Poor as a Church Mouse
Poor as a Church Mouse
Member reactions:
My I suggest a real church front and the rat from Ratatouille. The next obamanation poor as a church mouse.
I agree with HoHouse. But it's be hard to find a real mouse holding a sign

Funny Church at night Painting

Church at night Painting
Member reactions:
Should already be a comment here. I agree with Canvas, 100%. Thought this was top work... Congrads on the Bronze, Otzie...
Great merger of two fine Van Gogh paintings. Congrats on the bronze otzie.

Funny The Church at Night

The Church at Night
Member reactions:
Here's the church source illogic. Nice light work here.
Thanks jerry. Great work with a great source
Cool. I see lofty heights for this entry.
I love the contrast. Great work fathershark. Nice to see you at silver. congrats.
nice composition FatherShark. the details are cute.

Funny Retro Man in Church

Retro Man in Church
the retro man is reborn

Funny Sunset Behind a Church

Sunset Behind a Church
Here are my original picture with some extra cables and some other work to retouching before turn it into a sunset. Please view it in full.
Member reactions:
Would make a quality poster. Like what you did with the original
Thanks everyone for the votes and comments. Newsy this was really a nightmare for retouching, but I did with passion because it was part of a work I did for my Church. First I used in a day scene, then later for a night cult I decided to turn it in a sunset scene.

Funny Separation of the Church Digital Art

Separation of the Church Digital Art
My first out of bounds project (more to follow).
Member reactions:
Great work. The tower really seems come to life
Nice - it's a fun technique to play with, yeah.

Funny Ozzy Osbourne and His Dog Outside Church

Ozzy Osbourne and His Dog Outside Church
Ozzy Turns 60. - Sorry I missed the Ozzy cuttoff, but it's still Dec 4 news Sources
Member reactions:
Excellent. Love the FN medal on the Ozzie's dog. The dog must have won a gold at FN.
Pretty darn cool
Very impressive work, a twofer congratuations
Congratulations on the golden medal, KIR.
congratulations,, i used to watch this...

Funny Jamie Lee Curtis in a Church

Jamie Lee Curtis in a Church

Funny Sarah Palin Taking Church Tax Dollars

Sarah Palin Taking Church Tax Dollars
NEWS SOURCES Who needs money more then the churches at this time of economic turmoil...
Member reactions:
, Luna has a good point. Show me da money. Great chop

Funny Church of the Simpsons

Church of the Simpsons
Cast of simpsons, sorry but was hard to get good enough size/quality on this baby with 250k restrictions etc, view full anyway, cheers
Member reactions:
look so nice but upside glasses need some new art to match the one you made

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