Odd Chop In Watervision
Odd Chop In Watervision
Odd Chop In Watervision. Member reactions:
Excellent work, I'll just signal one small detail: we can see the tip of the left horizontal stabilizer of the tail of the plane through the left fin of the turtle.
Denlig, you're so technical. I'm like, "check the pointy thing."
Thanks. It was late and eyes fail after midnight All fixed
Congrads on the Silver, Good to see great stuff again
The surrealism in this image kind of made me feel this might be your's Tim. Congrats on the silver Cup. Great work.
Zank ju mine frangs. Surreal images are a little more provocative than standard thematic style. Makes bepole go "" or scratch their heads. Guess that is why I do so many
Congrats Hitspinner, feels good to say that again, Good One, mine flew, your swims, mine didn't do well this time around, guess folks don't like Eagles, Congrats on the win, glad you're on here.
You have been missed, glad your back. Congrats on the Silver HIts.

Funny Vladimir Putin on the Chopping Block

Vladimir Putin on the Chopping Block
Final Report on Downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Due October

Funny Axe Man Chopping

Axe Man Chopping
Chopping gone wild..
Member reactions:
Its an Axe effect when chopping gone wild the axe effect will prevails in the world
Thank you very much Dman, Eric and Rajesh..

Funny Man Chopping Wood by his Car

Man Chopping Wood by his Car
Member reactions:
nice work blending of the original picture with the "Dude" is awesome... Congratulations on the Wood...
Everything is out of place here. This lad is 'trying' to split wood in a treeless location which is desert or semi-desert, which begs the question: where did the wood come from. The stance is all wrong including the position of the right hand. No wood has been split. Another swing and the trousers will be down around his knees. An essential edition to the wardrobe would be a belt or braces. A lot of words can be used to describe this scene, but 'awesome' is not one of them, and do not use the lame excuse of 'artistic licence.'

Funny Chairman Chop

Chairman Chop
"Calling all Pixel Cadres to join the revolution."
Member reactions:
Even communists love FN. Excellent stuff.

Funny Tom Hanks the Head Chopping Ninja

Tom Hanks the Head Chopping Ninja
He killed himself.

Funny Pork Chops - Miss Piggy Perfume

Pork Chops - Miss Piggy Perfume
Pork Chops

Funny Stevie Chops For FN

Stevie Chops For FN
Member reactions:
Now thats Freaking funny. I got a question, who is that reflected in his glasses.
The spoon with porridge inserted into a Grammy made me . Many other hilarious details here, - oh and I see one strange dude in the glasses reflection. He must be one of the freaking telemarketers who sold Poor Stevie Photoshop Braille edition.
Bracey...the "strange dude" in the glasses reflection is our "Fearless Leader." Newsy...Glad I can make you .
Can anyone answer the question: "Who is the pole dancer on the Photoshop book."
I felt guilty for laughing but I laughed like New Jersey none the less
Thanks, zaius. I know it's not "pc" but I just couldn't help myself.
Ah cool thanks for the info about "fearless leader".
Use Photoshop Braille on FN and their Beano wins.
it gave me a headache trying to figure out how can Steve use PS, Even with his Braille Edition, but the answer is right there in the Cereals plate, sadly Funny . and Pree is looking gooood
Thanks sassy. And salis and Goat...can't fool you two. Thanks. You're welcome, Bracey.
your dead again.............haha,,,, congrats anyway.,,ol
Thanks, doodydog. Thanks, I think, pree. Thanks, RICKY.
Gonna start calling you the good humor man Haha. Excellent schitck
That was one of the funniest chops I've ever seen Big congrats mate
Thanks, Hitspinner. I'll take that title. Good Humor was my favorite ice cream growing up.
Thanks a lot, macwithfries. Appreciate the wonderful compliment.
Congrats on the win, Paul, mate. You get a juror braille star too.
Thanks, Newsy. Do I fondle the braille star.
Congrats on yet another gold... BOY, you make it hard on the rest of us.
Sorry that I am late for the party but, wanted to Congratulate you. Humorous as usual.

Funny OCC Chops

OCC Chops
ran out of time on this one hope you like what I have so far
Member reactions:
Awesome. I'd suggest putting some bones in the place of the bike frame parts to take it to another level
yeah I started to do that News but had to run to my jobs so was out of time to do that but I had the right idea on doing the same suggested Thanks much everyone

Funny Scissors Chop Sticks

Scissors Chop Sticks
Probably not the smartest substitute for chopsticks...
Member reactions:
Good idea, but it's really blurry, alas...

Funny Chop a Song

Chop a Song
We all have our favorite songs - some of them bring us bliss in the moments of happiness, others lift our spirits in the moments of sadness, and some very special ones bring memories dear to our hearts. Each song, like a good book, draws images in our imagination, as we go through it. Today is a good chance to share those song visuals with the rest of the FN community and the cyber-world. Photoshop your favorite songs any way you wish. The chop can be related to a song title or any part of its lyrics. They can be famous songs or any songs you like. To make everyone familiar with a song in your chop, we advise you to link to a related YouTube video in your creator's comments, and possibly quote some of its lyrics. Many thanks to Jim aka The Rocky Pants for the contest idea. Please note the non-standard submission and voting times for this contest. Since the contest started started late, the submissions end 10 PM Jan 10, and voting ends 10 PM Jan 11.

Funny Wood Chopping

Wood Chopping
Photoshop this image of a wood chopping any way you wish. Some examples are: make the lumberjack chop different objects or perform some stunts, use this wood chopping image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to danzman for providing the source photo.

Funny Forum Chop

Forum Chop
This contest will run for 4 days. Remember this contest is for the BEST FORUM CHOP, so vote accordingly, and vote fair! (entrants: please feel free to edit the description)

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