Symmetric Dick Cheney
Symmetric Dick Cheney
Symmetric Dick Cheney. Member reactions:
Awesome skin tone. Almost looks zombie'ish with the eyes. Any tips on getting that skin tone looking so good.
Brush ur teeth Mr. This is called a CHOP of all time
Topaz color pop and redfield perfectum for the skin texturing
I am a little surprised at how many safe 'straight on' chops were entered and won. They usually make for clean work but not nearly as risky and interesting as those chops that are slightly askew.

Funny Dick Cheney's Attacked by Chickens

Dick Cheney's Attacked by Chickens
Another hunting mishap for Dick.
Member reactions:
At last chickens caught him and tearing apart... the Dog looks like floating in the air

Funny Dick Cheney Riding a Snail on Abbey Road

Dick Cheney Riding a Snail on Abbey Road

Funny Bush Cheney and Rumsfeld as the Three Stooges

Bush Cheney and Rumsfeld as the Three Stooges
Member reactions:
Awesome job.... great face merge and nice blend... good color balance with perfectly matching the expressions of them to match the pic

Funny Harry Whittington's Revenge with Dick Cheney's Head

Harry Whittington's Revenge with Dick Cheney's Head
Harry Whittington finally gets revenge on Vice President Dick Cheney for shooting him.
Member reactions:
Nice Sculpture.... Looks so peacefully stranded

Funny Tweedle Sr. & Tweedle Jr....Cheney too!

Tweedle Sr. & Tweedle Jr....Cheney too!
Look-out....Cheney's hunting,run and hide senior and junior. *PLEASE VIEW IN FULL* VIEW HERE
Member reactions:
Holy carp.. Egggcellent someone had to say it....
Super chop. Bad Cheney shoot little pup. Bad, bad Cheney.
No, that's Cheney's dog. The dog is going after the bush's.....
Nice work. Would make great targets if on the run.
Excellent to see the funny twins they both looks cute in this wonderful imaganitive world great background and well choped
Thanks,geriatric,Senthil17 and rajeshstar.
Amazing colors and so nicely done good concept used Good luck
Really well done with putting everything in it place. Looks like a simple Chop ,but you did it with expertise , plus the color blending i love ....
Junior's face is priceless. Coloring really stands out, excellent job.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... George W has never looked so good..HILARIOUS. Congratulations.
Fantastic job Bernie, one of your best ... Super Gold congrats. You're starting to rack up them POD's now ...
Thanks,'s been a longtime coming,moving up the ranks also.

Funny Dick Cheney Without a Heart

Dick Cheney Without a Heart
Cheney recovering after heart transplant "So what your say'n doc, is that I don't have to fake a hunting accident to speed the transplant list up a little."
Member reactions:
At last he got an Heart Donor, good concept to show him in a steel attaire, this shows his heart and the body is made of steel (brave heart) good chop, nice to mearge his face and the rest as a steel body . nice one
Very Interesting ConceptNose style is different

Funny Dr Clinton Gives Dick Cheney a Heart Transplant

Dr Clinton Gives Dick Cheney a Heart Transplant
US former vice president Dick Cheney gets heart transplant
Member reactions:
Good to see Clinton after a long time, everyone has a nice expression
Astonished to see a heart carrying by its own patient, is this heart of a doner or himself . Great work of putting this image as holding its heart, nice idea to create this funny expression found on Bill and Ms Clinton good job done
Many thanks guys for the comments..LIRASA:Welcome to FN.. rajeshstar:The heart that Cheney holding is his own heart and the donor heart inside him now.
Nice looking chop Black ... Congrats on the theme post.
This chop was an inspiration to the Heartless Celebrities contest. Really great composition.

Funny Dick Cheney as the Tin Man

Dick Cheney as the Tin Man
...if I only had a heart. Oh wait, I'm Dick Cheney and that's really not a problem for me. Cheney recovering after heart transplant
Member reactions:
Mr.Tinman with heart power
PSM, your right. Thanks for the input. I missed that for sure. Too late to change it now...
ha ha, very funny expression by hoding a Axe and a clock. Good job on nose with a hole
Once Again the same image, but with new efforts, look very nice
Silver congrats TDC , try to work on your voting skills next time...
Thanks to everyone for there comments. Chili, I vote what I feel it deserves, sorry to not follow the flock.
Congrats on your 1st silver TDCap. Real nice looking chop, and well conceived. "He'd be tender and gentle, and awful sentimental, regarding love and art ...
It's a CCC chop = Clean, Clever, Cool. Congrats on the silver, TDC.
AZ, gtr, NM, nepa, thanks for the comments. I really needed them today. GB.

Funny Forgotten American War Criminals - Bush Rice Cheney and Powell

Forgotten American War Criminals - Bush Rice Cheney and Powell
FOUR WAR CRIMINALS... ALL FORGOTTEN... ------------------------------------- "MAYBE ONE DAY WE WILL BE A DIVINE PUNISHMENT" .... WE HOPE. -------------------------------------
Member reactions:
, it looks like you used every source image ever created...awesome job
That's funny the real CRIMINALS are still in the White House, Obama and his goonies.
Yikes. It's HIDDEN and he's at it again. Beauty.
I disagree with your premise, but it's a great, great job, nonetheless.
Absolutely great but these war criminals will not be forgotten ,Never .....
Where's Rumsfeld. Or is he one of the rats..... Great job
Awesome. I Love the Cheney character especially.
Amen, they are all twins and hope there may some day again be another good one. Light seems dark in the tunnel tho and we're in alot of trouble. Very well done pic.
this should be hanged on a wall somewhere. Great Effort and Job Smokey Hidden
I'm such a fan of all the little detail work that you do that makes your images stand out in a crowd. Brilliant work.
So, do people pretend not to know your stuff or is it just an unmentioned "thing" that everyone knows who did this. For the whole caricature deal, it's good.
So very very clever, on so many levels. It is worthy of publication as many people would love to hang it on their wall. It would take hours to fully appreciate all the work that has gone into this wonderful image. It really captures the horror those people caused. Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
This is truly amazing work ... Great work on the Pig with a Hat and holding the flag of Public Debt... Excellent caricatured heads nicely done and overall very good on this chop
Awesome work on smoke and great effects love it.
10 out of 10 Perfect. Hat on the rat Superb.
Great piece, Ricky. Lots of work and details. Congrats on winning the gold ,mate.
Congratulations Rickytrek. I am British, like you we see the uncensored news of the terrifying things that go on.
Rickytrek, I thought this was your chop but, wasn't sure. You have done a wonderful job as always. Love it.
Congrats on the gold Ricky, is much deserved your style is amazing..

Funny Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney
Photoshop the evidence of the rude side of Dick Cheney.

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