Soldier with a Clarinet Machine Gun
Soldier with a Clarinet Machine Gun
Soldier with a Clarinet Machine Gun. Member reactions:
Looks like something for the serious musician.
Snazzy. I like the scope for the tiny sheet music
Musical Obituary on the 'tiny sheet music' are you in the list..
Its a Musical Missile launcher its directly falls on the enemy ground and creates peace and brother on their minds Great look given by merging with Musical Gun
Bwhahahahahha really nice perspective control
I particularly like the lyre stand. Nice touch.
This is freaking hysterical. The sheet music detail made me laugh. Congrats on the silver, Tracy.
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Funny Blunderbuss Clarinet

Blunderbuss Clarinet
Blunderbuss Clarinet its Music to a Pirates Ears
Member reactions:
Nice merge of the Antique classical gun with the musical instrument really lovely a Pirate touch given to this chop

Funny Woman with an M16 Clarinet

Woman with an M16 Clarinet
Member reactions:
Awesome work with smoky look on helicopter as well, what do you call that gun..
This is simply superb well blended the gun its look like a mini cannon blower good work on the smoke
Thanks, eric and rajeshstar for the compliments.

Funny Clarinet Rifle Sniper

Clarinet Rifle Sniper
Member reactions:
All are musical instrument love this device
The clarinet seems to be the weapon of choice in this contest

Funny John Wayne with a Clarinet Musket

John Wayne with a Clarinet Musket
Member reactions:
Great to see the Musical instruments chopped to the guns really looks funny
Congrats man...almost the trifecta .. Great chop. by the way

Funny Violin and Clarinet Synthesizer

Violin and Clarinet Synthesizer
The electric vioclarisynth, now with wireless LAN capability.
Member reactions:
Decent blending job here, brings back together the old and the modern musical instruments.

Funny Gun clarinet

Gun clarinet
Member reactions:
She will blow your head-off with that weapon. Reminds me of an old elephant gun I saw once.

Funny Snake Charmer Playing a Clarinet

Snake Charmer Playing a Clarinet
Benny Goodman never played for snakes.

Funny James Bond with a Clarinet Tank

James Bond with a Clarinet Tank

Funny Clarinet Missile

Clarinet Missile

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