Dead Cheerleader
Dead Cheerleader
Dead Cheerleader. Mashby got it.

Funny Cheerleader Luciano Pavarotti

Cheerleader Luciano Pavarotti
The Three Cheerleaders
Member reactions:
. Those cheerleaders sure are "FUGLY". Exellent work.
Well, you can't say he did not try to look slimer

Funny Nikolai Valuev the Cheerleader

Nikolai Valuev the Cheerleader

Funny Jean Reno as a Cheerleader

Jean  Reno as a Cheerleader

Funny Fat Cheerleader Erica Jenkins

Fat Cheerleader Erica Jenkins
Erica Jenkins Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Joe Biden said Cheerleaders were the best of all collage athletes, I agree.
Member reactions:
OK there ya go, Erica Jenkins Dallas cowboys cheerleader. Gee I can't believe you didn't recognize Lulu. Americas Got Talent, 2012 Lulu the Pole Dancer. And Yes, Pole Dancing is a sport,,, but I changed it for you.
Ohhhh sheeeeeeeeet looook out. Hahahahahahaha. Funny stuff Gummy.

Funny Joe Biden likes Cheerleaders

Joe Biden likes Cheerleaders
Joe Biden makes mind-blowing gaffe about cheerleaders
Member reactions: This link works if you copy and paste it. sorry it wouldn't link. I tried about 8 different ones. he said, “They are amazing. You think I’m joking. You think I’m joking. They’re almost all gymnasts. The stuff they do on hardwood, it absolutely blows my mind, Yes Joe,,, They are amazing
You have a (BR) or break line code in the address just before the parentheses (") remove the break line code and it should work. Or posibly you broke the line with your spacer bar....try removing the empty space.
Your Welcome. Say....I just noticed if you look closely.... You can see that the USA VP, Joe Biden in the picture too.
Well yea,, after all the story is about him,,, kinda.
You can't make a gaffe like that with out planning it. Funny tho - you can see the VP.... oh there he is.
Sure he can make a gaffe like that, he does it all the time. it gives the comedians something to use. Uncle Joe did it again,,

Funny Jack Nicholson as Cheerleader

Jack Nicholson as Cheerleader
Knowing Jack is the same as not knowing Jack. Think about it, then judge.

Funny Saints Dog Cheerleader

Saints Dog Cheerleader
Saints Cheerleader rookie

Funny Winona Cheerleader

Winona Cheerleader

Funny Tiger FootBall Cheerleader

Tiger FootBall Cheerleader
Member reactions:
Hahaha, I like how you made the shredded uniform.

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