Gene Wilder and Chevy Chase
Gene Wilder and Chevy Chase
Gene Wilder and Chevy Chase.

Funny Wicked Smoking Lincoln Eating a Chevy

Wicked Smoking Lincoln Eating a Chevy
Sources Better View
Member reactions:
Thanks geriatric And Thank you SplatShot, I too like to see the ingredients of a chop
Awesome work done using the sources.... fantastic look of the Car gives him a Royal treat... well done by including the teeth and showing him off as eating the smaller car good one
Thanks rajesh, the '51 Lincoln is one my all time favs
Thanks for compliment NewsMaster, I loves my cars

Funny 64 IMPALA Chevy Advert

64 IMPALA Chevy Advert
Member reactions:
Yo. Foo. ...Da Plate. Da. Plate. I Love the Chop.
sorry, was rushing to werk ....... k, fixed......thanx
Had this one pegged for the top of the pile. Nice one.
This rawks. Glad to see you entering, Slick.

Funny Chevy Chase Dressed as an Old Lady

Chevy Chase Dressed as an Old Lady

Funny Artists Cruising in a Chevy

Artists Cruising in a Chevy
Member reactions:
Nice matt finish and all the characters were well fitted inside the car

Funny Woman and a Chevy Apache on the Beach at Sunset

Woman and a Chevy Apache on the Beach at Sunset
1956 Chevy Apache, 2006 Kenworth blend
Member reactions:
Thanks Pix and Boulpix.
Beautiful . . . colors are fantastic . . . nice work.
Wooden congrats to you deaddog . . . nice work. very clean, polished, and well blended in all aspects . . .
Thanks for the votes and comments everyone.
Very nice you Dog and thanks for the comment
Love your truck chops. This would make a sweet poster, it's perfect. Congrats on the Woody.

Funny Leo's Chevy

Leo's Chevy
Did this for Leo...
Member reactions:
I like the effect also, fitting pic 4 it.
hey guys..i know i didnt do much on this..but it really struck me as a nice effect on the pic..this pic is for a fella here named Leo..he has not long to live and has this car in the shed..he gave me a few pics to play with..he loves this one too..i wanted to see how it'd go..
Beautiful photo but its hard to tell what you have done without seeing a source pic.
Leonardo DiCaprio will really love it
hey Disman..there no source pics on the net..all by me..but ill say i took 5 people out of it..added the tunnel ram and text..and a few filters..that was all..
I sent this one to a 'Chebby' Lover who will love it, too.
good stuff Kempo,..they pretty rare in Australia..worth 70000 bucks

Funny Chevy Chase Portrait

Chevy Chase Portrait
Original Portrait
Member reactions:
Decent work. I'd play around with the hue of the face shadows - they look a tad more green that the shadows. of the main painting source

Funny Chevy Camaro + Ford Mustang

Chevy Camaro + Ford Mustang
Two classic gas hogs come together.
Member reactions:
good job. would have been nice if the grill logos matched in size and placement.
Grill logos do match in size and placement. That's how Chevys logo is designed. That's why I left the V in there because it looked off center without it. Thanks for th comments.

Funny Hover Chevy

Hover Chevy
Source image
Member reactions:
Could you post a link to your car source please.
Clean work. I can see the strike resulted in shortage of the wheel inventory
Thank you for posting up your source image. The blending work is exceptional on the frontend and the side wheel areas so well done on that. Only critiques would be that the left side of the rebuilt front grill is slightly blurred in comparison to the sharpness of the new logo. The logo could be distorted a bit in height on the right ride to maintain the line of perspective. This last critique isn't your fault as it is an error in the source image. The car has been photoshopped prior to you using it. The shadow under the vehicle at the front has a straight edge to it where it was cropped.
Congrats rainmaker for the sweep win. good work.

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