C'est Cher
C'est Cher
C'est Cher.

Funny Cher with a Beard

Cher with a Beard
Member reactions:
Sometimes che reminds me a man dressed like a woman.

Funny Cher with Her Oscar Digital Art

Cher with Her Oscar Digital Art
I've always admired Cher as an actress and a singer. I did this picture for my own enjoyment and I hope you like it too. The curtains in this picture are from a photograph of my curtains which I modified a bit. Mixed media.
Member reactions:
Sweet For a moment there, I confused her bare elbow on the left with a sagging boob

Funny Cher and Her Dog

Cher and Her Dog
Cher's Afghan hound...Not sure if this is a compliment to the dog or an insult to Cher (or both).
Member reactions:
So funny hands over each others solder creepy wild hat as well
One Of my Faves....Cher is Hot. And what a beautiful girl/friend she has.

Funny Cher Once Dated Tom Cruise

Cher Once Dated Tom Cruise
Cher once dated Tom Cruise
Member reactions:
Very well conceptualized this freaking news
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, eric. Thanks, GarRobMil. Thanks, HH.
Everybody dates everybody in Hollywood. Cute chop.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid.

Funny Cher with a Broken Arm

Cher with a Broken Arm
Member reactions:
Nice little tooth lost and the Hole with the dreaming crazy thing happening is great idea
ha ha so all the persons who beaten her made their signatures on this bandage really funny the Broken tooth makes here more pretty to look

Funny Cher Gollum

Cher Gollum
Member reactions:
Lovely.... awesome the devil looking into the Golden Ring Nice Mirror with magic band love it
Very good thinking and very well executed nice

Funny Cher and her Pet Afghan Hound

Cher and her Pet Afghan Hound
Member reactions:
Excellent ... Like the silky hair of the Dog... and Cher is too much enjoying the company of her doggy
They do look alike. even share the same personality, it seems

Funny Cher Turns Back Time to Sonny

Cher Turns Back Time to Sonny
Sonny Bono died on January 5, 1998, a month and 11 days short of his 63rd birthday.

Funny Little Cher with Justin Bieber

Little Cher with Justin Bieber

Funny Cher

Cher is turning 65 today (May 20th). Over the past 50 years, Cher has managed to reinvent her persona many times, from the delicate singer's duets with Sonny Bono to the powerful dramatic actress to the glossy songstress we probably all know and love. Today we present you some interesting facts about Cher: * Cher used the help of famed psychic James Van Praagh in communicating with Sonny Bono after he passed away. * Cher didn't speak to her daughter Chastity for a week after finding out that she was a lesbian. After she 'cooled off' she not only embraced Chastity's lifestyle, but has become one of GLAAD's biggest supporters. * In the mid 1990's, Cher ran a mail order company that primarily featured home accessories. The name of the company was Sanctuary. * Cher had hoped to win the part of Morticia in the movie The Addams Family, however the part went to Anjelica Huston instead. * Cher had her last name legally removed in court. * Cher suffers from a fear of flying. * Cher has short hair but is usually seen wearing a long haired wig in public. * Cher won the 1987 Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role of Loretta Castorini in Moonstruck. And here's a quote from Cher: " I really don't think of myself as a singer. I think of myself as an entertainer, and the best place I do it is onstage." Happy 65th birthday, Cher! To celebrate the 65th birthday of Cher, photoshop her any way you wish.

Funny Cher

This Sunday Cher turned 60. This makes her the oldest living entertainer besides George W. Bush. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Cher any way you want. Some examples would be show Cher as she would look without surgical enhancements, Cher in old paintings or what she will look like in 20 years. These are only suggestions. You can chop her any way you want to. Remember to keep it safe for work.

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