Birdman and Chicken Boy
Birdman and Chicken Boy
Birdman and Chicken Boy. Edward Norton was not very pleased with the original script for Birdman.
Member reactions:
Great chop, would do well in the Oscar contest.
. I intended for Oscar contest. Got home late that day. Project was ready maybe 5 mins. after submission ended. Arrgh.

Funny Beheading of Pet Chicken

Beheading of Pet Chicken
Police Chief Decapitates Boy's Pet Chicken
Member reactions:
Fantastic chop overall, a bit evil too in a good way. The chicken head looks a bit flat. I would also let teh boy have his neck back
There. Chicken inflated The boy didn't have a neck, or a chin or a whole bottom of face but will see what else I can do.
Excellent chop reminds me Sayid's childhood in LOST
Crazy chop... like the piggy butcher and poor boy
Well done, congrats on the bronze. Funny stuff
Thank you NewsMaster for the critiques Thank you ericnorthend, lucianomorelli, rajeshtar, & pcrdds
Thank you Hitspinner Not really so funny though when you stop to think that it really happened

Funny The chicken player

The chicken player

Funny Chicken of the Sea

Chicken of the Sea

Funny Chicken Tester

Chicken Tester
Member reactions:
the chicken eyes.
don't press the chicken, you're in a dangerous position .
Ha Ha He got some chicken feathers on his head

Funny Chicken on The Hanging Tree

Chicken on The Hanging Tree
Hang'em High. A Corn Thief, He Was.. Props to Ron Mueck Best Enlarged View Stock Images
Member reactions:
Magnificent blending - looks like an authentic painting, reminds me of Dali.
Thanx NM. You Nailed my Intent.
ha ha very nice thinking very well executed..
Thank You Balo... Glad U like it. Thanks very much Silver-conical-tooth...
Gee I want so much to chop a pot of dumplings, just in case the rope breaks.
Thanks Gummy....I'm off work early and lurking. Thought I'd harass...a...err I with some of the other contestants. Sounds Like your ready for a Thanksgiving meal...
You nailed Dali all right... without the insanity Very nice creation and well done on the cup
Thanks Hits. Insanity.....knew I was forgetting something. I'll work on that.
Congratulations. have a nice Dead-Bird-Day.
Thanks Geri..and to you the same..... Thanks Paul..Happy Turkey-Day....
Congrats on the bronze, SS. Gobble Goggle.
This is fantastic work, SS. I like it, and love it. Greaaat jooob.
Thanks News'em... Thanx much KTO... Thanks Everyone for all your great comments and Votes.... ****I Wish You A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day...
Loved this chop... Im a Dali lover, well Dali liker.. Congrats mate...
....Thanks Goat.... Dali may have been a lunatic, but that abstraction conveyed so well, is probably what's so alluring about his works.

Funny Alien Chickens Landing in Egg Spacecraft

Alien Chickens Landing in Egg Spacecraft
Now we know which came first.
Member reactions:
This is freaking brilliant. The best interpretation of egg & chicken dilemma I've seen.
Yay, my first Gold. Thanks for the comments.
Congrats on your first gold, Bob. Four more golds, and you graduate from the apprentiece league, see.
Congratulations and if you keep it up, U B moving soon to the big time.
Congratulations my friend. Love you.

Funny Trees Growing Chicken Eggs

Trees Growing Chicken Eggs
Member reactions:
This is a proof to show Eggs are Vegetarians Vegans you can try eggs now good idea
This is Eggs tree every body enjoy this with tree
Well done but chicken should be a little bigger or chicks a little smaller.
What. Vegans don't eat eggs. That's just silly. Thanks all.

Funny Mutant Two Headed Chickens

Mutant Two Headed Chickens
Member reactions:
Two heads are better than one Quality work, pree.

Funny Chicken Laying Eggs on a Pyramid

Chicken Laying Eggs on a Pyramid
Member reactions:
Eating Pizza and giving eggs in exchange very funny
Fine chop, truly funny and congrats on the cup
Silver congrats, Mr. Black. Welcome back.

Funny Catch the Chickens

Catch the Chickens
Chickens can run as fast as 30 miles per hour, making turns, jumping, and even flying for short distances. All in all, catching chickens requires a lot of skill and patience. Photoshop this photo of catching chickens (image credit: Paul Holloway) - any way you wish.

Funny Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road?
"Why did the chicken cross the road?" is one of the oldest joke riddles in English language, and it's sill popular these days. Every year the riddle continues to get modern answers, some are quite entertaining. This one is my favorite: CAPTAIN KIRK: To boldly go where no chicken has gone before. Photoshop any version (yours, or taken from some sources like the link above) of the answer to "Why did the chicken cross the road?". Here's a good example by Oldman. We have a good chicken source too, or you are welcome to use any other chicken sources.

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