Traffic Sign Crop Circles
Traffic Sign Crop Circles
Member reactions:
Genius concept. A small critique - make the signs smaller with perspective. Also the cyclist is a tag too bug compared to the house. I'd make his marker but smaller
Edited per NewsMaster's suggestions. Hope you like...
Fantastic use o source, what a brilliant idea
They are a bit stretched now. I think the previous version of signs was better. Good edit on the cyclist
Hmmm, somebody's not making up my mind for me... Should I put up the old one but with edited cyclist, or keep this one up. Or do I even have time now.
It depends on the look you're going for. It looks perfet for a movie cover, but if you're trying to make it look like an actual picture, the signs are stretched wrong... Awesome entry, regardless.
OK, here it is...Original crop circles, edited cyclist, updated crop...
I was a little bit concerned when this chop got stretched out, but now it's back to betterer. I guess sometimes it pays to "Heed the Warnings". Now you must know how crop circles feel.
Congratulations, Chaos. The signs are golden
Thanks for the advice, support, comments and votes. at Steve10's "betterer". Me likes, and have added it to my vocabulary, right up there with Kellie's "scaryingly".

Funny Crop Circle in Old Painting

Crop Circle in Old Painting
Christina's World has been invaded.
Member reactions:
One of the most creative ones entries in the contest. I can almost hear the ufo flying looking at this image

Funny Pi Crop Circle

Pi Crop Circle
Member reactions:
Excellent concept and smooth technoique. Congratulations on the silver trophy, kadath.
Nice work - I recognise the source photo though - my husband took it.

Funny Alien Space Craft Making Crop Circles

Alien Space Craft Making Crop Circles

Funny Making Crop Circles

Making Crop Circles
Member reactions:
if there are people all over the world making such intricate crop circles, they're definately tuned into a station i don't pick up.

Funny Skiing Circles in the Sky

Skiing Circles in the Sky
Member reactions:
Congratulations, Laff - very artistic and "out of the box" entry.
Thanks guys.. appreciate your help and comments. Will keep trying to get out of that box Newsmaster.

Funny Sharks Circling a Nuclear Underwater Home

Sharks Circling a Nuclear Underwater Home
Member reactions:
I like how you did the above water and underwater parts combined in one entry. However the "house" part needs more work, especially the part sticking above the water.

Funny Aliens Making Crop Circles in a Raphael Painting

Aliens Making Crop Circles in a Raphael Painting
In this ancient painting, the truth behind crop circles is revealed. (Original The Vision of Ezekiel by Raphael
Member reactions:
Nice job on the "grays". Little details on this are great. Notice the crop circles and abduction. sweet.
Breathtaking beautiful work. It's out of this world
Nicely done. They're much cuter than regular cherubs.

Funny Crop Circle Clock

Crop Circle Clock
Plese comment.. I need to improve.

Funny Astronauts Making Crop Circles

Astronauts Making Crop Circles
Now we know.
Member reactions:
This is just brilliant. I'm still giggling, dammit.
Perfect. I recall seeing an article years ago about two guys who built crop circles using this method. This is dead on.

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