Cher and Her Daughter Painting
Cher and Her Daughter Painting
Cher and Her Daughter Painting. Member reactions:
Sonny Bono chunky kid here is freaking hilarious.
I thought this would place higher but, I still like your work.

Funny Cher Sketch

Cher Sketch

Funny The Cher Project

The Cher Project
Member reactions:
Luv it. Very Cher-specific chop - it hits the nail on the head.
Silver congrats, Mr. S. Love those syringes. Great job as usual, sir.
We will probably see this one in the tabloids tomorrow.....Congratulations Salis
I really enjoyed doing this one, thanx guys for your votes and comments
Silver for Salis. As a bonus you get a coupon for some free Botox injections when you hit 65.
Haha great work Salis.Congrats for the silver and i see that you're always a great photoshopper. Congrats .

Funny G.I. Cher on the Beach

G.I. Cher on the Beach

Funny Cher Made of Bubbles

Cher Made of Bubbles
Member reactions:
This is wicked. So unique an idea, colorful & still recognizable as Cher herself. Thx for something different
Totally "outside the box" and cool.
thanks everyone for all comments and votes
wicked, out of the box and fine work as always Ivan, congrats
Congrats on the gold it's very creative and one word .

Funny The Real Cher Without Botox

The Real Cher Without Botox
if you happen to see that the change itself, it is normal obsessed with wrinkles HAhahahargg.
Member reactions:
Woody congrats, PSMandrake. Great aging job you did on old Cher.

Funny Cher with a Cher Impersonator

Cher with a Cher Impersonator
Happy Birthday.
Member reactions:
LoLs Good take on the old show
Wonderful birthday party here. Great job.

Funny Barack Obama & Cher Dolls

Barack Obama & Cher Dolls
Please view full
Member reactions:
Nice doll work. Like how you did the outfit.

Funny Cher Cat with Puss in Boots

Cher Cat with Puss in Boots

Funny Sonny & Cher

Sonny & Cher
Member reactions:
the bride with a hairy chest Sonny and Hairy Cher.

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