Chewbacca. Member reactions:
Yeah, those comb-overs never work too well, do they (ha).
Brilliant idea, very challenging to pull off. Well playe fugit
, looks like bald-headed sasquatch. Great idea, fugit.


Chewbacca mask had Texas ‘Star Wars’ fan trending above Clinton SOURCE
Member reactions:
One of my favs. Shoulda finished higher in my book.

Funny Chewbacca at McDonalds

Chewbacca at McDonalds
Member reactions:
McDonalds sees this they might just copy your idea. Well done and congrats on the silver, Evirio

Funny Vladimir Putin as Chewbacca

Vladimir Putin as Chewbacca
Member reactions:
That's just weird and creepy Andrew hahahahahahahahahaha

Funny Chewbacca Car Accident

Chewbacca Car Accident
Google It

Funny Chewbacca in King Kong movie

Chewbacca in King Kong movie
Member reactions:
Great Idea, Hidden. Chewy fits the role perfectly. You have a noticeable corner masking line across Kongs chest and straight up the left side arm.
Clever. Splat rightly said about the visible corner from masking
Thought this was top 10 but me eyes not that good,try this one click here
Masking line is a bummer, however, the face blend is flawless, believable, fits.

Funny Mona Lisa Chewbacca

Mona Lisa Chewbacca

Funny Chewbacca in The Big Lebowski movie

Chewbacca in The Big Lebowski movie
Member reactions:
Hahaha, great show of the Dude character in this Chewbacca.

Funny Brave Chewbacca Movie

Brave Chewbacca Movie

Funny Chewbacca as the Mona Lisa

Chewbacca as the Mona Lisa

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