Cheney's Chicken Attack
Cheney's Chicken Attack
Cheney's Chicken Attack. Another hunting mishap for Dick.. Member reactions:
At last chickens caught him and tearing apart... the Dog looks like floating in the air

Funny Tweedle Sr. & Tweedle Jr....Cheney too!

Tweedle Sr. & Tweedle Jr....Cheney too!
Look-out....Cheney's hunting,run and hide senior and junior.*PLEASE VIEW IN FULL*VIEW HERE. Member reactions:
Holy carp.. Egggcellent someone had to say it....
Super chop.Bad Cheney shoot little pup.Bad, bad Cheney.
No, that's Cheney's dog. The dog is going after the bush's.....
Nice work. Would make great targets if on the run.
Excellent to see the funny twins they both looks cute in this wonderful imaganitive world great background and well choped
Thanks,geriatric,Senthil17 and rajeshstar.
Amazing colors and so nicely done good concept used Good luck
Really well done with putting everything in it place. Looks like a simple Chop ,but you did it with expertise , plus the color blending i love ....
Junior's face is priceless. Coloring really stands out, excellent job.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...George W has never looked so good..HILARIOUS.Congratulations.
Fantastic job Bernie, one of your best ... Super Gold congrats. You're starting to rack up them POD's now ...
Thanks,'s been a longtime coming,moving up the ranks also.

Funny Dick Cheney Without a Heart

Dick Cheney Without a Heart
Cheney recovering after heart transplant"So what your say'n doc, is that I don't have to fake a hunting accident to speed the transplant list up a little." . Member reactions:
At last he got an Heart Donor, good concept to show him in a steel attaire, this shows his heart and the body is made of steel (brave heart) good chop, nice to mearge his face and the rest as a steel body . … nice one
Very Interesting ConceptNose style is different

Funny Dr Clinton Gives Dick Cheney a Heart Transplant

Dr Clinton Gives Dick Cheney a Heart Transplant
US former vice president Dick Cheney gets heart transplant. Member reactions:
Good to see Clinton after a long time, everyone has a nice expression
Astonished to see a heart carrying by its own patient, is this heart of a doner or himself . Great work of putting this image as holding its heart, nice idea to create this funny expression found on Bill and Ms Clinton good job done
Many thanks guys for the comments..LIRASA:Welcome to FN..rajeshstar:The heart that Cheney holding is his own heart and the donor heart inside him now.
Nice looking chop Black ... Congrats on the theme post.
This chop was an inspiration to the Heartless Celebrities contest. Really great composition.

Funny Dick Cheney as the Tin Man

Dick Cheney as the Tin Man
...if I only had a heart. Oh wait, I'm Dick Cheney and that's really not a problem for me. Cheney recovering after heart transplant. Member reactions:
well done, arranged to give the ax stuck in the arm, it seems,and in the other arm, there a white space That should be eliminated.
Mr.Tinman with heart power
PSM, your right. Thanks for the input. I missed that for sure. Too late to change it now...
ha ha, very funny expression by hoding a Axe and a clock. Good job on nose with a hole
Once Again the same image, but with new efforts, look very nice
a wonderfuuuuuuul work for a wonderfulllllllll silver cup, much much congrats for this fantastic silver friend
Silver congrats TDC , try to work on your voting skills next time...
Thanks to everyone for there comments. Chili, I vote what I feel it deserves, sorry to not follow the flock.
Congrats on your 1st silver TDCap. Real nice looking chop, and well conceived. "He'd be tender and gentle, and awful sentimental, regarding love and art ...
It's a CCC chop = Clean, Clever, Cool.Congrats on the silver, TDC.
AZ, gtr, NM, nepa, thanks for the comments. I really needed them today. GB.

Funny Forgotten American War Criminals - Bush Rice Cheney and Powell

Forgotten American War Criminals - Bush Rice Cheney and Powell
FOUR WAR CRIMINALS... ALL FORGOTTEN...-------------------------------------"MAYBE ONE DAY WE WILL BE A DIVINE PUNISHMENT" .... WE HOPE. -------------------------------------. Member reactions:
, it looks like you used every source image ever created...awesome job
That's funny the real CRIMINALS are still in the White House, Obama and his goonies.
hy disaster my friend, thank you i have used 25 source images for this work
Yikes. It's HIDDEN and he's at it again. Beauty.
I disagree with your premise, but it's a great, great job, nonetheless.
Absolutely great but these war criminals will not be forgotten ,Never .....
Where's Rumsfeld. Or is he one of the rats..... Great job
hobbit thanks a lot, we say that politicians are the children of the same mother .... are all twins.
geriatric thank you very much, yes i am
pcrdds thank you a lot my friend... sure ... we can not all have the same vision, but you have to admit that the bush presidency has lorded it too with human rights, in the name of the defense .....
yes chili..... fortunately, will never be forgotten ... hopefully one day be tried for their crimes ... i think that terrorism must be fought until the end ... but they have done too much with the excuse of terrorism .... they too have become terrorists.
oh yeha black ... .... thaaaaaaaaank you for this beautiful compliment mate
hehehehehe macwhitfries... rumsfeld could perhaps also be the piggy .....
GREAT job, as usual, but TOO crowded for me: sometimes LESS is BETTER. Maybe you had to leave more panoramic vision: now the overall image gives me a sense of claustrophobia :-/
grazzzzie amicone mio, lo sai roby che anche a me fa lo stesso effetto....... ero partito con uno sfondo di grandezza quasi doppia, poi alla fine l'immagine era troppo grande, per rispettare i 360 kb. o dovevo rimpicciolirla troppo, oppure tagliare un bel pezzo ai bordi.... ed ho preferito tagliarla perchè i personaggi rimanessero grandi e riconoscibili. -------------------------------------------thaaaaaank you my great friend, roby know that even makes me to the same effect ..... i was a party with background of almost double size, then at the end of the image was too big to comply with 360 kb. or make it smaller i had too much, or a nice piece cut the edges .... i have cut and why favorite character recognition and large remain.
Awesome. I Love the Cheney character especially.
Amen, they are all twins and hope there may some day again be another good one. Light seems dark in the tunnel tho and we're in alot of trouble. Very well done pic.
hobbit my friend hope good ... the tunnel is very long and bloody dark...
Ciao amico. Come va. Ottimo lavoro. Forse un po’ affollato di fonti, ma è un’ottima scelta usarne tante, più ne usi e meglio è. non metto parola sui i soggetti rappresentati , ma posso dire che sono al cento percento d’accordo con te, avrei molto da dire su questi tizi , sarebbe un commento che parte da gli anni settanta ad oggi, quindi mi sottraggo ihihih la cosa importante e la qualità , ma avvolte altro che ancora non ho ben decrittato, sarà qualcosa di contemplativo, Ma tutto va bene comunque, come avrai notato, lo stesso persisto a dare il massimo della qualità nel mio lavoro, e chiaramente spero di migliorare sempre di più. Ed evolvere il mio stile. Ciao amico è buona fortuna. --------------------------------------------------Hello friend. How's it going. Great job. Maybe a little 'crowded sources, but it is a good choice usarne many, the more you use, the better. I do not put words on the subject represented, but I can say I'm one hundred percent agree with you, I would have much to say about these guys, it would be a comment that starts from the seventies to today, then I subtract it ihihih important and the quality, but wrapped in nothing but still I did not understand, is something of a contemplative,But all is well though, as you noticed, the same persist in giving the best quality in my work, and clearly I hope to get better and better. And evolve my style.Hello friend good luck.
this should be hanged on a wall somewhere.Great Effort and Job Smokey Hidden
I'm such a fan of all the little detail work that you do that makes your images stand out in a crowd. Brilliant work.
So, do people pretend not to know your stuff or is it just an unmentioned "thing" that everyone knows who did this. For the whole caricature deal, it's good.
hyyy.... mandrake all right... and you...thanks for your continued appreciation and support for my work, you're one of my most sincere supporters and this makes me really happy.-------------------------------------------As I already explained to his friend pixjockey, the work was much wider, but I had to cut the edges because it was too big for the 360 ​​kb. freaking news that we make available ... why it is so crowded with sources ... was more airy with all edges ... now seems a Manhattan street during rush hour ... hehehehe for what concerns the political side of my job is very simple ... here in Europe without the filters of your censure we saw that the Bush administration was killed human rights ... right to fight terrorism have become too terrorists in the eyes of the entire world .... and I will stop here .... would be a long story full of tough obstacles .... We are here just for fun my friend. And then have fun .... I know I always look at your work carefully and with admiration, because you can always caricatures in your very simply to find the funny side of a face ... I often do not succeed ... that's why sometimes I try to enrich my work with so many sources. ps: I would be very happy if I did have a picture of a portrait to dedicate my work ... I am waiting email: riccardo.boscolocegion
salis my friend does not know how much i appreciated this comment ... thaaaaaank veeeeeerrrrry you much
So very very clever, on so many levels. It is worthy of publication as many people would love to hang it on their wall. It would take hours to fully appreciate all the work that has gone into this wonderful image. It really captures the horror those people caused.Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'
stevegsq, i heartily thank my friend, i really want to very small details, they are the ones that make the most beautiful work ... not even beautiful
beautiful sunshin3 as i have said to his friend stevegsq small details are what make it more beautiful ... also work well not beautiful ...
malcolmxy thank you friend, you're right .... sometimes people have short memories ... better to forget everything ... i with this work but i wanted to remember things that should not be forgotten.
azuresky thank for your great comment,i am really glad that many of you american friends think the so pass on the bush administration ... i thought he was able to make you drink all the bad things that made as if it were coca cola ... but i see you again for luck the critical spirit to understand what you is bad despite initial good intentions ... sorry for my bad english ....
This is truly amazing work ... Great work on the Pig with a Hat and holding the flag of Public Debt... Excellent caricatured heads nicely done and overall very good on this chop
Awesome work on smoke and great effects love it.
10 out of 10 Perfect. Hat on the rat Superb.
rajeshstar my friend thank you so much for the compliments, i also really like the pig that represents capitalism
ericnorthend thanks a lot ... smoking is one of my most loved effects thanks again
balodiya gracjas amigo... el raton co el sombrero es speedy gonzales.... hehehehe the rat whit the hat is speedygonzales hehehehe arriba arriba companero andale andale
CONGRATS, my FRIEND: very deserved gold...
Great piece, Ricky. Lots of work and details. Congrats on winning the gold ,mate.
Congratulations Rickytrek. I am British, like you we see the uncensored news of the terrifying things that go on.
Rickytrek, I thought this was your chop but, wasn't sure. You have done a wonderful job as always. Love it.
Congratulations friend. with pleasure. then contact you.and thanks very much for the compliments.congratulazioni amico. con piacere. allora ti contatto. sarei molto lieto.
Congrats on the gold Ricky, is much deserved your style is amazing..
geriatric thank you whit a lot of smiles my friend...
pix-rooooooby an great thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank youzzz my brother....... i love you (etero).
paul my friend tooooooo thank for you
jeeeremix thank you mate whit a lot of sympathy
azuresky, thanks a lot friend .... azuresky fortunately we see things without filters in almost all europe ....
hobbit friend, now you should know my style ... it is difficult to confuse with another ... thank you my friend
mandrake my friend thanks for the compliments and for your picture ... i look forward

Funny Dick Cheney as Shrek

Dick Cheney as Shrek
Full View. Member reactions:
Does this follow the guidelines.
The contests rules state: ... "recolor anything / anyone (partially or fully) changing the original color(s) to the unusual." As far as I know, Cheney's not usually green.

Funny Dick Cheney Giving Free Breast Exams For Women

Dick Cheney Giving Free Breast Exams For Women
81-year old, posing as a doctor, is arrested for giving ... examsAmazing how much this man looks like former Vice-President, Cheney.. Member reactions:
Great. Dr. Frankenstein on the loose. Too real-Good luck.
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, preemiememe.
geriatric...I know I am. Bwahahahahah.
Geri. He's not a puppy, but a real dawg, hahaha.

Funny Dick Cheney Commemorative Stamp

Dick Cheney Commemorative Stamp
. Member reactions:
. . . . a two in one, really cool . . . Thanks mucho. Much obliged . . . This was one I did originally for the Tonight Show which aired several years ago when the subject matter was, at the time topical , I just revamped it a bit . . . it's funny , we had a re-occurring sketch we would do on the show that featured various stamp themes like this particular contest .
Bronze for qrt too - you are on a roll, mister.

Funny Dick Cheney and George Bush inThe Obaminators

Dick Cheney and George Bush inThe Obaminators
enjoy full view. Member reactions:
great caricature and great idea
Nice work . . . especially like the big toooooth . . .

Funny Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney
Photoshop the evidence of the rude side of Dick Cheney.

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