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Funny Cleaning Pictures

Cleaning the StudioFunny Cleaning the Studio
Member reactions:
Sources While Rene took a walk, Margueritte cleaned the studio, mopping, sweeping, blackening the prop train ... Oh, and that painting would have to come down ...
congratulations ,, woody... IcyAllEyeCan nice work...

Mariah Carey Astronaut Fresh and CleanFunny Mariah Carey Astronaut Fresh and Clean
Member reactions:

The number one thing that a woman needs to bring to space.
Maria, you should raze your arms before going to space.
No kidding-oops. Still time to fix during contest.

Cleaning up America's StreetsFunny Cleaning up America's Streets
Member reactions:
Looks like he's just happy to have a job.
This is an out of box thought.... cleaning up American streets.... is the only way to serve the country awesome job done with a perfectly look of Obama on streets
Thanks Rajeshstar. I'm glad you got it.
Way Under rated. You got a AAA chop here. Should score no less than 8 me thinks. But I am partial to goofiness
Thanks. Sometimes I think people only vote for their favorites and that hurts everyone.
Great chop, but the image could be bigger

Botox Clean-UpFunny Botox Clean-Up
Member reactions:

Please view full size for the details.
HA. The clean version with no wrinkles-eh. Great.
Awesome job all the faces were so clean and clear good one like the concept of endorsing a cleaning liquid well done
This is amazingly fantastic idea... Very well consumed this product to all of them. There skin is so smooth Clean wrinkles
Thanks for the comments. Try Googling "the Rolling Stones" to see the unretouched background photo. Them is some wrinkly dudes.
WHOA. I thought RWPike did this one. Congratulations.
Silver 'grats, Luna. Me thinks this would work just fine.

Cleaning the FilthFunny Cleaning the Filth
Member reactions:

Michale suits well in this dress looks great and doing a cleaning job is really awesome White house needs to be cleaned before the New President takes over
Nice face expression and the Obama move. good shadows

China Begins Effort to Clean PollutionFunny China Begins Effort to Clean Pollution
Member reactions:

News link
cute little girl, very well done replacing the kite with vacuum cleaner
I thought this was a clever idea maybe a little propeller or engine something to depict how something of that weight could be staying in the air . . .

Dentist Cleaning a Hippos TeethFunny Dentist Cleaning a Hippos Teeth
Member reactions:

Excellent, clean and funny job. What a fine looking Hippo dentist we have here.
Thanks........... man in the hippo's mouth.
I like the fact that he is barefoot. Haha.
Haha Cool idea & no better Dentist ya could find
Thanks tiggerxty, Don't know why I gave him bare feet.
Hahahahha, this is Awesome, all the best. 1000000. Good Luck.
Thanks everyone. Didn't even realize this was in vote.

Nicole Richie CleaningFunny Nicole Richie Cleaning
Member reactions:

A lot of very nice work. Good job, hidden.
Nice . . . I like the way it's all lit . . . especially like the Paris source choice
Impressive composition with many details related to Richie's life.Congrats on the silver, Chili.
I thought I left a comment here before, but somehow it disappeared, so I'm leaving it again . . . Silver Congratulations to you Chili

Extreme Upside Down CleaningFunny Extreme Upside Down Cleaning
Member reactions:

Upside Down or Downside Up-still looks like a beautiful girl. Nice work.
I am sorry to tell you there is a big mistake with her skirt .. Hahaha . Very nice .
Thanks everybody Boulpix yes are right.
Thanks Diamonds, Boulpix I solve the mistake with the skirt
Because she don't have underwear so is double extreme...I am kidding )
Unforgettable moment . But I think your reputation is going to be bad . The end of golden trophies . Maybe one for me next time . Congrats Sunshin .
congrats on the gols sunshine that's really an amazing work
You never cease to please & amaze Sunshine Girl. Congratulations.

Boulpix I wish you lots, lots, lots of golds Joan, Crusader, Pcr, CoolIdes, Best4best, Robinbobin, Geri thank you so much.

Man Teeth Cleaning a Polar BearFunny Man Teeth Cleaning a Polar Bear
Member reactions:

A dangerous work.
Hahaha, this would make a great poster for any dentist waiting room.

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