Old Chopper Beer
Old Chopper Beer
Old Chopper Beer. Beer Marketing
Member reactions:
EEEK, I look like I'm not getting my fair share... Cheers.
Drink up. There is more beer in the fridge.

Funny Jihad Chopper

Jihad Chopper
"Look smooth while destroying Infidels." Please full view, it is 2X the size. Photoshop note: Jihad Chopper is truely custom with new gastank, forks, handlebars, chainguard, rear fender, headlight, paint.
Member reactions:
That will have them Chop chop chopping on heavens door...where their 72 virgins are waiting...
When he drew his sword, the fornt wheel fell off...
To sassyfras: Knocking on Heavens door is better than knocking on the door of the seventh gate of Hell.

Funny Orange County Choppers

Orange County Choppers
The OCC's Paul Teutul jr. displays the Aibo Chopper built for the Sony Corp. for a show to be aired later this Summer.
Member reactions:
Give's a whole new meaning to men's best friend

Funny Choppers march

Choppers march
Member reactions:
This juror let's forth a mighty ""...
That's a classic. Every day is Photochopper's Day. Rock on.

Funny Gyro Chopper

Gyro Chopper
The pilot preparing to engage the main rotor not knowing about the recall notice...luckily for the passenger he never felt a thing.

Funny Lunar Chopper

Lunar Chopper
Where's Paul Jr.. Is he late again..

Funny Triple Chopper

Triple Chopper
A chop of a chopper riding two chopped choppers.
Member reactions:
Legend says bikers go to heaven. Damn, but this one's still alive.

Funny Photo Chopper

Photo Chopper
This joint venture project was likely cancelled...view full.

Funny Chopper

We save souls.
Member reactions:
nice. first comment first vote Can I enter with something old.
That aint me, I've got more meat on my bones.

Funny Drunk Chopper

Drunk Chopper
Although Ted usually prefers to use his belly button as a beer coaster he instead chose to rest his Heiney on his fuel tank...too bad "the man" was following him.
Member reactions:
i hope he crashes
they said that the wind riding at 100 mph would get rid of my beer bell

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