The Medieval thief-inquisitor behind the Climate Change
The Medieval thief-inquisitor behind the Climate Change
The Medieval thief-inquisitor behind the Climate Change.

Funny Upside Down World Climate

Upside Down World Climate

Funny The Pope Speaks On Climate Change

The Pope Speaks On Climate Change
The Pope offers his opinion on climate change
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Thanks, guys.

Funny Climate change

Climate change
In this picture we see humanity adapting to a new life, after the melting icecaps. Imundo water and destroyed everything. Humanity has to start from scratch. Had other ideas, but as my pictures do not like better or present.
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I like what you have added to the orig source, blended well
My favorite part here is the statue of liberty with the cliffs - looks cool
Is Kellie ia search-bot. that's what's been keepin me up tonite..
jere , I think she use tineye for search , Grea8 work
I think if he wanted to present the sources he had. I have seen many sources that work with small changes and gain realiazan contests and nobody says anything. No wonder none of this and not surprisingly in the last remaining places.
If you had have presented your sources that would have been easier yes. Just that your image consists of 1/2 of someone else's work. As I said I do like your additions & they are well integrated into the image. ...and yeh I am a google-bot Jere
It is true composiscon two images found on the Web, but because other work is not so insistent. Because I've seen studies that use work from other sites and you say nothing. If you like to show you an entry that won bronze at this site and is working somewhere else and nobody said anything. I suspect you know who I am and each presented a paper you send messages with suspicious intent.
I do not understand I suspect you know who I am and each presented a paper you send messages with suspicious intent. If I say nothing then I either have not noticed or the source is not the major focal point of the image...or honestly I just can't be bothered. You have used 2 images made by others as your main focal points, I really did even think you even made the island hand. As I said post your sources then maybe this could be avoided.
As I said in my comment I have done a great job and I admit, and the contests are based on manipulating images that are on the Web and combine them according to our ideas. Besides, many here do the same and nobody says anything, much less you. One example is the work that nobody said anything. Here and Here Español. Como dije en mi comentario no he hecho un gran trabajo y lo reconozco, y los concursos se basan en manipular imagenes que encontramos en la Web y unificarlas segun nuestras ideas. Ademas, aqui muchos hacen lo mismo y nadie dice nada, y mucho menos usted. Un ejemplo es este trabajo en el que nadie dijo nada.
jeezz, it's just an internet competition. You win some, you loose some. No big deal. Nothing to get wound up about. Just enjoy yourself making pics and get inspiration from other artist and smile. live is shorter than you think. I like your pic by the way.
The Example that you linked to was not someones else's work, it was an idea that was already out there & totally recreated.
It's terrible when you say that in this example, nothing happens. Unify two images and I worked hard to get an idea, besides placing the statue of liberty. In the example we copy the idea. He's been "fun" discussion but I got bored with this, do not get anywhere. You have your opinon who does not share but I respect her and I remain the same. I have other things to do After further discussion of the competition. Español. Es terrible que usted diga que en este ejemplo no pasa nada. Yo unifique dos imagenes y trabaje mucho para hacer una idea, ademas de colocarle la estatua de la libertad. En el ejemplo se copia la idea. Ha estado "divertida" la discusion pero me aburri de esto, no llegamos a ningun lugar. Usted tiene su opinon que no comparte pero la respeto y yo me mantengo en lo mismo. Yo tengo otras cosas que hacer Despues del concurso seguimos la discusion.
I Agree with jeremix but really fantastic blend ... I like this image tita and it's was my favor in this contest too keep going

Funny Al GoreThe Great Climate Change Data Dump

Al GoreThe Great Climate Change Data Dump
Climate change data dumped It's the Largest Science Fraud in History.
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He was the last piece of the puzzle. I liked ther recycle guy, but a big fat round head was hard to find, and Bingo there was Al with the arm to boot.

Funny Penguins Escaping to a Warmer Climate

Penguins Escaping to a Warmer Climate
Member reactions:
Words escape me (for a change), this is really nice and attractive, well done and inventive. I like it. Nice and Bright
Nice job. Reminds me of the works of Jerry N. Uelsmann, but in great color.
This looks truly professional, and absolutely brilliant. Best entry in the contest by far.
congratulations ver goood. and absolutely brilliant parabéns
Congratulations Rungue.......good job ...
Congrats Rungue...Look out FN there's a new chopper in town. Great work.
Congratulations on your first win, Rungue. Nice to have you onboard.

Funny Climate Change Fashion in the Desert

Climate Change Fashion in the Desert
Huge Dust Plumes Wall Street Journal Here's the new climate change fashion of the future to go along with the global dust storms and Asian pollution.
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I'm a girl Watcher, I'm a Girl Watcher, Watching Girls go by, Oh My, My, My.
Who will save the lonely palm at what once was the oasis.
Global warming cat walk. ...and other news at 7.

Funny Humans Falling Off the Climate Cliff

Humans Falling Off the Climate Cliff

Funny Obama Zuckerberg Climate Change

Obama Zuckerberg Climate Change
Demography Not The Only Reason Romney Lost

Funny Climate Rubiks Cube

Climate Rubiks Cube
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Great execution.... one side its peace and other side its devastation good combination.... Leaks ahead of revealing the truth

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