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Funny Cigarettes Pictures

Clint Eastwood with Cigarette GunFunny Clint Eastwood with Cigarette Gun
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Mig Shooting a CigaretteFunny Mig Shooting a Cigarette
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Bombing with CigarettesFunny Bombing with Cigarettes
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Hitman with Cigarette HeadFunny Hitman with Cigarette Head
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Shooting a Cigarette GunFunny Shooting a Cigarette Gun
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Mr Bean with Cigarette NunchucksFunny Mr Bean with Cigarette Nunchucks
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Darth Maul with Cigarette Light SaberFunny Darth Maul with Cigarette Light Saber
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Clever concept. and mint execution. I love how you did the light and shadow work in the cigarettes to match the main source

Leprechaun Greens CigarettesFunny Leprechaun Greens Cigarettes
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Got a little spare time, thought I'd get one in under the wire. Hope you like it. View in full and check it out. Thanks.
funny cough cough..... funny (red man myself )
If it's green I'll smoke it Nice chop.
Congrats KBee Now banned in 48 states.
Kellie Hahahhahahahaah 1st time smokers... may turn you green Great chop KB and congrads on the Woody.
Congrats Bee - you nailed the concept bee-utifully. Kell.
I can just hear the elf saying, "Sure n they're after me Leprechaun Greens"
congratsss killer do they come flterless.

Giraffe CigarettesFunny Giraffe Cigarettes
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Ce ne sont pas des CigarettesFunny Ce ne sont pas des Cigarettes
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. Du tabac et des plants de tomates sont liés.

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