Electric Guitar in Classical Painting
Electric Guitar in Classical Painting
Electric Guitar in Classical Painting. "I loved the way that guy played."

Funny 24-String Classical Guitar

24-String Classical Guitar
Member reactions:
I saw the original picture used earlier in this contest... By the way, you forgot the shadow of the right arm and hand.
I found the background image and the guitar image, among many others, right after this contest started. It took me a while to come up with a suitable idea and I submitted this one before even seeing the other entry with the same background. Even if I had seen the other one I still would have submitted mine as it was an original creation on my part. Also, I have never even heard of Jimmy Page.
Jimmy Page is one of the all-time greatest rock guitarists and co-founded the English rock band Led Zeppelin. I didn't say in my previous post that you should not have submitted your entry... just that its main source was used earlier in the contest. By the way, you added the missing shadows since. Your chop is better now.
never heard of Jimmy Page. You aren't that NJ cop that thought that Bob Dylan was a bum and detained him are you.
Sure would help when that high G string breaks Very cool chop

Funny Classical Billy Joel

Classical Billy Joel
Member reactions:
Cool. I remember he used to had lots of hair in his young days. Memories memories

Funny Classical Ballet vs Modern Break Dancing

Classical Ballet vs Modern Break Dancing
Member reactions:
Good composition. I'd darken the girl, or brighten the guy to match their lights and shadows.

Funny Classical Guitarist on Stage

Classical Guitarist on Stage
Please view full... Sources A little background music while viewing these entries. The acoustic guitarist is one of my favorite, and a fellow Oklahoman, Edgar Cruz.
Member reactions:
Andy McKee, One of my favourite Acoustic Guitarists, 2 of my favourite accoustic songs::: Drifting Rylynn
Good links, Sid. Thanks. We definitely can't leave Andy out for sure. And no acoustic discussion is complete without bringing up the legendary Dominic Frasca. He's almost scary to watch, he so good.
Chaos, this is very photo-realistic and I am especially impressed with the light and shadow work here. Hats off. Oh, and I loved the youtube links. Thanks, guys.
Congrats. I'm really glad a photo realistic one made the top 3, i think the fantasy entries are bulldoodie. It don't take much skill for that style 'cause you don't have to make any lighting or shadows or composition for that matter, make sense. Sorry to vent, congrats again on bronze.
Thanks all for the votes and the comments. I just feel honored to have placed so high against so many incredible entries. Definitely hard to compete against funkwood's artistic double-whammy...

Funny Bono goes classical

Bono goes classical
Bono discovers a gift for opera singing.

Funny Classical Beatles

Classical Beatles
They had great stage presence from the start, but their early records tanked...
Member reactions:
Very cool. Nice job. I am the walrus...

Funny Classical Gas!

Classical Gas!
Member reactions:
Care for some "chamber" music. "Chamber" music is really such a gas.

Funny Classical Tina Fey

Classical Tina Fey
not quite sure how I feel about this one
Member reactions:
bah this is worse than my uma thurman pic
It looks like there is a "make up ring" along her chin...but,you did a really good job making the face fit the image and the coloring is good. Can't really see the blend (other than the ring) because of the size. You definitely needed a bigger image; but don't sell yourself short -- if you are that close to last, someone needs to have a better eye
good work
It isn't that bad, I do think u tried to add too match filter to the face, the tones where face meet neck are a little off also, but I do think ya being bit hard on yourself.

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