Bruce Willis Chin Head
Bruce Willis Chin Head
Bruce Willis Chin Head. Member reactions:
Bruce Wills head can speak now Nice blend and good texture like it

Funny Great Wall of China with Chin Faces

Great Wall of China with Chin Faces
Chin was the family name, of course -- a coincidence.
Member reactions:
Another one. I guess they all can't win. This is sooo goofy, I love it.

Funny Paris Hilton with a Foot Chin

Paris Hilton with a Foot Chin

Funny Bruce Willis with a Hoof Chin

Bruce Willis with a Hoof Chin
Member reactions:
Oh, my god... he's like Lenin... ))) Looking this picture, I imagine the sound of the hoof on the pavement
this is different from other all the best

Funny Mr Jay Leno with a Toe Ear and Chin

Mr Jay Leno with a Toe Ear and Chin

Funny Kanye West Chin Head

Kanye West Chin Head
Member reactions:
It's one of the best chops in the contest, but a real pity it's so small
thnx beginning image is actually very large but i keep trying to resize it accordin to the contest guidelines and it keeps coming out this same size...not sure what i can do.
Try playing with the compression levels. We allow up to 350 KB in image size for uploads. That leaves a lot of room for large sizes - look at other entries - they are quote large.
'Web Save' allows the size (350KB) to be controlled but, you will sacrifice the quality of the image when choosing the 'optimize' option. When in doubt-check with the FN Masters-of-the-Chop. I like your entry-good job.

Funny Elton John Chin Head

Elton John Chin Head
Member reactions:
Awesome work yep gnome or leprechaun only missing the green hat

Funny Brad Pitt Chin Head

Brad Pitt Chin Head
Member reactions:
Thank you Geriatric, Pcrdss, Hitspinner I can't believe I won and I took my second gold yaaaay
Congrats Sunshin, you really have come forward leaps & bounds with your skillz.
never looked better, congrats on the gold Sun
Thank you so much Kellie, Berludano, skills are better because of this site, I learnt a lot here for sure.
Congrats on the gold, Sunshine. The first out of 70+ entries. You go girl.
Thank you PixJockey, NewsMaster I had luck I guess but is a honor for me so many entries and mine was first, I didn't even dream to be true

Funny Bruce Willis Chin Head

Bruce Willis Chin Head
It took me more time and of course I enjoyed alot while doing this. Please vote if you like my entry. Here are the sources that I Used.
Member reactions:
The chop is nice on its own. However, it does not look like you swapped Bruice's head top and his chin.

Funny Simon Cowell Chin Head

Simon Cowell Chin Head
Ryan Seacrest is enjoying this immensely.
Member reactions:
No longer an American Idol, but Irish Idol. Good one.
Thanks, Newsy. That's why he's in the "Hall Of Fame."
Excellent chop, but for this competition, I'd have it just as Simon's head chop, without any additions
Thanks, Newsy...but I wanted to be different and think outside the box. My mistake.

Funny Chin Heads

Chin Heads
Ancient Chinese had a legend that as a man matures, hair from the top of his head migrates to his chin while he's asleep. Thus in his older days a man should have a bald head and a very long beard. Take any celebrity and swap his/her chin and top part of the head (see the thumbnail example of Ted Williams). Celebrities with short hair should work best for this contest, and even better - celebrities with beards and short hair.

Funny Celebrity Chin Faces

Celebrity Chin Faces
One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for Hollywood stars after 40 is chin augmentation (Mentoplasty) and double chin elimination. Double chins and saggy necks can add years to celebrity looks, and looks are stars' biggest assets. In this contest let's give celebrity chins a face-lift, literally - take a chin of any celebrity (or politician), turn it upside down and photoshop it into a face. Here are some good examples. Please include celebrity names in your entry titles. Many thanks to Tidlycove for the idea inspiration for this contest.

Funny Chin and Jaw Plastic Surgery

Chin and Jaw Plastic Surgery
It's chin and jaw time at FreakingNews. Alter chins and or jaws of celebrities and politicians - make them larger, smaller, reshape them, add/remove double chins, - you are the plastic surgeon today.

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