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Funny Chipmunk Pictures

Chipmunk/CamelFunny Chipmunk/Camel
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I can count the number of animals used to design this ... so well done with merging the squirrel legs and the lovely lady on the top of it.... fantastic...

Chipmunks in a Tree BarFunny Chipmunks in a Tree Bar
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Where everybody knows your name...
Congrats on the wood Fleetwood, well done.
Clever idea, I like how the heart is carved in the bark. Goat. A wood indeed here. Congrats Fleetwood.
Thanks guys. Comments like those help stay inspired.

Chipmunks on jeansFunny Chipmunks on jeans
Member reactions:
I tried to make something like this here is the WIP
Excellent job, thanks for the WIP, I had never seen thought of this method for this kind of chop... Great Job...
Excellent WIP was gr8 viewing Not sure of your title though...shipmunks.
Kellie, I know the titel is wierd but I found this picture on a site with coloring pages for kids. The titel of the color plate was Alvin and the Chipmunks color plate (from the movie: Alvin and the Chipmunks) .
Kellie. Creative idea. Good luck
kellie, haha, I just realised it. I wrote a mistake Chipmunks . yeah I'm sorry it was late
Excellent work, thanks for putting up the WIP. Can you do my jeans too, please.
Congrats tim. I've done patchwork but was a different style than in your WIP. Great work.
Congrats Tim, learned a new style from your WIP Great Job...

Gothic ChipmunksFunny Gothic Chipmunks
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Alvin and The Chipmunks Wearing Gas MasksFunny Alvin and The Chipmunks Wearing Gas Masks
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Chipmunks Wedding MovieFunny Chipmunks Wedding Movie
Member reactions:

Alvin Gets Married

Christmas ChipmunksFunny Christmas Chipmunks
Member reactions:

Congratulations Your first bronze of many that is going to come.

ChipmunkFunny Chipmunk
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Cough Cough

Chipmunk BasketballFunny Chipmunk Basketball
Member reactions:

C'mon Chippy, you can make that basket.
. Gigantic chipmunks. Very funny.
the work is good, so is the idea, why do they have to be human size to have human capabilities

Funny Chipmunk with a BeardFunny Chipmunk with a Beard
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Funny Chipmonk

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