Josephine the Camel Smoking a Cigarette
Josephine the Camel Smoking a Cigarette
Josephine the Camel Smoking a Cigarette. Her humps are not on her back.
Member reactions:
Bueatiful work perfect ring to that Camel mouth
great job done and well merging of it with the lady's body.... like the concept of smoking and the smoke circles are really amazing...

Funny Camel on a Catwalk Advertising Cigarettes

Camel on a Catwalk Advertising Cigarettes
Member reactions:
She is show stopper... fantastic work on the lips with red lip stick and the smoky surroundings make others fall prey to her...

Funny Goat in the Army Smoking a Cigarette

Goat in the Army Smoking a Cigarette
Member reactions:
Great to see this goat smoking with extra 2 puffs in store.... great army goat look
Love how you gave him the blue eyes, and ciggies with cards.

Funny Christ Carrying a Cigarette Cross

Christ Carrying a Cigarette Cross
Member reactions:
Nice work on incorporating the ciga-butts into /as stained glass.
I have seen "Passion of the Christ" last night..
When I was a smoker was so that I felt. I thank God for free me of this evil habit
Fantastic representation of Death over the Cross using this stuff
Absolutely a great piece you put together hidden ...
Woowww...thank you all.... Is nice back to the podium after so much time

Funny Smoker Turning to Ash Smoking a Cigarette

Smoker Turning to Ash Smoking a Cigarette
Member reactions:
Thats a real cigarette smoker. Smok'in them down to the butt , even has the Nic stains on the two fingers to prove it . Cool Chop Hidden ...
Good chop. Just my personal taste . . . would have increased text size and decreased size of background, a tad, to accentuate the central image.
Awesome work, I agree to Steve10
thanx all, Steve & ericnorthend: I reduced the empty space and enlarged the text a tad
Excellent way of letting people that the tobacco kills, great pic of slow death
Congrats on the gold Salis ...
Congratulations on the gold Salis. Wicked impressive work.
Golden congrats, salis2006

Funny Cigarette in a Mouse Trap

Cigarette in a Mouse Trap
Member reactions:
Yep , thats me in the morning , reaching for a cigarette , first thing . Maybe i should get one of those mice traps & put by my bed ....
Well Chili, the idea was done with your own words
Best idea i have ever know, best of luck Full marks
Yes really this is a freaking idea to stop spare the rod spoil the child

Funny Skull on the End of a Cigarette

Skull on the End of a Cigarette
Member reactions:
yea , i've seen flames on the end of my cigarette that look just like that (or was it a ....) in Amsterdam ....
....I thinks it might have been one of those Amsterdam rollers,Chili. Nice job...on the cigarette,hidden.
Use Bidi herbal stuff in India very famous or Hukka instead then this Demon wont be there
One last drag will be ur only chance to survive so no last drag at all stop it good one

Funny Marijuana Cigarettes with Menthol

Marijuana Cigarettes with Menthol
Tobbaco companies would make a killing..
Member reactions:
Yeh.. menthol is so good and smooth, try it and fly high Its a perfect ad. Good luck
Nice impression of Marijuana over that pack very well done
Hahaha, freaking brilliant. 20 filtered joints, .
It's an eye catcher to be sure Mundo, nice work and congrats on the theme post. I'm afraid I'll have to add to the collective ew, though

Funny Camel Filters Cigarettes

Camel Filters Cigarettes
"Look at that Macho '80's guy lighting up, absolutely nothing fazes him when he decides to have his outdoor smoko."
Member reactions:
Oh Look , That one cammel is trying to help that other cammel by push starting him / it / her
8 out of 10 men that have tried Camels prefer women
"You guys kill me with those crazy 'Stats' .
Disasterman nice
.... I like the stunt displayed by the Camel with a cigarette bit in his mouth
Camel Filter, is it a new filter in the market.

Funny Robot Dog With a Cigarette Butt

Robot Dog With a Cigarette Butt
Wrong specie, wrong size.
Member reactions:
Fantastic work, Well done with Dog, looks like a Thriller ROBO Dog, Cigarette is telling the size of the whole story and spaceman with sword and some tricky work on his head Very interesting
Robotic Dog Creative thinking, Nice 3D Look
Excellent thought to put it over here, nice cigarette puff fallen over there like the laser beam emitting from the dog's eyes
I didn't expect win the golden trophy.. thanks for vote for me, and for the comments and reviews.
Congratulations Opcrom. Haven't seen your name in the Winner's circle so, enjoy the moment.
Golden Congrats opcrom ... Love this one, surreally cool. What did one dog say to the other dog ... "your butt stinks"
It's out of this world. Out of box thinking for sure. Hats off. Congrats on the gold, opcrom.

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