Chewbacca Kong
Chewbacca Kong
Chewbacca Kong. Member reactions:
Great Idea, Hidden. Chewy fits the role perfectly. You have a noticeable corner masking line across Kongs chest and straight up the left side arm.
Clever. Splat rightly said about the visible corner from masking
Thought this was top 10 but me eyes not that good,try this one click here
Masking line is a bummer, however, the face blend is flawless, believable, fits.

Funny Mona Lisa Chewbacca

 Mona Lisa Chewbacca

Funny Brave Chewbacca

Brave Chewbacca

Funny Gentleman Chewbacca

Gentleman Chewbacca
Member reactions:
Congratulations. Very nice and my favorite SW character.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. One of the best Chewbacca chops ever.

Funny Chewbacca Cat Hybrid

Chewbacca Cat Hybrid
Member reactions:
Quality concept, but the cat source is pixelated

Funny Chewbacca Bear

Chewbacca Bear

Funny George Lucas Welcomes A Baby Chewbacca

George Lucas Welcomes A Baby Chewbacca
Old George Lucas is a new father to a baby girl.
Member reactions:
Nice one hidden. Chewbacca makes the chop.
Freaking hilarious. Love the many Star War details here. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
Doc, George is going to send Bubba Fet after you is he swings by and sees that toad throat. I know you probably didn't have to even chop that in but OMG Hahahaha that is funny. Congrads on the cup and a fun chop
Thanks, everyone. Yeah, Tim...George has some kind of throat.
God I hope it's not a goiter or something. I'd feel terrible. I have seen it pretty large in other photos of him
Thanks, Splat. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, G-Man. I don't know, Tim...yes, it's big.

Funny Chewbacca's Dog

Chewbacca's Dog
Member reactions:
Congrats on the win and I wish they really had a dog like this.
Hehe, thank you everyone, he WOULD make a great dog

Funny Chewbacca Pirate

Chewbacca Pirate
Member reactions:
How is this even possible. So clean and awesome. Great piece.
Its Superb.. well done. crisp and clear. Full marks Good luck
Excellent poster design and like the title very much very good at the lamps emitting fire not light really superb combination of space objects and the ship
Thanks all...may the "arggh ye mateys" be with you.
Yourgold and silver entries are both wonderful. Cant choose which one I like better
Fantastic . . . Gold Congrats. Excellent light work Chewy looks fabulous. Love the concept

Funny Old Buddies Chewbacca and Harrison Ford

Old Buddies Chewbacca and Harrison Ford
Mr Ford and Chewbacca having a good time.
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha pretty good stuff all around. Like the photo on the wall, and buddy is so cool here
Excellent to see the Bigfoot again I like this idea, thinking to do this weekend Nice caricature and great job with clean texture done
wtg Sinoca, first entry ... first trophy, congrats.
Silver congrats, Sinoca. and welcome to the site.
Hi guys... Thanks so much for the comments, second place in my first entry is A soon as possible I will send new stuffs...Thanks again...

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