Dolly Parton hard choice
Dolly Parton hard choice
Dolly Parton hard choice. Member reactions:
Insurance is company gonna go bankrupt paying for this damage.

Funny Brand Confusion Ladies Choice Combo

Brand Confusion Ladies Choice Combo
Member reactions:
, nice call on the past Brand Confusion contest.
Trojan's are good for you. They are chocked full of anti-oxidants.

Funny Painful Hat Choice

Painful Hat Choice
Who came up with this stupid idea. It hurts.
Member reactions:
I feel Bruce Willis' pain, but this work is very smart. So awesome to see you back, Tarkus.

Funny Inmates Choice

Inmates Choice
Member reactions:
I love this Vodka.... good use of Jail and inmates here
I think this poster would sell - perfect spokesman chosen. Inmates choice, . Congrats on the wood, DD.
Definitely subject appropriate hahaah Congrats on the cup
Woody Congrats, D.D. Great snapshot to the ending of a typical Charlie's nite out

Funny The choice

The choice
Member reactions:
Totally a new image created out of source lovely dog with a bone great job done
Well done hidden, its very cute puppy and I can see some shadow idea is also good
We're going to turn you into a whittler yet Nice one Luciano. You got wood for wood.
Congrats on the wood, luciano. Clever remake.

Funny Bad choice

Bad choice
Member reactions:
You are right. Snowden is trying to save himself, but he'd better understand that Russian is not the country that values human rights or personal freedom. Putin accepted him merely for political reasons and to snub the US. Great picture.
Good use of background pic and the the army personnel guarding him from the crowd
Root cause is not helpful to solve in some places
Thanks everyone ... ... I really appreciate it.
Fine chopping Gugu, congrats on the silver
Niiice. Congrats on the Silver gugulanul.
Silver congrats, gugu. You are on a roll.
Thank you, Wanderer,geriatric and NewsMaster ... ...

Funny Bad choice

Bad choice
Member reactions:
small wheel will lead to bend forward good little wheel funny one

Funny Romney made his choice

Romney made his choice
Member reactions:
The Dictator is the good choice for Vice president well done to put between those pretty girls
Very moody Dictator with choose e in security, He now requires security for those cheeks

Funny Good Choice

Good Choice
Are you sure your husband won't mind.
Member reactions:
Really a good choice now elections results does not matter at least one of the family will be in power
She is freaked out

Funny Vladimir Putin's Plastic Surgery Choice

Vladimir Putin's Plastic Surgery Choice
Member reactions:
That look isnt doing Obama much good.....
Thanks for the nice comments Hobbit, Disasterman, balodiya, rajeshstar and JoaoN.
Now, that should definitely be a winning face in the next Amerussian elections. Me likey a lot.
Thanks, Newsy. Make sure Putin sees this. HA.

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