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Funny Chocolate Pictures

Chocolate LoversFunny Chocolate Lovers
Member reactions:

This is special gift for girl and she is crazy for gift....Nice Face expression
she is so crazy for the chocalates it shows her real inner beauty it really hurts
I'm not sure about the red bubbles around the woman's face, but otherwise this chop is awesome in many regards.
Love her isterical expression. Choco sweets can be a drug .
Congrads on the Woodie. To much Jim Shorts
Nice one Jim, thos eyes are a riot. congrats
Congrats on the wood, JShorts ... 'tis always good .
Congrats on the wood, Mr. Rocky Pants.
, that is some scary face. Congrats...
Wooddy congrats, pretty idea and execution.

Nick wants his chocolate cakeFunny Nick wants his chocolate cake
Member reactions:

Birthday boy Nick wants his chocolate birthday cake.
I referenced 7 of his movies (8, if you count the Superman movie he wanted to make so badly)
Bravo Excellent Execution Nice Pastry..
I like how you referenced his movies and brought their elements together in such a harmony. Hats off.
Lovely way to show him holding a cake and burning head good work on the sky wishing him happy birthday Well done
what about that teeth 50th Bday with extra teeth
Thank you everyone for the kind words. Here's a breakdown of the movies referenced: Ghost Rider, Leaving Las Vegas, Con Air, Vampire's Kiss, The Family Man, National Treasure, Honeymoon in Vegas and bonus for the unmade Superman film.
No words, is simply amazing your work, maaany deserve silver cup cngrts my friend
Man, you worked some sweet chop magic. Love the integration. And that is one helluva chunk of cake hahaah Congrats on the cup
Silver congrats, Steve. My personal favorite of the Cage's movies is Wild at Heart
Thank you everyone. NewsMaster, Wild at Heart was one of several more I wanted to add, but I ran out of time. Next time.

Where's My CHOCOLATE?!Funny Where's My CHOCOLATE?!
Member reactions:
Happy Easter. He should have brought me my chocolate.
Good work on the Saw... it's look terrible sharp and well done on the blood spills all over... great zombie look given to woman making her thirsty for chocolate
O my god this is so thrilling and freaky work, why did she killed that Easter Bunny
Just so wrong it's right Hahahahaha Nice Job...
Bit gory for my taste but very well done.

caramel filled chocolate easter eggFunny caramel filled chocolate easter egg
Member reactions:

caramel filled chocolate easter egg

How Chocolate  Bunnies Are MadeFunny How Chocolate Bunnies Are Made
Member reactions:

Don't Sleep Over Spilled ChocolateFunny Don't Sleep Over Spilled Chocolate
Member reactions:

Yummy.... chocolate, if she sleeps like that the chocolate will melt and become a cake

Barack Obama Bunny Eating ChocolatesFunny Barack Obama Bunny Eating Chocolates
Member reactions:

This chops looks so real great job in putting the nose mask and the ears of bunny

Condom in a Chocolate BoxFunny Condom in a Chocolate Box
Member reactions:

"You guys are all the same." .
This is a classic I LoL ery time I pass it
some chocolates were missing, and Trojans were used to sneek and look into the heart to observe the feeling... Great idea
Me likey, I should remember that trick

Woody Harrelson in Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryFunny Woody Harrelson in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Member reactions:

Chocolate on the Stock MarketFunny Chocolate on the Stock Market
Member reactions:

I see a trend in the rising stocks here
Clean, funny and should do well. Women and chocolate, what a pairing. Just something about a woman all coated in Hersheys tha tmakwes a man hungry
Invest wisely - in chocolate, not in gold. Quality work.
Hmmmmm, great chop, should have done better but hey, WTH... I put some good ones in lately too that went splat. Great job pal.

Chocolate ProductsFunny Chocolate Products - [ Nigerian and British scientists agree on one thing - chocolate is great for your health.] The research says that men who eat chocolate live longer. I plan to live forever. Thank you. In this contest you are asked to redesign chocolate products, their packaging, or their advertisements.

Chocolate Side EffectsFunny Chocolate Side Effects - Design an advertisement showing the benefits of eating chocolate, or revealing its negative sides.

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