Carrying Chrysler to Wall Street
Carrying Chrysler to Wall Street
Carrying Chrysler to Wall Street. Chrysler IPO
Member reactions:
Chryslet. Is that you HIDDEN. You gotta' start using a Dictionary.
Oh, boy, and to think that just years ago Chrysler was about to fold and file for bankruptcy.
Washed this space, there was a mistake written here...
Well done Luciano. Congrats on the bronze

Funny Chrysler Energy Saving with Wind Turbines

Chrysler Energy Saving with Wind Turbines
Fuel efficiency and the American driver

Funny Space Chrysler

Space Chrysler

Funny Chrysler

2005-Chrysler-300C-SRT-8-FA-Speed + Jaguar-XF10-FA. please viewfull for clarity.
Member reactions:
i saw the original jaguar and good job here
Cool. Reminds me of that movie(can't remember the name) but the guy's an ad agent & says about a car...."Boxy but Cool."

Funny Chrysler Zero G

Chrysler Zero G
Member reactions: about a smoooooth ride. Nice.

Funny New Chrysler

New Chrysler
Member reactions:
When they say 'all-wheel drive'....they mean it.

Funny Vintage Chrysler Model T

Vintage Chrysler Model T
Chrysler is reaching back with their newest Model 300M-T

Funny Chrysler Dealer Michelangelo

Chrysler Dealer Michelangelo
Member reactions:
The models name is Cistine Chapel
and for an extra sweet deal type in the Da Vinci Code we will meet or beat any of his prices...

Funny Fiat Becomes Fiat Chrysler

Fiat Becomes Fiat Chrysler
Chrysler, Fiat become Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)
Member reactions:
Ahhh, thanks for the interesting news. Would be funny to see how they go on.

Funny Chrysler Dyslexia

Chrysler Dyslexia

Funny Chrysler

DiamlerChrysler is selling its money losing Chrysler division, after months of poor sales in the US. Analysts blame Toyota and other Japanese auto makers who took over Chrysler market share. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Chrysler cars any way you like. Feel free to show what could be done to turn the company profitable, design new car models, possibly mating them with other autos. You can even take Chrysler back in time and show then in previous eras and paintings.

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