Robot Clay
Robot Clay
Robot Clay. T4 - Rise of the Idols

Funny Clay Aikin & Britney

Clay Aikin & Britney
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Funny Little Cassius Clay

Little Cassius Clay

Funny Clay Aiken Coming Out of the Closet

Clay Aiken Coming Out of the Closet
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I like the composition, although the lighting needs to be adjusted on the layers so that they look less 2D and pasted. Also, is she walking on the table in front of the door. (Seems to be a common problem.)
Hilarious but I suggest adding shadows from Clay

Funny Dakota Fanning Clay Aiken

Dakota Fanning Clay Aiken
(AP) Dakota Fanning and Clay Aiken, together at London's opening of Toys-R-Us, set tongues wagging. "At last. The girl of my dreams," beamed American Idol's crooner. "We're just good friends," giggled filmdom's leading moppet. As with Brangelina and Beniffer, the tabloids have already dubbed the twosome, "Faiken."

Funny Clay Aiken and Entertainers

Clay Aiken and Entertainers
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great idea and very funny to imagine happening

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