Barack Obama Offering a Little Girl Cigarettes
Barack Obama Offering a Little Girl Cigarettes
Barack Obama Offering a Little Girl Cigarettes. I see some jackass giving a little girl in the hood a smoke, some guy checking out her butt and yet another taking a whiz off the porch.
Member reactions:
Okay, I just had to burst out laughing when I saw this one.
I keep coming back to this one and every time I just can't stop laughing.
Cracked me up also
Its totally the look on Obama's face that sells the photo. Its like "sure... have a smoke" and her's is like "Mr... can I have a cigarette." and the guy behind her is thinking "I bet her moms hot.".
hidden author
Is macwithfries laughing at me, or with me.
Thanks everyone.. Almost didn't enter it after I saw that (put something else in the hand) had already been done.
haaaaaaa hidden yellow spray..
It's a beauty all right. Is that a monitoring device Obama is wearing on his leg.
Why yes it is. Its a ... offender ankle monitor and it appears as if it has gone off.
Hahahaa, indeed, it's gone off. I initially thought it was some ankle monitor like Bernie Madoff had to wear when under investigation.
hahaha... really cool the idea. Congrats on the wood...
Thanks iboudesign. Look at me.......... I got wood..
Hey, DD...I calls 'em as I sees 'em. This was a riot. Remember, though...if the "Wood" lasts for more than 4 hours, contact your physician immediately.
Congrats deaddog And hey, I was laughing "with you" at your very funny comments
I know.. Thanks mac and pcr........ stay warm in yer Snuggie tonight.
I can see your perv motives DD - you got a woody from this chop.
Indeed I did, and my girlfriend and I hope its not the last..

Funny Marlboro Junior Cigarettes

Marlboro Junior Cigarettes
"I used to create Ads for Rothman's, RJ Renolds, BAT and a few others... and this would have been a marketing dream for them."
Member reactions:
These would make a great stocking stuffer for the kids.
Quality stuff. Toy in every pack - kids gotta love it

Funny Targeting a Young New Cigarette Market

Targeting a Young New  Cigarette Market
Aee large please
Member reactions:
Must be from out of town...(.)Nice work-good luck.
Congratulations. Not a winner this contest but, a memorable image. Nice work.
Totally love how you turned the boy into an alien. - he looks natural.

Funny Cigarette Fries and a Coke Old Painting

Cigarette Fries and a Coke Old Painting
Member reactions:
Great blend, looks authentic. Consider making the Coke glass bigger though

Funny United States Flag on Cigarettes

United States Flag on Cigarettes
Member reactions:
Clever concept. I'd decrease the saturation on the applied colors and add some shadowing (the stars seem all white everywhere even at the bottom part of the filters where they need to be in shadows)

Funny Woman with Marijuana Cigarette

Woman with Marijuana Cigarette
ObamaCare Prepares for Marijuana Cigarette Distribution
Member reactions:
Henry J. Anslinger would turn-over in his grave. Smooth chop.
Somethings moving on up to the big time, now were did I leave my bowl of fruit loops.
Thanks all. She was so pretty that I had to find a topic for the chop.
that was amazing SoF keep up great works

Funny Cigarette Javelin Throw

Cigarette Javelin Throw

Funny Skelleton Lighting Cigarette

Skelleton Lighting Cigarette
Took me forever to find the a good hand

Funny Loading Gun with Cigarette

Loading Gun with Cigarette
Load up the Kingsize Stevie.
Member reactions:
Private Ryan sure does know how to roll them big ones

Funny Cigarette Launcher

Cigarette Launcher
View Full Please
Member reactions:
Now I see that second hand smoking kills too.

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