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Funny City Pictures

Men & the CityFunny Men & the City
Member reactions:
with Danny Trejo, Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa and Woody Harrelson
Thank you NewsMaster. Luciano, I just re-edited, is it better. Evirio, Danny Trejo is my favorite here.
Super chop... Tons of work and I thank you for the giggles... So well done I am jealous
Thank you Hitspinner. Your comment is my trophy.

Smog and the CityFunny Smog and the City
Member reactions:

news title Smog levels in China's capital city hit hazardous highs for the first time this season
Looks funny with Masks... good poster work
Nice work … I think if you cropped the image tighter to their faces it might have worked even better ...

Kenyan Wins New York City MarathonFunny Kenyan Wins New York City Marathon
Member reactions:
Kenyans win New York City Marathon
ha, Caption should say: "One Legged Kenyans Win New York City Marathon"
Awesome caricature done on the face of Obama and here he will definitely win because his security did not allow to overtake him
Congrats on silver, bronze and wood, Doc.
Clean and hysterical. Joe runs a security vehicle
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Newsy.

Google City, USAFunny Google City, USA
Member reactions:

Like the Colorful city of Google... well done on the colorful water reflection as well good work

Umpire State Building, New York CityFunny Umpire State Building, New York City
Member reactions:

It is a natural mistake that is what makes it so good. Why is this not a top contender. Am I missing something.This is very well done and you get a honorary cup from me anyway.

Welcome To Rock City, MarsFunny Welcome To Rock City, Mars
Member reactions:

It didn't take Hertz long to train those lizards. They are every where here. Even the McDonalds are using them for... (uh,, never mind)
Nice rocky terrain and the Frog is the public transport in that planet . good one and funny too
Gurrr whats that space creature nicely imagined of the space and space elements wonderful chop
Another great one. This has got to be my favorite type of content contest.Congrads on ze woody
Thanks everyone and yea this one was fun.

Away from cityFunny Away from city
Member reactions:

Life on the rock.... On a full moon day with a tiger nearby a hot lady is thinking of a relationship Awesome looking chop good work and nice idea
Thanks and glad you like it Armatien, Suni, Rajeshstar
Thanks Eric, I glad you have noticed these details
Thank you PsMandrake, Pcr, Geriaric, Hitspinner, Funkwood, Silvercanine
Very smooth work. Congrats on the wood, Sun.

Snake CityFunny Snake City
Member reactions:

Awesome and fearsome snake rules the whole city fabulous job done

City HorseFunny City Horse
Member reactions:

full view plz. Images Sources
Amazing..... the whole city is set up on that horse... Love to see the Water, desert, skyscrapers, greenery etc., on that horse good example of city horse good job with sources
Creative and artistic with So innovative idea. Thoughtful
Great Concept...Thumbs Up Silvercanine. ~~

Lurking in Sin CityFunny Lurking in Sin City
Member reactions:

Thats cool.
He looks like a Vampire hunter good one like the hat and the red glowing eyes of him
Freaking brilliant.. I might get nightmare tonight

City StorkFunny City Stork - Photoshop this image of city stork (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up this city stork, merging the stork with some other animals or objects, putting the city stork into some new environment, using this city stork image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Lieselot De Wulf and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

City ArtFunny City Art - [ Traffic-signal boxes in Stamford, Conn are getting a facelift from the local urban artists, who are tired of seeing them as plain boxes. And it's not graffitti as you may think, it's a realistic art which blends traffic-signal boxes with surroundings. About 50 of the city’s 190 boxes, once covered with graffiti, are now suitable for framing, and many echo the surroundings. ] In this contest you are asked to give artistic paint jobs to city structures (we will allow buildings, statues, monuments, bridges & arches) which will blend the structures with their surroundings. Please refer to this paintjob of this traffic-signal box for a good example. Make sure your paintjobs are artistic paintjobs, rather than just pasted photos.

St. Louis - Most Dangerous U.S. CityFunny St. Louis - Most Dangerous U.S. City - [ "A surge in violence made St. Louis the most dangerous city in the country, leading a trend of violent crimes rising much faster in the Midwest than in the rest of nation, according to an annual list. St. Louis has been on the list of 10 most dangerous U.S. cities for years". ] If you've never been to St. Louis, now is not a good time to visit. It received the title of most dangerous US city this year, thanks to all hard working criminals who work 24/7 to make the city famous. The center of St. Louis features 630-foot-tall stainless-steel arch - a monument to the early pioneers who came west with nothing but their wagons, their guns, and their crimes. Visitors may ride to the top of the arch, where, high above the Mississippi River, they may see the panorama of crimes in the city. In this contest you are asked to "criminalize" any St. Louis related theme (city part, event, people, products, etc.), and feature it as a tourism advertisement for St. Louis.

In the CityFunny In the City - Photoshop the final episode of "*** and the City" with guest politician / celebrity stars.

City ApesFunny City Apes - Save the ape, bring them home - show them adopting and assimilating to life in big cities.

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