Christ The Redeemer
Christ The Redeemer
Christ The Redeemer.

Funny Christ the Redeemer Flooded

Christ the Redeemer Flooded

Funny Christ Digital Painting

Christ Digital Painting
Digital painting of Jesus
Member reactions:
A Great exhibition of skillz, Hidden. (bravo)
Clean artwork. Looks like a lot of it (hair for sure) is painted by hand. Congrats on the bronze, Hits.
Congrats on the bronze Hit,beautiful painting of Jesus
It was painted by hand except the birds and background so there were no sources to post. It was loosely based on a 19 40s painting that hung in my fathers house by Warner Sallman. Thanks NM, Luciano and SS.
Hitspinner, BEAUTIFUL picture, you did a wonderful job on this, congrats on the win.
Congrats on the cup, Hit-man. I knew this would be a close race, but I thought you had the edge. Nice work.
It should be close if you do good work. Thanks Andrew, SS, Hobbit and Bob. Canvas Print
Congats on the Bronze, Hitman. ^^ Fantastic digital paintings. ^^
Thanks Champ, it is frames and already a canvas print. There is a source link to that right above your comment. Thank you Kriz
If it were a snake, it would have bit me, Hits. Hehehe I knowed it was framing material.

Funny Jesus Christ Holding an Eagle

Jesus Christ Holding an Eagle
Jesus the Bird Handler. Original view is the best.
Member reactions:
Thanks for your support, Hobbit, Lu, Raj, Eric, and Steve.
A beauty SS. I was going to do Jesus as well but just couldn't find the right sources. Congrats mate
That is one of my favorite Jesus faces, I did one for Facebook and put it in the contest. Congrats and again, it's a Beautiful picture.
Congrats on the Gold. Don't think he would need the glove though.
Thanks Hits, maybe shoulda stuck with Jesus on this one Tim. How could one vote against him. Exactly my thought Bob. Thanks so... much Hobbit. Thanks very much Andrew.
Late to the party,best of the bunch, congrads excellent work.

Funny Super Jesus Christ

Super Jesus Christ
Hints: 1. It's not a bird 2. It's not a plane...
Member reactions:
It's Juan from San Juan, very nice, saver too.
If those are shadows from the glasses on his face, then make them based on the color of his skin, hidden. I'd also make the color of his cape match his robe a little closer. Great job and great idea.

Funny Last Channel of Christ

Last Channel of Christ

Funny Christ Paintings Come to Life

Christ Paintings Come to Life
Member reactions:
The painting mover is back. Great job usual.
Nicely done the shadows beneath the feet and the chair make them appear as if they are floating.
Stunning, I thought it might win pretty easy but there is some fierce competition. Lovely work and I bet it gets around the Internet. You got a twofer I see, congrats on the cups
Congrats, Hobbit. Both your pictures were my favorite in the contest.
Congratulations. Seems to be your trademark creation; well done.
Congrats on the bronze, hobbit90 ... Nice work

Funny Jesus Christ with a Machine Gun

Jesus Christ with a Machine Gun
Not sure I want to be around for the second coming.
Member reactions:
Totally overlooked. Say no more and grab a cup next time. Great work.

Funny Christ the Key to Salvation

Christ the Key to Salvation
Member reactions:
Nice pic. That must be catnip that lion is munching on.
Great job done showing christ desending out of it to save the planet well done

Funny Steve Buscemi Plays Christ and the Devil

Steve Buscemi Plays Christ and the Devil
something something good and evil.
Member reactions:
One is God and another is Devil..... Lovely composition with the shades of both The Bad and The Good great job done
Everyman Plays a dual role It is upto him what they choose Good or Bad Nice job done
Very well executed with the 2-in-1 character

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