CIA operation to catch `Cigar's maniac`
CIA operation to catch `Cigar's maniac`
CIA operation to catch "Cigar's maniac". Member reactions:
Dang, That girl in the exorcist could do that too.
Nice, but Monica is looking somewhere else.

Funny Obama smoking a cigar

Obama smoking a cigar
Member reactions:
Super Duper
Thank you kindly, Newsmaster & Qtrmoonshop.
Potus is always a step ahead.
Hahaha Apparently I cast the winning vote this time. Congrats Jere, great chop.
Congratulations on Gold. Flawless Work J.Mix.

Funny John Travolta Smoking a Cigar Caricature

John Travolta Smoking a Cigar Caricature
Member reactions:
Excellent caricature, but cigar seem to be in the place of a missing tooth
Cool caricature. Nice touch with the Scientology pin
Great job... in this caricature... good finish and like the smoke effect

Funny Groundhog Smoking a Cigar

Groundhog Smoking a Cigar
Member reactions:
Very well done, looks like an old big boss
Very clever.... he looks almost my grandfather... who used to hold stick and pipe with cap awesome pose shown here
Congrats on the wood, Mr. Black. Great to see you back
Should be titled the Dapper Dueler . Nicely well done BX. Congrats
Black ... He quite the Gent.. Congrats..

Funny Cigars in Ammunition Belt

Cigars in Ammunition Belt
Member reactions:
Good message... not only bullets kill, but even cigars can kill

Funny Bill And Monica Play With Cigars

Bill And Monica Play With Cigars
Based on the famous "Cigar Incident" between Bill and Monica.
Member reactions:
Classic glamour and love revisited Bill looks so handsome to take advantage of Mona well done
I think I've just peed myself laughing, .
Thanks, everyone. So sorry about your mishap, Newsy. NOT. HA.
Congrats Mr. P...never would've guessed this was yours...nice blend
Wood congrats Pcr. As usual funny and well done

Funny Santorum's Smoking a Cigar

Santorum's Smoking a Cigar
Member reactions:
Santorum's secret life revealed ha ha ha... what a big cigar i love it to smoke ha ha good to see the smoke coming out of his mouth

Funny Walking Beer and Cigars

Walking Beer and Cigars
Member reactions:
Such a great idea... it looks like an art piece and not just a chop... thinking out the box... I love it.

Funny Cuban Marijuanna Cigars

Cuban Marijuanna Cigars
Member reactions:
Very good work like your car Mr. President
Cool chop nepaguy59.......and congrats winning SILVER.
Silver congrats, nepaguy. You're on a roll.
Congratulations, moving on up with the big boys,well done sir.
Thanks, very much guys....I am happy to be on such good streak of finishes. I hope they continue,since starting here in June I see my work progressing quite well. Thanks, again for the kind words..."HAPPY CHOPPING"
Congratulations on the Silver . I could use some of that smoothness right about now haha...

Funny Fidel Castro the Big Island Rat With a Cigar

Fidel Castro the Big Island Rat With a Cigar
Cuban genetic lab success, send cheese.
Member reactions:
And the Winner is.... This is truly amazing-beautiful.
bwahahahah , that's A$$ Kicker ... really amazing work ..
I knew I smelt a rat, congrats, again,hahahhahaha
I see this Rat has the same hairdresser as Don King. Great hybrid here. Congrats on the gold, AZ. Slixta (I smell a rat).
You got that hair thing down, this is really great.

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