Akira Kurosawa's Classic
Akira Kurosawa's Classic
Akira Kurosawa's Classic. the seven samurai
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I did not understand this one at first but get it now. Nicely done. Congrats

Funny Jay Leno's Classic Car

Jay Leno's Classic Car
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The dog is bored and tired,.Thanks crafty and joan😃
Very stylish. And shows Jeno's love of luxury cars.

Funny American Classics

American Classics

Funny Classic Horror Double Bill

Classic Horror Double Bill
Member reactions:
Cool posters. You should use the transform tool to fix their perspective to follow the wall though.

Funny Classic Football Ballerinas

Classic Football Ballerinas

Funny Riding a Classic 60's Scooter

Riding a Classic 60's Scooter
"I used to ride the old TV 175 model, a great machine when it worked, but shoddy Italian electrics were always Lambretta's downfall on nearly all of their machines. Opted for a Vespa in the end and it just purred by comparison."
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Great. . . . you've made splendid work of it . . .

Funny Classic Eric Clapton Painting

Classic Eric Clapton Painting
The old ones are the best...
Member reactions:
Defiantly unplugged
DocSavage. Good chop..
Good work
Perfect blending. Doc.
Hey there 2oakes....great chop. Nice to see my "twin" back in the chopping action
Whoa, 2oakes... How are you mate. How's your kid. He must be about 6 years old by now already.

Funny Chianti Classic or Armoured

Chianti Classic or Armoured
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Some neat idea's happening in this contest.

Funny Classic Beauty Revisited

Classic Beauty Revisited
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Ohhhh I live the modern-old mix here. Nice yin-yang and a very strong chop.
nice work Megatronicjdw welcome to freaking news

Funny Freaking News Classic Images

Freaking News Classic Images
Credits: JerryLambert, Hitspinner, AZRainman, Funkwood, Thekillerbee, Kratos5saif, drb3n, Rungue, johnx1, preemiememe, Dola, berdulano, Father Shark, Doxieone and Jeremix. Background: graphicman. Addendum: Unfortunately, my email to graphicman returned with invalid email address. Link.
Member reactions:
Jerry: Did a major overhaul after you saw just Teddy on the sofa.
I am all impressed... Lotz of great chopping and 16 sources..................
This looks like one of those hidden treasure video games, I was looking for the list of things to find great chop, two thumbs up.
21 sources.
.. soo cute..its like the family having a party..,, i must be tired,, it made me tear up... very nice..
This is so good..........i am glad that you used one of my creation also ..........its really looking like a family party.
I have mixed feelings about this chop - on the one hand I love it, on the other hand I REALLY love it. It's a freaking tribute, that's what it is. Thanks for the entertainment.
Super job and super gold foir Doxi. You done went and smoked everybody. What a great effort and so appropriate you won since it was your idea. Just to clear the record. I dunno how I got mentioned, this here contest was doxi's party and glad I was invited. : -->)
Great victory here ,Doxy. Realise your fans now want one of these every day.
Congratulations on the win, Doxie - great tribute to great choppers.
Hits, you got mentioned as you chopped the original tribute to Funkwood (which I used as the thumbnail). Doxie saw your "Funkwood chop" and then suggested a similar context (I then tweaked the contest directions)
perfect gold and first Advanced trophy, double congrats
Woohoo... If there was a real awards ceremony, I would say, "If it wasn't for my fellow FN'ers, I would not be here on the podium." And I would be 100% correct. I chopped JerryLambert's weeener dog (sounds dirty, ) with my Teddy's photo, but spent (a lot of) time chopping everyone else's great images - with the theme being animals and using graphicman's wonderful (and equally wonderfully empty) room creation. Thanks for all the thanks but you guys really did the hard work - I just shuffled the deck. newsie: You did a GREAT tweaking of what I originally suggested. I hope this contest can be used again. Jerry: This is my first gold, but not first advanced trophy. Jeremix:HA. It helps to have a job where I work out of the house. Less commuting time, more computer time.
yeah that's what I meant. glad my weeener could get you started, , I imagine much time went in this all together, get some sleep and congrats again.
just noticed my newspaper chop, thekillerbee is on there too
Congrats Dioxene Nice to see you got so many in there...it's a real crowd pleaser.
Congratson the gold Doxi.. And what a way to get your first advanced gold. This is absolutely amazzzzing.. You put it all together so well and it's totally captivating. Hats off...
Great job Doxie and thanks for all the comments you make of on other entries. Congratulations it pure Gold.
jerry: Yeah, in the future Obama changed things for legalization regarding weed. AZ: That was the secret, AZ - how could people vote low on their OWN work. . fw: thANKS.. HoH: Thanks. I'm talky in person, too.ha.
Golden congrats Doxie. You did an amazing job. Don't spend all your winnings in one place now
Keep: That $5 feels like $500. AZ must feel like a freaking FN-zillionaire with all of his winnings.
CONGRATZZ ON THE GOLD Doxieone .... Great job and I was very happy that you used one of my pictures ^^
doxieeeeeeeeee))))))gold))))))))) congratulations
owo congratulations congratulations on the gold my friend that was amazzing work
THanks for the continuing thanks... oldman: .
Congrats Doxie for the Gold along with $500 .......it feels like we have also won along with you
Dola: I couldn't have done it without you, and ...and... and... Literally. I always luved your honeymooners and was truly happy to be able find a way to use them in this.

Funny Classic Furniture

Classic Furniture
IThe park bench is a familiar and often overlooked design that exists in cities across the world. Typically designed to have mass appeal, and manufactured from materials that can withstand frequent use, constant exposure to the elements and vandalism, these seats provide a valuable but perhaps unrecognized service. As part of a development project aimed at revitalizing Stockholm's Järfälla suburb, 10 leading international designers were invited to create alternative benches for the neighborhood's neglected Kvarnbacken park How are you at designing furniture? Create new furniture that you would like to see. NOTE: DO NOT INCLUDE ANY PEOPLE IN YOUR SUBMISSION. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

Funny Classic Mercedes Benz

Classic Mercedes Benz
Photoshop this classic Mercedes Benz image any way you wish. Examples may include merging this classic Mercedes Benz with some objects or animals; placing classic Mercedes Benz into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Classic Car Models

Classic Car Models
To fit classic car spirit in modern auto industry, create classic car models which would combine parts and features of modern car models and classic / antique car models.

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