Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill
Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill.

Funny Barack Obama Listening to the Ghost of Winston Churchill

Barack Obama Listening to the Ghost of Winston Churchill
Obama could use some help, everyone but Obama knows that. If he rubbed a magic lamp he might see some surprising results. Obama Deemed Weak By Some Critics

Funny Winston Churchill and his Dog

Winston Churchill and his Dog
"Attitude is a Little Thing That Makes a Big Difference" ---Sir Winston Churchill Churchill Source
Member reactions:
Step-brothers... yeh once can go for DNA testing as well check there eye
Thanks Eric and thank you kindly Nanny and D-Man.
Love how you worked on their looks. Congrats on the wood, Champ.
Thank you Paul and Wanderer, and thanks Newsy for your congrats and compliment on my work..
I think this one really was the best in terms of dogs that really look like the owner. Nice work Unc.
Thank you Funkwood, Thanks LunaC for your kind words.
Greta Job U-Champ. Great to see you win another cup.
Thanks SS, it's a great feeling to win a Freaking News Cup..

Funny Mitt Romney's Churchill Gaffe

Mitt Romney's Churchill Gaffe
Romney's Churchill gaffe

Funny Winston Churchill Caricature

Winston Churchill Caricature
Churchill and Lloyd George: Firm friends or a marriage of political convenience.
Member reactions:
This man was amazing. You did him justice with this piece of art.
Ran short of words for comments this vote but, I am moved to offer at least two this pass. 1)Congratulations. Well deserved. 2)I agree with Kellie-you brought out a personality that depicts the man in my thinking.
Good onya bloke taking the Triple, huge effort getting that happening
Triple congrats.. Beautiful works, keep it up.

Funny Churchill's Dog

Churchill's Dog
Member reactions:
Congrats on #2.. A smart man to choose a doxie as a companion.
Excellent composition, and I like the shadow work here

Funny Winston Churchill Ghost By Big Ben

Winston Churchill Ghost By Big Ben
Nevah give up..nevah stop fighting...
Member reactions:
This is a nice black and white portrait but you have left the remains of a bounding box on the Winston Churchill layer. It can be seen along the bottom and up the left side. If you trun off the layer with the clock and set your background to a more vivid colour, you will see this. You could either finish masking out this layer, or add a gradient fill to match the grey tones, or crop the existing image to the visible borders of this layer.
"We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender," Winston Churchill 1940 after the Dunkirk retreat.
Thanks Coop - right on. Hope I corrected ok...

Funny Winston Churchill with Bulldog Cheeks

Winston Churchill with Bulldog Cheeks
Member reactions:
Great take on the contest, thinking outside the box. Winston Churchill has rarely looked better.

Funny Winston Churchill Dog

Winston Churchill Dog
. A peace conference........ For me to POOP on. Hey Stalin. Looks like you stole that mustache from a Scottish Terrier. If I looked like that, I'd have to shave my arse and walk backwards. And Roosy, if my legs worked like your's, they'd have put me down years ago. Sit. Stay. Good boy. I keed, I KEED..



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