chocolate king 2
chocolate king 2
chocolate king 2. Member reactions:
Thanks for the edit.

Funny Chocolate King and Gasoline Princess

Chocolate King and Gasoline Princess
The good old days before the war.
Member reactions:
Great stuff. In real life Timoschenko said she'd rather make a deal with the devil than with Poroshenko. Well, what is Poroshenko is the devil.
Great coupling hehe, Congrats on the Bronze, Icy
Thanks, Thanks. Thanks, PCRDDS. Thanks, Newsmaster, I didn't think they could be friends, but their nicknames kinda go together, right.

Funny Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Lovers
Member reactions:
This is special gift for girl and she is crazy for gift....Nice Face expression
she is so crazy for the chocalates it shows her real inner beauty it really hurts
I'm not sure about the red bubbles around the woman's face, but otherwise this chop is awesome in many regards.
Love her isterical expression. Choco sweets can be a drug .
Congrads on the Woodie. To much Jim Shorts
Nice one Jim, thos eyes are a riot. congrats
Congrats on the wood, JShorts ... 'tis always good .
Wooddy congrats, pretty idea and execution.

Funny Snail Chocolates

Snail Chocolates
Member reactions:
Beautiful. Where can I order them and how much do they cost. Excellent Job.

Funny Victoria Principal in Raphael Painting Eating Chocolates

Victoria Principal in Raphael Painting Eating Chocolates
Source: Portrait of Maddalena Doni
Member reactions:
Awesome job done.... She looks much more beautiful now.... and the way you have used her hands to hold the tumbler full of cookies is amazing good one
Thank you rajeshstar. What about the bra ...
Fantastic job Cant takeoff eyes from her Superb job done
I'm glad you like it, balodiya. Thank you .

Funny Barack Obama Chocolate Easter Egg

Barack Obama Chocolate Easter Egg
caramel filled chocolate easter egg

Funny How Chocolate Bunnies Are Made

How Chocolate  Bunnies Are Made

Funny Mona Lisa Eating Chocolates

Mona Lisa Eating Chocolates
* Gioconda of Kitsch_LOVE beats aesthetics * the material evidences of love are better tasted than the spiritual stories... that is...LOVE beats aesthetics Finding...the consumerism beat the aestheticism p.s. the heart rules are differ from those of reason
Member reactions:
So lovely... Mona looks so beautiful after getting all the gifts the pedant of necklace of the Mona and the Dog looks similar... What is the story . Good work overall
Shoulda been first place (My fave). Nice one.
Fantastic artwork. Congrats on the bronze, Lucido.

Funny Don't Sleep Over Spilled Chocolate

Don't Sleep Over Spilled Chocolate
Member reactions:
Yummy.... chocolate, if she sleeps like that the chocolate will melt and become a cake

Funny Dick Clark Chocolate Bar

Dick Clark Chocolate Bar
Member reactions:
This is really awesome job great labeling of his name
Great Obituary in terms of Branding the great Clark
Great work cleaning up & adding same font, came out real pro.
Thanks Kellie, I appreciate the acknowledgement.

Funny Chocolate Products

Chocolate Products
[ Nigerian and British scientists agree on one thing - chocolate is great for your health.] The research says that men who eat chocolate live longer. I plan to live forever. Thank you. In this contest you are asked to redesign chocolate products, their packaging, or their advertisements.

Funny Chocolate Side Effects

Chocolate Side Effects
Design an advertisement showing the benefits of eating chocolate, or revealing its negative sides.

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