KIM CHEESE SUB . Member reactions:
Hey. Nice integration.. Congrats on the cup
Tnx all

Funny Obmaa the Big Cheese

Obmaa the Big Cheese
Member reactions:
Nice blending, looks like someone I know.

Funny Conan O'Brien's Birthday at Chuck E Cheese

Conan O'Brien's Birthday at Chuck E Cheese
Conan and Andy celebrate his 50th at their favorite restaurant.

Funny Rat Steals Some Cheese

Rat Steals Some Cheese
Member reactions:
like the lighting effects and the Mouse astonished to see this

Funny Say Cheese

Say Cheese
Sorry I couldn't resist LARGE VIEW IS BEST
Member reactions:
Great chop like the Freaking Logo and the rain effects and the Baby is crying or Father is crying very funny to see the Teeth
Interesting chop and good effect its nice
Thanks everyone Paul, I think you're the only one to recognize that mug
Double Bronze congrats, Billy Mac. Thanks.
Paul never looked better, . Congrats on the bronze too, Bill.
Thank you pcrdds, geriatric, Newsy, and Sunshine I haven't forgot Doc, I just had a bunch of photos taken of me for a magazine article I'll be featured in I'm going to pick the best one as soon as I see them (If there is a best one )

Funny A piece of cheese

A piece of cheese
Member reactions:
great job done in this chop like the color and the lighting effects
Great art, the best dressed and lights, good luck my friend
Fantastic composition and work, but why the small image.
Thanks pcrdds and thanks geriatric Newsy : Because I am twisted . Thanks a lot for your comments .
Congrats Boulpix...I like that gritty style

Funny Bashar's Cheese

Bashar's Cheese
Member reactions:
This would be nice after power job, Good thought to put him in this job very well done
Wonderful chop, I just wish Assad were more recognizable

Funny Green Pepperoni and Blue Cheese Pizza

Green Pepperoni and Blue Cheese Pizza
doesn't that make you say yummmmyy...
Member reactions:
My stomach says 'NO' but, the Irish in me says it might be a big seller on St. Pat's day.
i hearya... but he if its something eatable why not try something different
Ewe, does it come with mold too. Great Job..
bietjebianca, thanks rajeshstar, Nanny no mold
OK...I will try a home recipe along with a bottle of Pepto Bismol. Yer' gettin' better one chop at a time Picasso18.
Thank you geriatric,but I think its more then one chop at a time, yes I've improved but I also know that I have done a more then s few good ones and even better following rules there's some that have won top places and don't follow rules and don't deserve it its unfair to those who follow rules and also work hard
Really love the idea and execution, but the source images are of low resolution which is visible in full view
Thanks for your comment news, but Me say that I've seen designs that are clear but don't follow the rules and still win and that is unfair to us :-/

Funny Limburger Cheese Bomb

Limburger Cheese Bomb
This little guy wants to get even with a putty cat.

Funny The Cheese Ninja

The Cheese Ninja
Deadly assassins, trained to be a human weapon, without a job during a time of peace, is left with little to do but..... cut the cheese....
Member reactions:
, What a story
Congrats on the wood, Slayer. You slayed that cheese nicely

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