Terrorist on the Back of a Chevrolet
Terrorist on the Back of a Chevrolet
Terrorist on the Back of a Chevrolet. MPs warn on growing numbers of British jihadists PLEASE WATCH IT IN ORIGINAL SIZE.
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Nicely done, but what does the article have to do with the chop.
They are shopping for ISIL. Changed the news item to one that is a bit more suitable.
Nice but the girl is too ... y in the contest.

Funny Ghosts at Chevrolet Factory

Ghosts at Chevrolet Factory
A reflection of the times.
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My take on it is that they are the ghosts of auto workers from the heyday of American car production perhaps in the 40's or earlier, bemoaning the current demise of of an industry to which they gave a better part of their lives to. Their blood, sweat and tears. Or they could just be bums in a deserted building.- And what the heck is on the ground next to them. Old car parts.
You should have looked at the full version SteveO...it's a pic of men standing in line during the depression. Definitely earlier than the 40's. The depression was in the 30's I believe. I think it's good even though it doesn't exactly portray what guidelines stated. I think the men should be more translucent.
The composition looks awesome to me, even though some transparency on the men would help add more ghostly feel to it.

Funny Chevrolet on a General Motors Billboard

Chevrolet on a General Motors Billboard
Revised text...thanks guys. General Motors Strike Source image
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Good concept. How about, "WE couldn't have named it better if WE tried"
Excellent work, but try to follow Franko's suggestion.

Funny Astronaut with a Chevrolet Camaro Solar Car on the Moon

Astronaut with a Chevrolet Camaro Solar Car on the Moon
sources: http://www.diamondair.com/images/news/09_03_03/1.jpg http://www.carpw.com/pictures/chevrolet/Camaro_Concept_06_1.jpg http://www.geography4kids.com/extras/dtop_space/moonearth_580.jpg http://aerospacescholars.jsc.nasa.gov/HAS/cirr/Images/suitlg.jpg

Funny Chevrolet Camaro and Buick Hybrid

Chevrolet Camaro and Buick Hybrid
I'm an excellent driver.
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Like the rainman idea, great movie. the front is not as shiny as the back and looks blurred a little
i agree of what Rdurr point. still good job.
nice source but the reflection to the bumper is not indoor.

Funny Chevrolet Child Car

Chevrolet Child Car
please view full entry and the source before voting . When you see source u get more details
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A bit of red around the tires, but otherwise great work.
may be the user edit this entry.. now its clean...
Nice car. I'm glad to see the childproof doors (no handles to let the kid in) so I won't need to worry about the sinister "auto breaks".

Funny Chevrolet Designed For Kids

Chevrolet Designed For Kids
Please View Full.

Funny Chevrolet Silverado Jet Truck

Chevrolet Silverado Jet Truck
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/gmc-truck 2014 Chevrolet Silverado And GMC Sierra For NJ driving & traffic jams. Pass on the right or don't use Ur blinker if you dare.
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How's this, it's not the same story. But close.

Funny Chevrolet Recall Dummies

Chevrolet Recall Dummies
The engineering staff at Chevrolet has asked us to tell you that their products were throughly tested and to assure you that this recall is an overblown safety measure as no steering problems were detected.

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