Chihuahua Horse Hybrid
Chihuahua Horse Hybrid
Chihuahua Horse Hybrid.

Funny Chihuahua Bat

Chihuahua Bat

Funny Chihuahua Dove

Chihuahua Dove
Member reactions:
Hope she has fun at the ball. What a gorgeous dress. Nice chop.
Face fur and the neck fur makes a perfect blend good one

Funny Chihuahua Ostrich

Chihuahua Ostrich
Member reactions:
And not a Taco Bell in sight. Darn. Nice chop.
This is Out of the box, really fan of it best idea ever

Funny Chameleon Chihuahua Hybrid

Chameleon Chihuahua Hybrid
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Member reactions:
, thank you. thank you for presenting such an awesome entry. i COULD get all picky about this and that like i usually do. but i can tell you worked hard and it looks really good. it made me happy.
This is just beautiful It reminds me a little of the Aye Aye from Madagasgar
Excellent makeover of Chameleon with its green fur love this makeover and the long tongue is really great

Funny Giant Chihuahua in the Street

Giant Chihuahua in the Street
Member reactions: me, this creature wanna eat me...

Funny I Chihuahua and Ratatouille Christmas

I Chihuahua and Ratatouille Christmas
I Chihuahua and Ratatouille
Member reactions:
Congrats on the silver mundo This was so cute.

Funny Taco Chihuahua

Taco Chihuahua
Member reactions:
Chihuahua holding the Taco Bell hot sauce is my fave part here
I'm ... ed that this basic poster adaptation whooped mine but good source art is good art. Begrudgingly I say congrads
Bronze chihuahuas came to help. Congrats Rain.
Congrats Rainman, I really like this chop...great job.

Funny Golden Hip Hop Chihuahua

Golden Hip Hop Chihuahua
Member reactions:
, brilliant. Nice work on the reflections as well.
hahaha that's really FANTASTIC .. I like the little details it's really shows alot off things , good luck too
His last hit "Who Let the Dogs Out" made him a fortune. Pro work.
Should have guessed it was an AZR original:Congratulations.
I especially like the consistent look of the gold across all of the different items. The shoes are extra cool.
Thanks all Due to weight of gold, all he can do is sit...
congrats rainman. The gold contrasting with the black and the limited color palette create a stunning effect.
Fantastic work. I like the black background and reflections. Sometimes less is more
Gold for gold, no subliminal message here Hahaha. It's a reak beauty, AZ, Congrads

Funny Chihuahuas Wearing Cartier Jewelry

Chihuahuas Wearing Cartier Jewelry
Member reactions:
So many details, even has his own licence with photo/pawprint & all, lv his cheesy little grin LoL
great,this is so detailed,cute and looks fantastic in full view.
Congrats on Gold...Lots of detail in this, well deserved
Very Nice. Chaos. Would Make a Nice Valentine's Day Card.
Lovely. Bling Bling. I recommend the full view for the full "prosperity".
and Xaos strikes again. There aint noone stopping this guy from excelling at his chops. Congrats on another gold.
Congrats Xman.. Nice composition and excellent colors. Interesting title too.
Thanks again for your comments and votes everyone.
Thanks Funkwood. The title comes from a classic Sarah Vaughan song "Whatever Lola Wants" I believe its been in a few movies. If you dig jazz, vocal jazz, you should check her out. Regards Xaos

Funny Chihuahuas

This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this chihuahuas image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - merging the chihuahua(s) with other animals or objects, making these chihuahuas perform some stunts, designing a poster with these chihuahuas, putting the chihuahuas into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to photographer Michal Napartowicz, for providing the source photo.

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