Cleopatra the Psychologist
Cleopatra the Psychologist
Cleopatra the Psychologist. Member reactions:
Great Idea and One Marvelous Image, Icy. One of the best.

Funny Alyssa Milano as Cleopatra

Alyssa Milano as Cleopatra
I love Alyssa Milano, and she loves me, or that's what she tells me when she transmits secret messages from the TV, directly into my brain. (she only does that for me.)

Funny Cleopatra the Cobra

Cleopatra the Cobra
Her kiss will kill you.
Member reactions:
What Kell said. The snake bracelet is was a great idea

Funny George Clooney in Cleopatra 1963

George Clooney in Cleopatra 1963
Member reactions:
Well done, I love this chop. If I could make 1 suggestion; I would add high-lights to Cloony's eyes, to match the high-lights in liz's. But other wise W2G...
I agree with Micholish suggestion. Still a breat composition with clean blending
this one got my vote. looks so good you would think George was in the film.
this one caught my eye and I showed it to my Mom and she loved it. She is huge fan of both. They need to remake this one since they are remaking everthing else.

Funny Cleopatra Catherine Zeta-Jones

Cleopatra Catherine Zeta-Jones
This is the New, Improved, and definitely ... ier Cleopatra... Black and White Source News Link
Member reactions:
Another classic remastered. Congrats Hamid
The Golds came out really nice. And you couldn't miss with the body and the face. Very Nice. It Looked So. Good. ... I Forgot there was even a news story attached to it.
Thanks everyone for your votes and comments...

Funny Cleopatra

I've worked on this picture of Vivian Leigh on and off for months. I can't believe she's finally finished. Black & White Original Here Hope you enjoy her.
Member reactions:
Another fantastic example of your skills in this area. Well done. I think we are going to have to have a few colourization contests so that entrants can see just how much work goes into images of this calibre. do you know whose skills these are and that it is another fine example..
As good as a great many members are on FN, certain members have a distinct style and quality to their work which reveals their identity. About the only way to conceal their identity would be for them to wear oven mits when working the mouse
Another gorgeous colouring, masking is perfect
Very nice
Cooper, Yeah, I know, I was teasing...and this is fantastic ...
The time and effort put into this colorization were well worth it. A truly breath-taking chop.
Congrats on the Gold Deb, This was an excellent colorization entry..
Congrats Deb, excellent job on breathing new life into an old photo
Gold for Cleopatra. Congratulations, Deb.
wonderful image congratulations (((GOLD)))..
Thanks everyone. I'm so happy you liked her. And such GREAT comments.
Congrats Deb. Well deserved win with a fabulous job - welcome to my favs Is there a chance that you make a tut.... Ive never ever done a colorization so I would be glad to see how this has been made.
truly outstanding, i have absolutely no idea how you do this, i'm very much in awe of your patients and talent.
Good onya 4 POTD, truly outstanding piece of work.

Funny Cleopatra Charlize Theron

Cleopatra Charlize Theron
Cleopatra Theron
Member reactions:
try to use colorfull images, almost always it scores more than B&W images. I'm not telling that this is bad, it's well done. I hope you understand me.
Skorpion's right, colorful does get the eye that B&W never can, however, the era of this image also might justify your choice, so all's well for me. You really dressed Charlize with Cleopatra's charm, not that she still needs it anyway

Funny Scarlett Jhansson as Cleopatra

Scarlett Jhansson as Cleopatra
Cleopatra was considered the ... iest woman of her time. news story
Member reactions:
There is a naughty kill-her-with-a-snake joke here somewhere, but I think i'll leave it alone Nice work.
nice scarlett johanssen portrait, good blend
"ME.. A Pharaoh.." "Believe me, you're NO Mia Farrow."

Funny Winona Ryder as Cleopatra

Winona Ryder as Cleopatra
Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire...Jerry lee and Cleopatra Vintage

Funny Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Doll

Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Doll
Hollywood has lost its charm ...
Member reactions:
This is not a movie does not meet contest rules.
Well Liz did play in Cleopatra & this does look like her in that movie.

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