Cleaning Up At The Photo Gallery
Cleaning Up At The Photo Gallery
Cleaning Up At The Photo Gallery. Member reactions:
hilarious.... like the wavey effects good one 'bout a doubt's Dr. 'C's work.
Top 5 congrats, Paul. It's a dirty job but D-man has to do it.
Thanks, Newsy. That's D-Man with Obama's ears and mouth.

Funny Cleaning surveillance

Cleaning surveillance
Member reactions:
Cool secret bunker very middle of the CIA

Funny Cleaning day at CIA

Cleaning day at CIA

Funny CDC Finally Cleans Ebola Home

CDC Finally Cleans Ebola Home
Ebola Clean up
Member reactions:
You should let us know who wore it . For our safety.
Rosie Macdonald TY Luciano, NM, eric, balodiya, elegary
Nicely done. Has the "ooh yuck" factor going for it.

Funny Cleaning the Studio in Magritte Painting

Cleaning the Studio in Magritte Painting
Sources While Rene took a walk, Margueritte cleaned the studio, mopping, sweeping, blackening the prop train ... Oh, and that painting would have to come down ...
Member reactions:
congratulations ,, woody... IcyAllEyeCan nice work...

Funny Tooth Fairies Cleaning Teeth

Tooth Fairies Cleaning Teeth
Overtime for the tooth fairies
Member reactions:
Freaking genius. Very clever concept exceptionally well executed too.
I agree with Newsy, very creative thinking.
So this is what the Tooth Fairy looks like....nice work.
This is very well done. I like the tooth fairy idea too.
thank you everyone for your nice comments .
Wood for penaplok too -you are on a roll. Congrats again.

Funny Felmale Astronaut Cleaning the Space Station

Felmale Astronaut Cleaning the Space Station
Member reactions:
Amazing thought as usual a lady cleaner "No dirt around what ever the place either earth or space"

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Cleaning a Toilet

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Cleaning a Toilet

Funny Botox Clean-Up Spray

Botox Clean-Up Spray
Please view full size for the details.
Member reactions:
HA. The clean version with no wrinkles-eh. Great.
Awesome job all the faces were so clean and clear good one like the concept of endorsing a cleaning liquid well done
This is amazingly fantastic idea... Very well consumed this product to all of them. There skin is so smooth Clean wrinkles
Clean as & smooth
Thanks for the comments. Try Googling "the Rolling Stones" to see the unretouched background photo. Them is some wrinkly dudes.
WHOA. I thought RWPike did this one. Congratulations.
Silver 'grats, Luna. Me thinks this would work just fine.

Funny Cleaning the Filth

Cleaning the Filth
Member reactions:
Michale suits well in this dress looks great and doing a cleaning job is really awesome White house needs to be cleaned before the New President takes over
Nice face expression and the Obama move. good shadows

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