Turkey Chimp Eating Carrots
Turkey Chimp Eating Carrots
Turkey Chimp Eating Carrots.

Funny Chimp Sailor After the Storm

Chimp Sailor After the Storm
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Member reactions:
Thank very much, LunaC. Much appreciated PSM...I'm very happy you like it.
Agree with PSMandrake, theme color is brilliant and so the work
Super chop. Full of pathos. To reach perfectionI would add a reflection of the clouds to the water. Just an opinion.
Thanks Joan, Eric, Sullii, and Lu. Look Closer Lu....The cloud reflection is and has been in the water...it looks much like highlights but clearly visible to me when I click on and off the layer containing the cloud image.
Congrats on a well deserved win, really one fine piece of work.
Congrats on a splendid image and win. I sure wasn't going to say anything during the contest and bring bad Mojo to this but it looks to me like there is a lighting conflict on the floating drones. Light comes from opposite directions, no. It still works oddly enough which is cool in itself and besides, sometimes the cards need to fall in our favor. Goofs or not. I think this is one of your best. Just the mystery it evokes is worth price of admission. Congrats again. Let me know if I had a brain fart in this observation. Very inspiring piece
Thanks very much, Uncle-C. Thank you my friend, Elegary. Thanks, Hobbit Thanks, Doc Paul. Thanks, very much Bob. Thanx, Gumster. Thanks for the fave, LunaC Thanks HitMan. You are right..I saw the lighting conflict early on but ultimately, as you said, just decided it was going to work. Mainly because their are numerous light/shadow conflicts to both drones on all sides. Chaos just works sometime... Thanks very much, Tim. Thanks everyone/admins for all the great comments and high scores. Was Great Fun.
It's (almost) a pleasure to lose to an image as cool as this one. Added to faves.
Brilliant stuff splat. Congrats. Brilliant stuff splat. Congrats.
Thanks my friend, Andrew. Thank you very much, Andwhat. Thanks a million Laff. Thanks for the fave, LunaC. I know the feeling. And it was only a couple of weeks ago....when LunaC cleaned the bases with "Olive Loves Popeye" Just Awesome.
Congrats on the gold Splatshot, nice work and good use of sources.
congrats great to see someone else take first
Stunning work, Splat, congrats on the gold. This contest was packed with some outstanding entries so grabbing the gold here was a real treat.
. Thanks for all the great comments guys. Yes Indeed, a treat Newsy.

Funny Barack Obama Shooting at a Chimp on a Rocket

Barack Obama Shooting at a Chimp on a Rocket
Member reactions:
I like it better after the edit. The flying monkey should be a bear (face) too, in my opinion.
Congrats...I like this version much better...great edit.

Funny Human Chimp with Banana Earring

Human Chimp with Banana Earring
eyes from Lady Gaga
Member reactions:
Awesome Nice Makeover. She might have liked her ear rings very much.

Funny Chimp Wearing Makeup

Chimp Wearing Makeup
Member reactions:
Funny chop but left earring looks just leaning on the ear.

Funny Italian Chimp Miss Italy

Italian Chimp Miss Italy
Member reactions:
Excellent blending. Is Tally a celebrity or just a human name.
Clearly your style and excellent. Bronze tribute.
Thanks to all and Tally just seemed like a good monkey name.
Congratulations Hobbit. Tally-ho. What a Fox...

Funny Daddy Calling His Baby Chimp On The Phone

Daddy Calling His Baby Chimp On The Phone
Member reactions:
Clean blending. I suppose chimps could be trained to use cell phones, so this looks quite believable too
, nice little story in this chop. Top 5 congrats

Funny Chimps Taking Photos on a Phone

Chimps Taking Photos on a Phone

Funny Chimp Sleeping in a Bed in the Forest

Chimp Sleeping in a Bed in the Forest
Based on this news article: Chimpanzees Make Beds That Offer Them Best Night's Sleep
Member reactions:
I like the chop and the choice of the news article. The chump seems a bit horizontally stretched though
Thanks for the critique, NewsMaster - I'll take note

Funny Chimp Holding Joe Bidens Mounted Head

Chimp Holding Joe Bidens Mounted Head
Member reactions:
Good Catch..... Lovely monkey with Hat and a cigar.... proud of her hunting catch good one

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