Spot the chopper
Spot the chopper
Spot the chopper.

Funny American GrassHopper on a Chopper

American GrassHopper on a Chopper
Member reactions:
All looks good but, the exhaust pipes look like they are going to warm Jiminy-Cricket's Butt a bit too much. Nice work-clean.
Lol,cruising. down the road,with the wind on his wings,and a sweet ,warm fire on his butt.Blazing down the open road ,both body and soul
Extraordinary in mood of flying high with the speedy bike , lots of stuff and funny
Funky. The added elements would look much better with shadows though - shadows on the ground and leaves would make it look like the added characters are really there

Funny Zombie Tree Chopper

Zombie Tree Chopper
Member reactions:
Absolutely Fan-Freaking-Tastic Work. I was just thumbing through the pics and your entry compelled me to vote. Little Nitpick... Hope you don't mind. The horizontal line scratches across the blend of the body and tree trunk really catch my attention. And the dark rectangular spot on inside of the Chopper's wrist, right side. Awesome in Show...
Full marks... excellent and 10++++ entry marvelous chopping done by the chopper... great merge of body and the tree with a skull over him, makes to look terrific excellent background and the ground stuff choosen like snake and skulls lying making the image really terrifying love your concept
Marvaleous work done Remind me the movie of harry porter very well done. Very clean and flawless
I am feeling so glad being here to view this chop.. One more asset to FN. I request to consider SplatShot's Nitpick since this will defiantly make it One of the fav of all times..
Another wonderful pic, congrats on the win.LOVE IT......
Congratulations. Master Funkwood has returned.
Thanks guys. Great comments...I appreciate your critiques Splat...glad I compelled u to vote. cheers.
Congrats Funk. The guy with the axe is how I feel after a contest.
Another beauty from funkster, just in time for Halloween. Congrats on the gold.
Congratulations and keep showing your art

Funny Chopper Sketch by Da Vinci

Chopper Sketch by Da Vinci
"He sure had some good models to play with."
Member reactions:
, I made right brothers and made it
This really a great way to put the chopper in this chop really good job done looks so real with shadows beneath

Funny Mini Cab Chopper

Mini Cab Chopper
Member reactions:
Toys of success in the world of FreakingNews.
There is someone who would buy this...nice.
There is someone who would buy this...nice....
FN Chopper Service ... Ha ha very funny. Great work on the lady dress with perfectly matches the Wagon color and design even the border is perfect on both

Funny Paul Teutul Sr American Chopper

Paul Teutul Sr American Chopper
Paul Teutul Sr.
Member reactions:
beautiful lightind and shades DD, Congrats
Oh I get it......... revenge. Aahh........ your wrong, Im right. read the rules my friend. No mother daughter and certainly not father and son on MOTHERS DAY. Once again........ read the freaking rules.
Reneidiot.... As bugs Bunny would say "Shut up shutting up."

Funny Pizza Choppers

Pizza Choppers
Member reactions:
They are like Santa's little helpers, only they work at Pizza Hut. Great choppage.

Funny Ape on a Chopper

Ape on a Chopper
go monkey get em
Member reactions:
Nice ride-brings back memories. Good luck.
A bit of detail in the monkey's face would have really made this chop.
Bob may be right but, where did the motorcycle source come from. Outrageous bike chop-really beautiful. I want one...

Funny Freaking News Choppers

Freaking News Choppers
Member reactions:
I liked this also, as J said awesome idea, came together really well.
Great honor to FN community. Hats off the the author.
Silver congrats for Chaos and all the FN choppers. Well done guys
OMG.... I just saw this. I was going to say that I was thrilled to see you included Jeremix's great work (Einstein)... now I see you have mine, too. I am so honored. THANK YOU.
hay. Look at that. . we do exist doxie. There is proof now.
that was really amazing , I see my work here it's great honor for me . thank you mate and congrats on the silver for sure
Thanks guys. This was a fun chop to make and at the same time a bit difficult in deciding on who's art to feature on the cover. Doxie-LoL your welcome Doixe i think thats one of your your best chops, glad you like it.
Even my "da vinci Cod" is there. That's like getting an Oscar signed by Chaos himself Thanks.
Thx for including even the old timers stuff

Funny Teapot Chopper

Teapot Chopper
The Tuttle's thought it was their finest creation... then the laughter started.
Member reactions:
Well, this machine has a built-in alarm system:its design. It does have a rustic look to it; novel concept.
Great work - and much time put into this....
well deserved, great job and congrats on first trophy.

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