Facebook Backs Chirs Christie
Facebook Backs Chirs Christie
Facebook Backs Chirs Christie. Chris Christy switches party Huge Chop See Large Zuckerberg backs Christie
Member reactions:
Beautifully .... It's funny Facebook but all effects are very clear, good job.
I like it. Beautifully Brilliant in color.
Congratulations Hit-Man. Superbly executed.
Congrats on the bronze, Hits. Breathtaking art here. Love how you combined political humor and fairy tale.
And HitSpinner. Congratulations. Glad that I didn't enter anything-competition was tough.
Geri, you are plenty good enough to win in any given contest, it really is a crapshoot and depends on if you tickle the collective fancy.
Tickle. My problem is that I draw blood when I tickle myself. Maybe Doc Chuckles can push me over the line into the Funny Zone someday. Your fat, little Kid faces are insanely funny. I remember one where there were two Kids in your chop. . Have to check your entry list. Nice work on this image.
I Tend to stay away from kids unless I alter their features extensively. Not always the case but I try to keep the child's anonymity and safety in mind. Or I'll use a kid's pic that is an adult now. But I know the chop you are talking about, it was the twins, made from I think one child that was the supplied source... hmmmm chasing pigeons. I think that was it. It was right after I got redfield fractalius and I blasted the crap out of that chop with it and it came out really cool looking. I gave the girls 4 eyes or something. ha.
Congrats on the bronze Hits.. its a beauty..

Funny Rihanna Beaten up by Chirs Brown

Rihanna Beaten up by Chirs Brown
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