In Memory of Chili
In Memory of Chili
In Memory of Chili. I was putting this pic in a page I am creating for a book and it just dawned on me that Chili asked me for this file and said he was going to print it and hang it on his wall in his office, which I thought it was a bit odd, but I sent him a 4meg file. This was while he was in the Netherlands. In the past year on facebook he appeared to me to be rambling and feeling lost and when he revealed he had cancer, I did not know what to make of it and on reflection, I believe Chili knew he had Cancer when he asked for my file and in the subsequent months he was reaching out for help in relationships and on facebook, Chili, if you pick up my thoughts, sorry I didn't extend words of comfort to you on facebook and R.I.P.
Member reactions:
As long as I have this file, Chili will never be forgotten,
Your friend must have been thinking of his death when he decided to hang your picture. Very nice.
The picture scares me a bit, but if Chilli liked it it's all that matters here. Did you draw it on his request, or it was already made when Chili saw it.
Chili connected with this artwork, and now it has connected to him. RIP Chili
Newsy, the pic was created around about Dec, 2007. It's one of a few morbid pics I created around the same time. Obviously I was going thru my Black period. This pic is only one of a few (not dark ones)that became eerily prophetic. I have just finished a chapter for my book titled C0-incidence or Prophecy and a Mystery. Absolutely weird and substantiated with dates of the pics posted to Flickr and months or years later the events materialized.

Funny Tribute To Chili by Rembrandt

Tribute To Chili by Rembrandt
R.I.P. "Chili Man." No more pain, no more worries. Featured, is one of Chili's Rembrandt chops.
Member reactions:
Excellent makeover for Chilli... we miss his chops and art work... RIP Chilli
Wonderful tribute. I like how you did the texture (even the cracks) on the face RIP Chili
Awwww Doc, so sweet. Thanks man, this really is an extra fine tribute. Congrats on the cup. I guess he was a he11 of a good guy. He sort of seemed to be around when I wasn't. My loss I reckon

Funny Chilli Rocking with a Guitar

Chilli Rocking with a Guitar
Appearing "LIVE" the Melkweg in Amsterdam...Chili. "Rockin' for a cause to end Corporate greed and support world peace.
Member reactions:
Hahahaha , i love it ... Every Thursday i'm doing some kind of Demonstration all around the Netherlands for a better world . You captured this so true & perfect Hidden . Very well done ......
Excellent flash of back lights, and use of color flash light is too good good job with the center beam throwing the flash all over
Awesome job done anything for a cause, is not waste...
Fantastic lightings and wonderful placements of all stuff

Funny Chili Bomber

Chili Bomber
Member reactions:
that's so cool slixter , congrats on the woody
Slick work by the Slixter... Top airbruched efx.

Funny Chili Weapon For You

Chili Weapon For You
Member reactions:
Very cheap chili weapon for you my friend. . Hotness rate on this entry: 10 million Scoville heat units Love it.
Hey mate , that's awesome chop ... love the details and manythings here... i see you have beat me hall of fame .. as I told you before congrats on everythings mate , you are truly the monster of PS, keep up your fantastic works mate
Congrats on your latest acheivement in the hall of fame.... Where is Kratos anyway.
Dang, I totally forgot to shake hands. Been chopping so much I'm scattered Really excellent entry.

Funny Chili Bomb

Chili Bomb
only 10 seconds.....BOOOOWW....

Funny Chili Weapon in Egypt

Chili Weapon in Egypt
Member reactions:
Can't say he wasn't warned... Hahahaha funny stuff and well done

Funny Chili Pepper Scorpions

Chili Pepper Scorpions
Weapons of Mass Discomfort for crowd control. Probably not very effective against people who like really spicy food. Every pepper handmade using my own Photoshop automation warping software. Some source peppers are in the picture.

Funny Rat with a Chili

Rat with a Chili

Funny Red Chili Angelina Jolie

Red Chili Angelina Jolie

Funny Red Hot Chili Weapons

Red Hot Chili Weapons
"Hot" news from India this week - the Indian government plans to weaponize chili peppers, and use them in tear-gas grenades. "Bhut jolokia", also known as "ghost chili", is grown in India, and is ranked by Guinness World Records as the most piquant of peppers. It has more than 1 million Scoville heat units, way beyond tabasco and jalapeno peppers, which pack 2,500 to 8,000 units. Indian defense officials say that the use of chili peppers in tear-gas grenades will be most effective, since "ghost chili" pungent smell can easily choke terrorists and force them out of their hideouts. Design any weapons using chili peppers any way you wish.

Funny Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper
Photoshop this chili pepper image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: reshaping these chili peppers, merging them with some objects or animals, putting the chili peppers into some unusual environment, using these chili peppers image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Boris Benko and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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