Attenborough And Chimp
 Attenborough And Chimp
Attenborough And Chimp. Member reactions:
Love the expressive super cool monkey. Congrats on the Silver, fugit. Seriously freaking awesome.

Funny Rare ` Lepre Chimp `.

Rare ` Lepre Chimp `.
Member reactions:
Gorgeous green ape, and wears the crown well. Congrats on the Wood, Hobbit.
Very very well done. Congrats on the wood.
Thanks a lot , Cosmix, Manosart and CraftLord.

Funny Strange Chimp in the Jungle.

Strange Chimp in the Jungle.
Member reactions:
And the eyes have it. Love this one. Woody Congrats, Hobbit.
Twofer... You got the anatomy right. This contest seemed like one that required some artistic challenge to work out what sort of anatomy one of these creatures would actually have. You did good. Congrats, Hobbit.

Funny Baby Chimp.

Baby Chimp.
Member reactions:
Very nice baby humanzee, and the La Jungle background works well.
Cute as a button, great job Hobbit. Bronze Congrats.
Congrats on a really cute chop. The source pictures are a nice touch. I was thinking about posting sources then forgot. Senile I guess Congrats...

Funny The Bean Baby Chimp

The Bean Baby Chimp

Funny Donald Chimp

Donald Chimp
Member reactions:
Don't think your body , is the body of a Chimp.
Being a monkey isn't bad, they are Highly Intelligent.
Excellent very nice chop. Wish it had a background.

Funny Chimp in Powerpuff Girls

Chimp in Powerpuff Girls
Member reactions:
Decent chop. Would be nice if the girls were turned into monkeys too

Funny A Chimp in Wonderland

A Chimp in Wonderland
Member reactions:
Ooooopsi... hand is not integrated. This one has so much potential with another 20 minutes
Would have been great, if the hand holding the scepter were attached, and more of a tone to match the color of the face. Lose that grey arm on the right.

Funny Chimp in a Cowboy Hat Smoking at a Bar

Chimp in a Cowboy Hat Smoking at a Bar
When children play with toys, they learn useful skills for adulthood. Young chimpanzees are no different, say scientists. Chimps and tools: The boys play, while the girls learn
Member reactions:
This chimp is literally a party animal. Congrats on the gold, DDB.
Congrats on the Gold, DDB. Great looking Chimp.

Funny Chimp with Mouth Eyes

Chimp with Mouth Eyes

Funny Human Chimp

Human Chimp
David Barash, a controversial psychologist from the University of Washington believes we have the technology to create humanzees or chimphumans. Dr Barash believes CRISPR DNA editing could add or delete targeted genes as desired, making the creation of humanzees possible using this gene editing technology. He believes producing such creatures would be a terrific idea forcing humans to acknowledge we are no different to animals. Earlier this year, renowned evolutionary psychologist, Gordon Gallup claimed that a humanzee was born in an American lab nearly 100 years ago before being euthanized by panicked doctors who began to consider the moral and ethical considerations. Renowned evolutionary psychologist, Gordon Gallup, said that the creature was born in a lab in Orange Park, Florida after inseminating a female chimpanzee with human semen from an undisclosed donor. Design your own interpretation of what you imagine a Humanzee would look like. Try to make your Human-Chimp hybrid as REALISTIC as possible. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. To learn more about this story Visit This Link

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