Funny His choice would be Trump. Because he loved AMERICA.

His choice would be Trump. Because he loved AMERICA.

Funny Hard choice after family weekend

Hard choice after family weekend

Funny Hillary Clinton The Central Bank's Choice For President

Hillary Clinton The Central Bank's Choice For President
Phase Two. The overthrow. America bends to the will of the World Bankers.
Member reactions:
Very clear shown her character. Perfect Art.
What A Perfect Figurehead. Nice Job, Hidden. I can tell this chop was constructed with passion.
Doc,SS, Luciano, DMan, Hobbit and Andrew... I thank you.
Congrats, Hitspinner. My fav in the contest.
Nailed Hilly n Billy good, congrats on silver.
Wonderful looking chop, congrats on the win.
She is quote scary here. "Call me" Bill is a great touch too. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
Thank you, Newsy. SS, Hobbit, Champ, Jere, Swashbuckle, Bob, Gummy and Andrew. I had to apply some Photoshop 501 tricks to get this one to work. I don't know why I insist on using the most skqrewed up sources lately
Love the composition of this piece. Looks like a magazine cover. Very nice.
Thanks LC. I can't make them much better than this. Artistically speaking of course...
Congrats Hitspinner. Sorry to have missed this one. ; )

Funny Black or White US Election Choice 2012

Black or White US Election Choice 2012
Member reactions:
You can still see part of Chaplin's head behind Obama's. There's still time to fix it hidden,it will help out in your standing alot. Good luck...
Well edited.... Like the Chaplin mustache still left on his face good to know Obama is helping Romney in sticking the Posters
Genius chop, what a surprisingly merge of charli-Bama LoL this is funny
, I like how you did Obama as Charlie Chaplin.

Funny Vladimir Putin's Plastic Surgery Choice

Vladimir Putin's Plastic Surgery Choice
Member reactions:
That look isnt doing Obama much good.....
Thanks for the nice comments Hobbit, Disasterman, balodiya, rajeshstar and JoaoN.
Now, that should definitely be a winning face in the next Amerussian elections. Me likey a lot.
Thanks, Newsy. Make sure Putin sees this. HA.

Funny Choices for Bashar Assad

Choices for Bashar Assad
Barack Obama leads Western calls in demanding Bashar al-Assad goes Sources

Funny Choices

Cocaine Smuggling
Member reactions:
sooooo this is the swirly feeling one gets when using the stuff. ME LIKES.
You definitely have a flare. It stood out in the crowd. I'd recommend maybe work on the "blending" of the elements some (for example, get rid of the edge on the cityscape). Also, to make it easier for us lazy viewers, say something in the comments about what's going on.
Congratulations on your first entry Careful though, they become addictive
Thanks Guys.It was fun and I appreciate the feedback, I can see the addiction so now I will have 2. Oh No... RG you don't read the articles...

Funny No choice

No choice
I find your lack of faith disturbing. (view full)
Member reactions:
Like this, 'specially the work with the flag in the B/Ground
I pledge allegiance *heavy breath* to the flag *heavy breath* of the United Evil Empire....

Funny John Kerry Choice

John Kerry Choice

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