Condom for protection from cigarette smoke
Condom for protection from cigarette smoke
Condom for protection from cigarette smoke . New Philip Morris product, condom for protection from cigarette smoke
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Be healthy and happy "as never before" (perhaps).
Thank you, Bob. I will update note just will be back to my PC.

Funny Mr Bean Serving Cigarette Butts

Mr Bean Serving Cigarette Butts
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One of your best me thinks but what do I know.

Funny Obama For Chesterfield Cigarettes

Obama For Chesterfield Cigarettes
It's ironic that underneath Obama's face is that of Ronald Reagan.
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Classic. and I see some of his friend names.
As far as smoke kills....could be a way to eliminate some "friend".
Love it, darn good work, congrats again.
Well done, just turn the flag upside down.

Funny Herman Munster Smoking Unlucky Strike Cigarettes

Herman Munster Smoking Unlucky Strike Cigarettes
Lucky or Unlucky. That is the question. With Unlucky Strikes you can be sure.
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Hahaha, now THAT'S creative. Congrats on the wood, Swash.

Funny Conan O'Brien with a Cigarette Flamethrower

Conan O'Brien with a Cigarette Flamethrower
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Would be nice to give a glance to what you are shooting at.

Funny Lucky Strike Cigarette Machine Gun

Lucky Strike Cigarette Machine Gun
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Nicely authentic in its retro look. Cool..

Funny Captain America Cigarettes

Captain America Cigarettes
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Ingenious concept, and just a fantastic job.
Another SlamDunk for Funk.Damn brother your good,won every competition you entered.Makes a girl jealous at your awesomeness .Congrats on another gold win chop master Funkwood
Congrats on the gold.... The heroes are the weapons.... good thinking
Thanks all. Being a smoker myself of course I had to make it look as glamorous as possible, heheh.

Funny Ronald Reagan Cigarette Ad

Ronald Reagan Cigarette Ad
Ronnie's secret weapon
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I beg to differ Luciano. The cigarettes ARE the weapon.
Found the original source here as I was wondering :$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvcdCFB_BMZHBxg5zp$IhObWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg
Nice retro angle, though I wish there were more editing to the source.The remade text is hilarious.
It didn't need a lot of changing. Could have overworked it--but why.

Funny Cigarette Death Cycle

Cigarette Death Cycle
Just having fun. Trying to quit a 48 year habit myself. Great idea to bring more awareness to this issue. Thanks for providing the opportunity to participate.
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Clever. Minor technical issue to fix is to get rid of the dark outlines (masking debris) around the cigarettes. And I hope you quit smoking too - think of the bright future without smoking with body flushed out of these toxins and lungs breathing fully.

Funny Barack Obama Shooting Cigarettes From a Machine Gun

Barack Obama Shooting Cigarettes From a Machine Gun
Actually only one quit 10 years ago. Second will quit in two years or earlier. Third never smoked but any way he has to quit ASAP to escape and survive...
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Great chop, but the correct spelling is "quit"
You need heat You need heath seeker cigarette tp hit him. .

Funny Cigarette Weapons

Cigarette Weapons
Last Sunday, was World No Tobacco Day, which is observed every year on May 31. Established in 1987 by the World Health Organization (WHO), World No Tobacco Day is aimed at increasing the world awareness of the negative consequences of tobacco smoking. Every year more Americans die from tobacco smoking than from murders or any military operations. The tobacco related fatalities include those caused by secondhand smoking. To rephrase the famous quote... "Guns don't kill (as many) people, cigarettes do." To increase the world awareness of how cigarettes put our lives at risk, photoshop cigarettes as weapons (or being parts of weapons). We will also accept smoking pipes and tobacco being used as weapons (or part of weapons).

Funny Cigarette Brands

Cigarette Brands
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company announced that it is dropping all advertisements in newspapers and magazines after the scandal over its recent advertisement for Camel No. 9 in Rolling Stone Magazine. The glossy foldout advertisement was aimed at younger women, and met a lot of criticism suggesting that it appealed to teenagers and even kids. R. J. Reynolds is the second biggest U.S. tobacco company after Philip Morris, which did not buy newspaper or magazine advertisements in the last three years to avoid the controversy. Photoshop cigarette brands - design a new cigarette brand based on the old one, or design a new brand from scratch. See what creative cigarette brands you can come up with - political ones (e.g. Hillboro), appealing to women (e.g. Blond Mall), or even kids (e.g. Camel Kids), sport cigarettes, geek cigarettes, the sky is the limit ;) Your entry can show just a cigarette pack with a new brand, or an advertisement for it.

Funny Cigarettes

Cigarettes are not just for smoking any more. Latest news reports show cigarettes used as weapons with small detonators injected into them - they will explode when you try to smoke them. Such cigarettes may be quite bad for your health. Photoshops cigarettes into other things (rockets, street poles, etc), or design devices using them. Your creations can be made of cigarettes either partially or fully.

Funny Healthy Cigarettes

Healthy Cigarettes
Modify any existing cigarette brands (or create a new one) to make it a "healthy brand" - containing healthy ingredients, vitamins, drugs, etc.

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