Cindy Sheehan the Peace Mom Caricature
Cindy Sheehan the Peace Mom Caricature
Cindy Sheehan the Peace Mom Caricature. Member of the “Peace and Freedom Party”, arrested 21 times for peace.
Member reactions:
Quality work. Thanks for reminding about her.
Great caricature done to her.... like her expressions and the freaky smile good one
Congratulations. Love it..
Congratulations. Awesome caricature. I especially appreciate the fingers.
Excellent. Retro vivacity style, very cool.
Thanks NewsMaster, and Balodiya. Appreciate it Rajesh, and Geriatric. Thank you Hidreley, I loved yours as well. Thanks Paul. Thank you Icy, I'm glad you liked the fingers Thanks HitMan and Armatien, appreciate your comments. Laissez le bon temps rouler...

Funny Cindy Crawford with a Beard

Cindy Crawford with a Beard
Sometimes, aging gets some increasing of facial hair ...
Member reactions:
Wonderful beard. The sparseness along the edge of the beard, blended perfectly into Cindy's skin, sell this one totally for me.
Love the chop and the author's comment.

Funny Cindy McCain the Witch

Cindy McCain the Witch
Here's something I prepared earlier...

Funny How Republicans Blindly See Cindy Sheehan

How Republicans Blindly See Cindy Sheehan
Cindy Sheehan takes her show on the road...based on her Opinion piece: Vermont: Land of Hope.

Funny Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan

Funny Cindy demonstrating

Cindy demonstrating
If Cindy's belly dance doesn't attract publicity, I don't know what will.

Funny Baghdad Cindy

Baghdad Cindy
Hanoi Jane meet Baghdad Cindy.
Member reactions:
They are true to each other. Just like Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Hannah

Funny Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan
If Mrs. Sheehan feels that our freedom is not worth fighting for, then she might as well help them take it away from us...I might have strayed away from the contest theme just a bit, but I said my part..
Member reactions:
I don't think you strayed from the contest theme at all (Qaeda) up the bomb/missile would help, though.
You said it, mundo. I couldn't have said it better, myself.
I couldn't agree with you more. This woman has no business saying and doing the things she is doing. Our troops are over there because they want to be. They are fighting for our freedom. It seems like she just wants to give it away. Keep up the good work.

Funny Cindy

Haven't we seen enough of her.
Member reactions:
Hate them. No one should let the world know their opinion of how much our government sucks ever in a public forum. Opinions like that are wearing thin in the eyes of other countries. Ever wonder what made France the way it is now. We freed them and they hate us. Why. Big mouths without any conscious and faith in our leadership. I may not like them but I'll give my life for this country any day.
I Agree.
So much for "Free Speech" huh.
1) What the deuce is Dj talking about. What if the Founding Fathers had thought that way. We'd still be worshipping the freaking queen or something. 2) Where's my flag. Methimks I see a hint of nipple 'tween one of those lady's fingers.
just the mearest hint of an aereola next to "speech on the top lady"

Funny Cindy N George

Cindy N George
They say that opposites attract...

Funny Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan
Create images of what you think Cindy Sheehan will do, where she will go and who you think she might meet with next?

Funny Cindy Sheehan Bus Tour

Cindy Sheehan Bus Tour
Design the bus that Cindy Sheehan will be using for her Anti-War Bus tour.

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