birth. Charlotte's birth-weight hasn't been disclosed to the public. Bill and Hillary Clinton said they couldn't be happier as they became grandparents for the first time. Chelsea happily posed for photographs outside Lenox Hill hospital with her husband and parents yesterday. British tabloid The Daily Mail claims Chelsea almost copy-catted the outfit of Kate Middleton when she left the hospital with Prince George last July. Show the world what Clinton baby girl Charlotte may (or may not) look like.

Funny Presidents Obama and Clinton

Presidents Obama and Clinton
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of two presidents any way you wish (image credit Pete Souza, US Government Work). Some examples are - re-dressing President Obama or former President Clinton, designing a poster with this image of the two presidents, putting the presidents into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Chelsea Clinton Wedding

Chelsea Clinton Wedding
Chelsea Clinton's wedding day is finally here - and it's dominating the news today. The media already called it America's "Royal" Wedding - because of the number and caliber of the guests and because the wedding price tag has by far beaten all celebrity weddings and even Royal weddings in history. The total wedding price is $5 million, out of which $3 mil is paid by papa Bill, and the other $2 mil is being laid off on US Taxpayers as Secret Service costs for protecting former president Clinton and foreign heads of state, such as the presidents of France and Italy and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who are among the 500 invited guests along with Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Ted Turner. All 500 guests will be asked to surrender their mobile phones and any recording devices before being subjected to security checks suitable for an international summit. For comparison, when country music star Keith Urban married actress Nicole Kidman in 2006, their wedding cost $250,000. This large sum hardly counts as a celebrity wedding. When mega-millionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump married model Melania Knauss, the wedding bill was $1,000,000. The marriages of Madonna and film director Guy Ritchie, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren, and Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones pushed up the cost of celebrity marriages to $1.5 million. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes upped the ante to $2,000,000. The cost of the wedding of Diana Spencer to Prince Charles? $3,000,000. Chelsea Clinton's is getting married to investment banker Mark Mezvinsky, but let's photoshop how this "Royal" wedding could be between Chelsea Clinton and somebody else. To celebrate, we're also throwing a "Royal jackpot" for this contest by doubling it.

Funny Obama Clinton 2008

Obama Clinton 2008
Hillary Clinton ended her bid for the White House, while Obama sealed the nomination. The tables turned, and just 2 months later after Clinton was offering a VP seat to Obama, she now openly stated she'll be happy to be Obama's running mate, if he puts her on VP ticket. Let's go one step ahead of media sources and announce that Hillary Clinton will be Obama's running mate in 2008 presidential elections. Photoshop Hillary Clinton as Obama's puppet. Here's a similar example (done with Al Gore and Howard Dean). You can simply photoshop "master Obama and puppet Clinton" together, or use this puppet theme in Obama Clinton 2008 election posters, demotivational posters, movies, and paintings.

Funny Clinton Obama 2008

Clinton Obama 2008
Cuban President Fidel Castro, who hasn't been seen in public for 13 months, has made a prediction in a national newspaper that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be an unbeatable team and will win the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections. Castro suggested that Clinton will run for President and Obama will be her running mate. According to current polls, Clinton is most likely to receive the Democratic nomination, and Barack Obama is running second in ratings. So far in the debates Clinton and Obama have shown many disagreements and differences, yet did not burn the bridges for running together. Photoshop emblem or advertising for Clinton Obama 2008 presidential election campaign, or anything connected to Clinton and Obama running for office together. We will also accept entries showing what changes America and the world will see if Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama win the 2008 US Presidential Elections.

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