Putin in the Kremlin Clinic of the Insane
Putin in the Kremlin Clinic of the Insane
Putin in the Kremlin Clinic of the Insane. Cheap alcohol and Russian television allow Putin to control 86% of Russia's population

Funny Man in a Kilt at the Vacination Clinic

Man in a Kilt at the Vacination Clinic
Member reactions:
Awesome concept...very infecting
Pretty awesome Silver congrats too, BB. What a comeback.
Congrats, on the Silver and Bronze too..... bigdbud.. Great pieces....well done.

Funny Rick Santorum Abortion Clinic

Rick Santorum Abortion Clinic
realizing that maybe his uber conservative values may have lost him votes santorum changes his name and opens his own abortion clinic so that next time .....
Member reactions:
Oh.... this job chosen after all like the way the blood is oozing out from the expressive funny face of Rick very well done with the blood
Great concept and chop, but Santorum lost some resemblance

Funny Frog Clinic

Frog Clinic
Baby Frog
Member reactions:
The frog enges are somewhat blurry, but the concept is precious.
Great execution Mundo, I don't know how this do not score more.

Funny Walmart Operating Clinic

Walmart Operating Clinic
Member reactions:
The equipment tray should be reflecting the wall behind it. As it is now, it looks transparent. Also, the table, wall & ceiling look slanted and broken down the middle(like the image was cut & mirrored) and the rack in the back right corner is disjointed.....the wires don't match up.

Funny Fertility Clinic Advertising on an Egg

Fertility Clinic Advertising on an Egg
Seems like a good match
Member reactions:
Which came first... the human or the egg.
What a great idea. I'd say it a great match.
I agree with callumw. I would be wary of even opening it.

Funny Mobile Pot Clinic

Mobile Pot Clinic
Authorities Put the Brakes on Mobile Pot Clinic
Member reactions:
Give it a year and mobile Dispensaries will be legal and taxed heavily.

Funny Obama Care Clinic

Obama Care Clinic
I was going for a bright back-lighted sign. I since toned down the signs and changed background.
Member reactions:
very funny idea but you should make signs more believable
ibeme is right. The signs kinda look cut/paste style and not part of the pic.Just an observation.

Funny Walamrt Emergency Clinic

Walamrt Emergency Clinic
Emergency Pick-up from the Parking lot....
Member reactions:
The man's head & arm, and the shopping basket have the correct outside lighting, but the nurse and the man's leg have a different light.

Funny Lindsay Lohan i the Betty Ford Clinic

Lindsay Lohan i the Betty Ford Clinic

Funny WalMart Clinics

WalMart Clinics
WalMart is opening 400 in-store clinics. They are called "walk-in" clinics because no appointment is necessary and you can visit them 7 days a week, 365 days a year. While it only costs $65 per visit, Wal-Mart clinics make big bucks. Primary patients are senior citizens with memory problems who visit them 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to WalMart clinics and health care this lagest retailer may provide. We will also accept images of related health care products and drugs Wal-Mart may offer.

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