Chuck Schumer with John McCain's Head
Chuck Schumer with John McCain's Head
Chuck Schumer with John McCain's Head. John McCain Insults Long Island, Says Chuck Schumer Can't Take A Joke
Member reactions:
Nice woek,...Some blood dripping from the severed head would've been a nice touch
Thanks guys and Funk I thought I would back off the gore a little this time.

Funny Chuck Norris Moustair

Chuck Norris Moustair
Member reactions:
Thank you pcrdds,deaddog & crusader234. Wooo Hoo.. I gots me a silver.. And I have to say with all the fantastic entries it's a nice feather to have in my cap Congrats to all, great contest..
Silver Congrats Tuco . . . great work . . . little Chuck's got those Moe Howard bangs in blonde ...
Thank you BOULPIX & qtmoonshop. Moe Howard . Had a lot of fun with this contest.

Funny Chuck Norris Wearing Pink Sunglasses

Chuck Norris Wearing Pink Sunglasses
Member reactions:
Ha Chucky Baby

Funny Cowboy Chuck Norris with Big Guns

Cowboy Chuck Norris with Big Guns
Member reactions:
Oversized stuff takes this chop to another level. Banks are sooo robbed.
Haha Way too cool even for Chuck
Like a cartoon figure.I like it so much. on the sheriff.
MOST EXCELLENT. better every time i stop by.
funkkkk very very funny. ,,congratsss.
Thanks all. I've never perceived chuck as a "terminator" type actor... So it was easy to portray him as a boyish figure...and a lot of fun too.. cheers.
I have to say " this has to be the cutest pic i've seen yet". A big CONGRATS on yet another win.Love the pic..............
Really Funktastic.Congrats on the silver.
Colours. Geez this has no color compared to his usual style, didn't see this as yours FW... I smoke a bucket load of weed & I so wish I could "see" what this man does when I do. Won't help ya, FW just has a open line to his imagination

Funny Chuck Norris Scrabble

Chuck Norris Scrabble
Chuck Norris Fact #54 If you spell Chuck Norris in Scrabble, you win. Forever.
Member reactions:
Awesome chop, based on hilarious Chuck Norris fact. Thanks for the chuckle.
Chuck "the Scrabble King" Norris

Funny Chuck Norris Babies

Chuck Norris Babies

Funny Birthday Greeting for Chuck Norris

Birthday Greeting for Chuck Norris
Happy Birthday Chuck. FULL VIEW
Member reactions:
Here is the Sources link. The fire and the smoke are handmade.
Congrats on the win, Homlok. Your first gold too, wooo hoo. Chuck would be proud of ya.
Grats on your first advanced gold Homlok. Nice caricature. Good work, hats off.
Ohh i can't belive it. I'm very lucky and surprised.Thank you all.
Greater people can see BOTH execution & pretty colours & when combined boy does that style go off. Gratz Homlok on ya 1st Shiny Gold one, can see more headed your way.
Congrats on your 1st big one Homlok. excellent work, looking forward to seeing more great stuff from you.
Thanx Kellie and Xaos.I try. AzRainman's LAB color tips were useful.

Funny Chuck Norris Statue

Chuck Norris Statue
Member reactions:
. He looks sooo happy and yet deadly with the gun.

Funny Chuck Norris Squeezing Juice

Chuck Norris Squeezing Juice
Chuck Norris can squeeze orange juice out of a lemon.
Member reactions:
. This would totally make a great ad for some juice.

Funny Chuck Norris VS Grizzly Bear

Chuck Norris VS Grizzly Bear
FUN FACT:Once a grizzly bear threatened to eat Chuck Norris. Chuck showed the bear his fist and the bear proceeded to eat himself, because it would be the less painful way to die. source pictures
Member reactions:
Hilarious chop, brilliantly executed, and boy, what a fun fact it's based upon.
Fun Fact: Once Pree chopped grizzly bear hitting Chuck Norris below the waist. Chuck was only smiling, and got a woody. Congrats, pree.
;ol .. funny newsy,,. thanks ,,
Congrats pree. hilariously funny chop and well done.

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