Pink Chiquita Banana
Pink Chiquita Banana
Pink Chiquita Banana. Member reactions:
WOw, it looks like it's made from strawberry icecream. Cool job

Funny Chiquita & Wesson

Chiquita & Wesson

Funny Chiquita

Funny how one picture has provided so much trivial fodder. I say cash it in, buddy. (view full)
Member reactions:
very realistic, take him a long time to scrub that off..

Funny Chiquita t-shirt

Chiquita t-shirt
At least the terrorists can give nice parting gifts now.

Funny Chiquita


Funny Chiquita Bull Horns

Chiquita Bull Horns

Funny Chiquita Banana Revenge

Chiquita Banana Revenge

Funny Chiquita Bomber

Chiquita Bomber
I'm Chiquita Bomber and I've come to say, my bananas have to ripen in a certain way, when we fill them with explosives laced with screws and nails, my bananas explode into a deathly hail.

Funny Chiquita Banana Terror

Chiquita Banana Terror
What goodies terrorists get from corporate Chiquita banana corporation? Show how Chiquita is using banana products to help the terror groups.

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