Keep the Skies Clear
Keep the Skies Clear
Keep the Skies Clear.

Funny McChrystal Clear Water

McChrystal Clear Water
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Member reactions:
Another Killer chop; I'm amazed. High marks.
Damn, this is good. And the commentary..............
Great political satire. An ornament to FN.
Thanks all for your comments and votes. I thought this one maybe a bit controversial, but I liked the way it turned out so I threw it up. I did see GWB's head cut off a few weeks ago, and it was funny. We really love our political leaders in this county Some notes; the original source was so crappy that the only parts left are the camo pants (which were totally worked over) and the board under Obama's head. I love the 3D effect of a blurred background and a clear subject in the forground, full view shows that nicely.
Yup, my fav. Beautifully done, great piece of art work KIR Congrats on your bronze.
Freaking Awesome keepo ... glad to see you here congrats on the bronze and keep up your top works
Bronze medal of honor for KIR. You never cease to amaze us with your political satire chops.

Funny Clear blue

Clear blue
Just what anticipating couples need. by the way accurracy = accuracy
Member reactions:
The thing could probably be sold too. Roulette pregnancy testers.

Funny Clearing House

Clearing House
Hey Teresa. I may be a winner yet. (view full, please)
Member reactions:
Postmark should say "for Government business only ...."

Funny Ostrich Mine Clearing

Ostrich Mine Clearing

Funny clear coke

clear coke
Member reactions:
I like this- great concept. I would use the Shear filter to wrap the text around the bottle though. It looks a bit off because it is so flat, imo.
Agreed with the need for a liquify (or similar) filter to wrap the text. Also it's just a small issue, but it would be worth cropping the image to remove the red line at top. But I like it.
We had Crystal Pepsi, why not a clear Coke. or is this supposed to imply that it's got cocaine in it. I can't tell due to lack of sense of humor....
Spherize, that's what I'd do to the text. Sorry to beat a dead horse here, tryin' to help. Good work.
this is very good, so orginal and poignant a lot of potetial in this one, sure to be great a masterpiece.....

Funny Howard Stern on Clear Channel

Howard Stern on  Clear Channel
Conservative Commentary
Member reactions:
that was good. seeing him as a conservative is funny.

Funny Egypt Clears it's Streets

Egypt Clears it's Streets
Egyptian Kent State
Member reactions:
Oh, my. Yes it is sad. But I see the point. America is not free from brutality to its own people

Funny Ploar Bear Snow Clearing Company Flier

Ploar Bear Snow Clearing Company Flier

Funny Biker Clearing Snow

Biker Clearing Snow

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