Shar Pei at the Great Wall of China
Shar Pei at the Great Wall of China
Shar Pei at the Great Wall of China. Guarding the Great Wall
Member reactions:
Nice Dog with china flag good curves seen
Iron this dog to remove wrinkles ha ha ha
Congrats on winning the Woody.....well done.
Funky doggie. Congrats on the wood, Azure.
The dog is so cute Wood congrats, Azure.

Funny Barack Obama Wearing Made in China Eclipse Glasses

Barack Obama Wearing Made in China Eclipse Glasses
Member reactions:
Excellent. Caught the Idiot-in-Charge perfectly.
Hillarious great thought to do like this Made in China what.... the Sun Viewing glass is the result of its use .... Made in china should be used only in china
he snatched it from any kid watching 3d Movie..well nice lighting work
That's gonna leave a mark. Excellent chop.
Well done, I agree. There's a touch of the scary with the bleeding 3D glasses.

Funny Buy from China - Poster

Buy from China - Poster
Poster Source
Member reactions:
This is really a great turn to put an ipad and apple logo into the source and making it so good
Best wallpaper, classic work, very nice full marks friend
Thanks for including your source. Very nice.
This was my favorite of the two. I consider it more inventive and took longer.
Congrats, on winning the SILVER....great work.
Silver Congrats as well my personal fave of the 2 great "paint on brick" work ... (watch out dude, that tortuga's gonna steal your hooch.) ( ... I have this same original image in my reference files)
You win a lot, so I'm sure it's no big for you, but I was rooting for this one from the get-go (and, I was kinda rooting against your zombie pic). Anyway, I think this one was dope, so nice work. (especially like the Andre the Giant is my homey, original version, down in the corner...)
Work of art here with many details. Congrats on the silver too, AZ.

Funny China Begins Effort to Clean Pollution

China Begins Effort to Clean Pollution
News link
Member reactions:
cute little girl, very well done replacing the kite with vacuum cleaner
I thought this was a clever idea maybe a little propeller or engine something to depict how something of that weight could be staying in the air . . .

Funny China On The Moon

China On The Moon
China plans to go to the Moon
Member reactions:
Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, diamonds. Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, rajeshstar.
Great idea
Too freaking clever. Put me on the customer list.
Clever, funny, and very well done "hidden"
Thanks, D-Man. Thanks, Newsy, you're on the list. Thanks, qtrmoonshop.
good doubt in my mind they'll beat the U.S. there soon.
Very cool and funny stuff. Looking forward to dim sum when they arrive.

Funny United States of China

United States of China
A frightful possibility...

Funny Steve Jobs Made in China

Steve Jobs Made in China

Funny Barack Obama in China

Barack Obama in China
Member reactions:
Quality work. Somehow he looks natural in this role

Funny China Vs the USA

China Vs the USA
the us government has one month before it runs out of money,lets hope it doesnt. source
Member reactions:
Very excellent. This represents how the American Government has literally sold our country to the Chinese in it's nieve attempt to expand trade for just a few large corporations in this country whereas eliminating the backbone industries in this country and sending them overseas where workers have absolutely no rights for $5 a day pay. Our country will never recover from this debacle and the greedy politicians who perpetrated this treason will be long dead while the US slips into 2nd world standing.
thanks everyone for your know its kinda funny, i feel like becoming one of those guys that wear those signs on the front and back,walking the streets saying "the end is nigh"..
very creative.... love the water reflections. how did you do that.

Funny China Buys Greece

China Buys Greece
"The Chinese are the only guys around with enough cash to spend on those old Greeks... They've bought everything else around the globe."

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