Chess King of the Sea
Chess King of the Sea
Chess King of the Sea. Member reactions:
Wonderful thought great the King of the Sea looks more mighty
Fantastic work Color contrast back ground everything is very nice

Funny Giant Chess for the Gods On a Mountain

Giant Chess for the Gods On a Mountain
Member reactions:
Its great nice work and the shadows design is really Amazing

Funny Sumo Chess

Sumo Chess

Funny Iranian Chess Players

Iranian Chess Players
Member reactions:
Pretty much sums it up for me...nice work
"Don't worry-be happy..." Poignant statement-logical prediction. TOP marks.
Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, RICKYTREK1.
Good one Doc, and I saw your partridge in a pear tree after I was done. last yr u used danny .
Thanks, HH. You're right about Danny. But you took it a good step further.
Congrats on the bronze P. Funny stuff and some nice details....adding Nostra and the quatrain to a poster on that ground might've blended that element into the comp better...or something like that...
Amazing work Paul, I like the idea with chess players Congrats on the bronze.
Thanks, Mr. F. Not a bad idea. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3.
hahaha that's really cool .. congrats on the bronze ..
Great satire here. Congrats on the bronze, Paul. P.S. I've almost read the text as "babe weapons".
Thanks, Newsy...yeah, that font isn't easy to read at times.
Very cool and funny chop pcrdds. Love ur work...congrats on bronze.

Funny City of Chess

City of Chess
chess rulez
Member reactions:
Agreed, shadows need to work. But nice work done.

Funny The Chess Rock Band

The Chess Rock Band
The most popular rock band in the chess world... playing the hit "Check mate"...
Member reactions:
Excellent....a lot of work done on this one
well deserved gold. congrats on a great chop.
Check-mate, Mark wins. Powerful chopping.

Funny Democratic Chess Board

Democratic Chess Board

Funny God Playing Chess

God Playing Chess
Member reactions:
Thanks picasso, crusader and bietjebianca .

Funny The Persistence of Chess by Dali

The Persistence of Chess by Dali
Member reactions:
Luv it. Dali would like it too, me thinks.

Funny Chess Street

Chess Street
Member reactions:
This is the intersection of Yonge & Dundas in downtown Toronto.....sure has changed since I was there last week....nice idea hidden
The Chess people were probably in the Subway.

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