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Funny Cheech Pictures

Cheech and Chong lighting up the torchFunny Cheech and Chong lighting up the torch
Member reactions:
Cheech and Chong ready to light up the torch
Like this change... great job done.. very good

Cheech  and ChongFunny Cheech and Chong
Member reactions:

Cheech and Chong finally tied the knot...

Cheech and Chong Flying a Plane High in the SkyFunny Cheech and Chong Flying a Plane High in the Sky
Member reactions:

Tin Man with Cheech and Chong TruckFunny Tin Man with Cheech and Chong Truck
Member reactions:

What's that in the driver's hand / mouth. Is it safe for work....^^

Cheech Sells Malibu HouseFunny Cheech Sells Malibu House
Member reactions:

Cheech has his Malibu house up for sale
Looks like the property will be worth a lot more then the house
Of course I love this & it's so well done
Thanks, Kellie. I hereby dedicate it to you.
All the memories that house must have...nice work.
Good use of the properties in this, great job
Freaking hilarious. I like how you added the police boat
Thanks, Newsy. Everything was added. It was an isolated beach shot.
Lol I love the facial expressions and the naked biker, too funny work. Congrats mr. P..
Thanks, Sunshin3. The "biker" is Chong, Cheech's partner in all their movies.
It's all going Up in Smoke... Congrats Doc
just drop me on this Island, Lol, congrats mr. P.
Thanks, Man Of Rain. Great reference. Thanks, Young Mr. S. .
Pas surprise de vous voir encore dans le trio de tÍte. Bravo .

Saints Cheech & Chong in the WildernessFunny Saints Cheech & Chong in the Wilderness
Member reactions:

I do'nt know what i was on when i chopped this but thx for the words Balodiya ...
Trippy, Ya added a lot of extra's pretty well.

Cheech and Chong Without PotFunny Cheech and Chong Without Pot
Member reactions:

End the War on Pot
That should be a poster in Arnie's office
Who's Annie, Newsy. Dang HoHouse, you're tearing up the top spots, dude, way to go.

Cheech and Chong with a Marijuana Christmas TreeFunny Cheech and Chong with a Marijuana Christmas Tree
Member reactions:

That's one big bud.

Cheech & Chihuahua ChongFunny Cheech & Chihuahua Chong
Member reactions:

This One was Nice and Clean. Loved. It.
Some shadows from the doggies would help. Otherwise, good job.

Cheech and Chong with Weed and MoneyFunny Cheech and Chong with Weed and Money
Member reactions:

Proponents, Including Medical Marijuana Users, Say Untaxed Marijuana Means Needed Revenue Is Going Up in Smoke
I'm torn. I believe marijuana should be legalized in every state but then again the price would go way up. Here in the mountains weed is cheaper than cigarettes. But then again some states that have passed medical marijuana also allow you to grow your own plants. Hawaii for instance allows you to grow up to 3 plants, Montana allows 6 plants and Oregon allows up to 24 plants. So, if I were allowed to grow it myself, I'm in. Killer chop by the way.
Though I'm not pro drugs for obvious reasons, I am however pro rights. It should have never been criminalized. That is just one more example of government "asuming" control rather than granted. I never gave the government a right to say what I do or don't put in my body and the FDA & ATF and the government can go suck eggs for making that asumption. Pro Chop.
the song by Afroman pops to mind "Because I got High" Quality work.
Cloned leaves and shadows look great. Congrats .. mighty clean work.
ty all, and apologies to all the smokers out there for not putting any furry buds on the plant hehe
Yeppers, some top notch chopping. Sorry I bumped this great chop. I figured you had me
congrats on the bronze sidkain nice work

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